Fitness model Jenny Mosienko wants to share the best tips on how to get into fitness

Jenny Mosienko, Fitness Model

Jenny Mosienko, Fitness Model

Jenny Mosienko, Instagram Fitness Model

Jenny Mosienko, Instagram Fitness Model

Jenny wants to help people succeed through fitness

It is best for you to switch up your workout routine, so that you are focusing on different parts of your body, in order to develop your muscles properly and evenly.”

— Jenny Mosienko, Fitness Model

NEW YORK, U.S, June 12, 2020 / — The 28 year old fitness model, Jenny Mosienko has become famous in Ukraine and is admired by many online, from around the world. She has gained 1.3 million followers on Instagram and has continued to bring in success with different projects. She will soon be on the cover of Playboy magazine in Russia and has been travelling recently with the events company Pink Kiss, in order to take some of the most sexy photo shoots in the world.

Jenny got into fitness modelling after practicing powerlifting professionally in 2013. At the time, she was participating actively in competitions. After half a year of training for powerlifting, she reached a norm in her category and was qualified as a Candidate Master of Sports

After another half a year of training, she obtained a qualification for a Master of Sports. Once she gained that qualification, she quit powerlifting and moved onto another one; fitness and figure competition. That is what was the reason for her to try to become a fitness model.

Jenny now wishes to share the best tips on how to get into fitness, so that anyone can follow the same path as her and succeed in their careers.

Jenny said that "even though it may sound obvious to eat right, a lot of people overlook the fact that not all foods are good for the body shape, mass and internally. Some foods can actually affect your gastric system, causing you bloating and uncomfortability. Just because healthy carbs are great for energy for example, it doesn’t mean that it is right for your body type. "

Jenny stated that "if you want to start eating right, you would need to speak to a nutritionist and a fitness instructor first; that way you get the best diet plans suited to your body and blood type."

Jenny strongly advises that you need to develop a workout routine that is best for your time schedule and body. In the past, Jenny has had a career in powerlifting, but then moved onto other types of workout that was best suited to her body. She stated "It is best for you to switch up your workout routine, so that you are focusing on different parts of your body, in order to develop your muscles properly and evenly."

Another tip she suggested is to get sleep. It is a very powerful and important tool for us human beings, in order to function. Jenny advises that at least 6 – 8 hours of sleep is needed, in order for your body to rest and so that you can get enough energy to last you the next day.

If you do not have enough or irregular sleep, your body will not function properly and it will mess up your pattern as a whole. When you have irregular sleep, it is easier to gain weight, become too tired to work out, eat at awkward hours and not maintain a proper routine for yourself.

Jenny also advised that many people do forget to stay hydrated, which is why eventually they slow down in the gym or it can cause their body to shut down. Hydration is important and after your workout routines.

Jenny suggests that you should at least have a drink that provides you electrolytes, in order to recover from your workout. You can also drink healthy smoothies that will give you that natural energy boost and plenty of water.

Jenny also believes that the key to success is to enter as many fitness competitions as you can and train for them. She said "That way you get exposure for yourself, you get to meet new and important people and you get to build on your portfolio."

She also advised that staying connected with people through social media helps, because it develops your online public profile and you get to meet other models and photographers who would be interested in working with you. If you do want to become known on social media, the best way to attract followers are from unique and authentic photos, as well as being active all the time.

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