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Emotional intelligence comes from emotional health.

Emotional health is the panacea for a wise America.

Use Your Brain and Mind to Improve Each Other.

Brain education is about actualizing your full emotional health power.

Wisdom education is brain cleaning education.

Women cops are given the same training & yet it is the male cops that shoot to kill. It is the inherently ingrained male machoness that triggers the difference.

Please bring this to the attention of our leaders. All America needs wise parenting. Can you imagine a wise police officer shooting anyone? We can create a thriving America.”

— Sajid Khan

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, June 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — We are looking at police brutality as a race problem. The rot is far deeper than that. What I am about to share will not only eliminate police brutality it will replace it with love, justice, equality & a thriving relationship between races. It will even bring prosperity, uplifting almost half of America that is now struggling to pay bills.

As I have said earlier it all has to do with how we bring up our sons & daughters. We bring up our boys macho while we bring up our girls humble. Machoness is ignorance and humility is wisdom. We bring up our girls wise and our boys emotionally challenged. Just imagine if we brought up our boys humble.

We raise our sons into emotional health disasters. No wonder women are thriving while a large section of our men are messed up. Just imagine the ocean change if our sons were raised humble. Can you imagine a wise police officer shooting anyone? Can you imagine a wise America creating all this social mess?

After all women cops are given the same police training and yet it is the male cops that shoot to kill. It is the inherently ingrained male machoness that triggers the difference. Before handing the male cops a gun they must be tested and trained for humility.

The racial divide and White bias is real. Black and other minorities have always struggled and fought for equality and justice. However there is a lack of genuine proactive Black leadership that will take our Black nation to the promised land. One very clear and simple step will achieve more than just equality. Instead of focusing on fighting for equal handouts the fight has to shift to not only becoming self sufficient but acquiring the means to become wealthy. Look at the Jewish leaders. Their people were economically destroyed again and again. They did not fight back with violence. They put their heads down and doubled their efforts to become bigger and bigger experts in every field that generated the most wealth. They did not let hate enter their minds, for hate blocks out emotional health downgrading the capacity to focus on generating wealth. This Jewish way has to be followed by all communities and races. 

Regarding police brutality towards Blacks, policing laws have got to change. Killing civilians must be made illegal. All military gear must be removed from police use. The severest weapon that police can use in extreme cases is the taser gun. Norway has not had a police killing in over a decade. Their police training must be looked into and their training adopted for training our police.

We must focus on removing America's shortcomings. We can make individual Americans a force to be reckoned with. All across Americans must not look for handouts any longer and must create wealth for themselves and make America richer by generating income tax. 

Here are some steps that need to be implemented:

1) Reform the police by making them into a peace corp. Give the police the same training that is given to the Norway police.

2) This is also the time to take steps to create an America that is emotionally super healthy.

3) Along with reforming regular mind education we need a new subject of compulsory brain education.

4) A compulsory subject that makes every student into an expert in saving and investing money.

5) Any police incident that is not recorded by the police has to be termed as the civilian is innocent and the police is guilty of using unnecessary force.

6) Create a new profession of wise parenting coaches and inspectors. make sure all children are brought up humble, male and female.

I am looking for partners to transform the world into wisdom.

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