BVOP launches online professional Scrum Master certification program

The BVOP Scrum Master Certificate

The BVOP Scrum Master Certificate

A modern online training platform for certified Scrum Masters, provided by

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2020 / — launches an online Scrum Master certification program as adding many innovations to the training of future Scrum Master professionals. The title that the candidates receive after successfully passing the exam is BVOP™ Certified Scrum Master.

Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd. created training materials that include many more topics than traditional training.

Over the past few decades, IT professionals and software developers have been preparing for their Certified Scrum Master or Professional Scrum Master titles by studying the scarce materials published in the official Scrum Guide written many years ago.

In order to give a lot of new knowledge and professional skills, the certification organization known as the BVOP™ brand has significantly expanded the topics that the modern Scrum professional needs to know.

The organization published its "BVOP™ Ultimate Guide" which contains additional topics from the Japanese Kaizen business principles, Lean thinking, MVP product development, and even added Kanban as a work management process that every Scrum Master should know.

In addition to the popular old teachings and innovations that BVOP has included in its training materials, candidates for the Scrum Master Certificate should make an effort to learn classic project management practices and processes. This is another condition for successfully taking the online certification exam.

This solid preparation is a real challenge for modern professionals. Training on many topics really gives a wide range of knowledge and skills that provide value in a real work environment.

Let's still explain to the audience what exactly Scrum Master is.

Most often you will meet this profession in IT and technology companies that develop complex products with many tests and consistent versions.

The task of the certified Scrum Master is not to manage people and to command, but rather to facilitate and support the processes of working in a certain team. Imagine the Scrum Master as a man whose mission is to overcome all obstacles in the way of his colleagues to achieve the set goals.

Scrum is actually called the methodology that a certified Scrum Master must know and apply in their work. Scrum is a project management framework that allows software products to be developed in a flexible way. The work processes are divided into the so-called sprints that can last between one and four weeks.

The idea is that at the end of each sprint the team will show a working version of the product or part of it, suitable for presenting to the client and passing an acceptance test. Unlike traditional management based on monitoring and control, the Scrum method emphasizes feedback, communication, and empowerment of colleagues involved in software development.

Do not confuse the Scrum Master role with the project manager. The dedicated Scrum Master focuses on facilitating the self-organization of the team while the traditional project manager is responsible for planning and bringing the project to the final stages. A certified Scrum Master can work with one or more teams at a time, usually made up of Product Owner and developers. It is important to keep in mind that these teams have a flat hierarchy, ie. there are no bosses in them, they manage themselves, make decisions, and communicate with the management.

Many modern professionals today prefer to start working as a Scrum Master instead of a project manager. The popularity of the Scrum framework also grew with the publication of The BVOP Agile Guide in which Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd outlined the moral values ​​and goals of the dedicated Scrum Master.

Training for a certified Scrum Master usually lasts 2 days, after which you must take an exam. After successfully passing the exam you receive your certificate. Courses are expensive (in excess of $ 1,000), and the certificate is valid for 2 years, after which you must pay a certain amount to renew it.

Certified Scrum Master courses usually require physical lectures, but in the platform, the preparation as well as the exam are done entirely remotely and online by the candidates. The price that the organization has given to the world is also innovative and quite reasonable and affordable for the Scrum audience around the world.

The profession is promising worldwide. According to a survey based on data from LinkedIn on the most preferred careers, Scrum Master is in 10th place out of a total of 20 mentioned professions. The ranking is based on parameters such as the highest average salary, open jobs, and growth compared to previous years, as well as career development opportunities.

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