Dr. Robert Renteria Presents the Case For Black Lives Matter, Latino Lives Matter, All Lives Matter

Dr. Robert Renteria

by Fran Briggs

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 26, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Black Lives Matter is a global foundation and a movement whose mission is to intervene when violence is inflicted upon Black communities. It’s also a statement which often leads to an inescapable and volatile debate. Dr. Robert Renteria has a solution to this exacerbated divide, his publicist announced in a statement released Friday.

“The solution is inclusion, diversity, and creating a culture of calm,” explained Renteria. “When implemented, it becomes a perfect trifecta—Black lives matter, Latino lives matters, all lives matter. It’s a big idea whose time has come. Our institutions, political systems, and communities need to be systemically reformed to recover and build a culture of calm.”

The Illinois civic leader says that racial separation will never be an option for America as history shows that it divides, as opposed to unites the country. Many Americans lack leadership, core values, and respect for themselves and others. Decision makers mistake motion for action. Consequently, there is very little movement towards resolution.

Before sharing his solution, Robert Renteria emphasized that “Unethical policing can lead to brutal and unnecessary deaths. That’s followed by burning down buildings, more violence, and additional lives being taken. This is unacceptable and only increases racial tension.”

The international best selling author, believes a paradigm shift that focuses on peace building through literacy, education, and reforms is needed to ensure that these scenarios aren't repeated. If successful, they would create environments which lead to the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Cesar Chavez being realized. This outcome would deftly illustrate that all lives matter.

“That means returning to the time when Americans took care of each other in cities and communities. But this time, we are uniting each state with each state,” Dr. Renteria explained. “Everybody is on the same team and there is only one race, the human race. A lot of people want to be part of this solution, but they don’t know how.”

Dr. Renteria has life experience in almost all facets. He went from poverty to being a former drug dealer and gang member, to becoming Executive Vice President of a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, an international award-winning author and receiving dozens of awards including two, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., awards in the same year for his work as a civil rights leader and Latino voice in educational reform.

Just under thirteen years ago, Renteria realized that countless children, teenagers, and adults alike are walking around lost in a culture of darkness. It was then that he said that he needed to do something about it. Using hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money, he wrote a bilingual book series, and curriculum designed to enhance critical thinking skills. Then, he founded The Barrio Foundation, partnered with community members, and civic leaders.

Together, they teach children to make the right choices, believe in themselves, and reach for higher goals and dreams. Adults who participated have been inspired to open their own businesses, go back to school, and give to their respective communities.

For more information about Dr. Robert Renteria, The Barrio Foundation, or ideas how you can assist in this important mission, visit http://www.fromthebarrio.com, or call Dr. Robert Renteria, 312-933-5619. For speaking engagements, appearances, and sponsorship opportunities, contact Fran Briggs at FranBriggs@aol.com, or 928-275-1642

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