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MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2020 / — A Quick Overview: Fancy Hands – Virtual Assistant Services

Fancy Hands is a team of US-based personal assistant service provider. The company is focused on providing virtual personal assistance and doesn’t support any professional business needs. They are actively helping worldwide businesses with virtual support services.

There is no limit in types of personal assistance tasks you can assign to your fancy hand’s virtual pa. Here, we are giving you a few examples of the task lists that are usually assigned by the clients. E.g Can you call the post office and find my package? need to find five boxes of Andrea #45 hair color. They sell them at Ricky's. Can you find a close one to my house that has them in stock and sees if they'll hold them for me to pick up tomorrow?

On the billing purposes, it charges $5 for every request you make from the same example above “can you call the post office and find my package?”. To make actions one single action of hardly 2 minutes, it will charge you. No matter how small your request will be it charge a minimal amount to help you with anything.

Cost: $5 Per Hour

Service: Medium Response

Availability: 9 Hours Support

Performance: Neutral

A Quick Overview: Transfer Task – Virtual Assistant Services

Transfer Task is a provider of virtual assistance services. They provide support to Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and all sizes of companies. Also, They are specialized in supporting Busy Professionals who hardly have time to perform their lifestyle, as well as business-related tasks that can be performed by phone, email, skype, or fax. Transfer Task provides 24/7 support and is eager to reach every busy individual to make their lives easier.

In today's environment, we often think about how it might be if we had more than 24 hours a day. We 're going to have extra time to focus on our businesses, our personal lives, and many more that we've always wanted to do, but we can't do it because of time. This is where the Transfer Task comes in by providing extra hours and extra hands in the lives of busy people around the world.

From taking in-hand personal activities to manage their day to day lifestyle-related tasks. To handling the Professional Activities where we assist our customers by performing business-related tasks. They have successfully operating support services to more than 1200+ companies with around 250+ team members under one roof.

Keeping in mind the subscriber requirements, Transfer Task has divided the plans into various categories to make it suitable for all sizes of companies.

Cost: $10 – $15 Per Hour (Highly Affordable)

Service: Good Response

Availability: 24/7 Support

Performance: Exceptional Results

Specialty: Best Virtual Assistants Services

Attention: We’ll take a look at the different virtual assistant services they offer, how the onboarding process works for new clients, and how the pricing packages vary depending on much help you need on a weekly or monthly basis.

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