Team of Haircare Pros Aim to do Away with Bad Hair Days with Introduction of All-Natural ProBerry Hair Care System

ProBerry Hair Care System is comprised by a team of dedicated professionals committed to deliver hair treatments and products that are powered by nature

BROOKLYN , NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2020 / — Hair is so important to the average person that a bad hair day has come to be equated to an all-around bad day. Yet, in a global hair care market that is expected to reach $102 billion in sales over the next four years, finding the right products for healthy, lustrous hair can be daunting. That is exactly why a group of Haircare Professionals frustrated with overpriced, under performing, chemical-laced products decided to take matters into their own hands. And ProBerry Hair Care System is the result.

“As a hairstylist, there is nothing more frustrating to me than seeing clients destroy their gorgeous hair by using products that are infused with chemicals that damage, strip and cause build-up. Hair helps to define us and it should be treated with the respect it deserves,” said Ram, co-founder, ProBerry. “Our business is a labor of love by hairstylists who are passionate about giving clients products powered by nature and industry expertise – that work.”

Founded in 2018, ProBerry Hair Care System comprises a diverse line of Hair Care Products with one very important ingredient in common: The Goji Berry – Lycium Barbarum (sometimes called the wolf berry). In fact, at the heart of every one of its shampoos, serums, masks and creams is certified goji berry extract, which has been used as a natural hair treatment for centuries. The goji berry contains antioxidants, vitamins, protein, iron and minerals to reinforce hair roots and structure to stimulate growth. And it is proven to help keep hair strong, soft and shiny – without chemicals and additives.

“We love hearing from clients how happy they are with the look and feel of their hair after incorporating ProBerry to their daily haircare routine. And it is especially gratifying when fellow haircare pros and stylists recommend our products to their own customers,” he added. “We are on a mission to end the bad hair day once and for all and we know we are on the right track.”

For more information, go to

Ram Y Shazo
Proberry Hair Care System
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The NGK blockchain will be launched in the world through STO, and the super community will be launched soon

NEW YORK, USA, June 29, 2020 / — The first issue of NGK blockchain application for digital currency STO has attracted widespread attention. This time STO won the STO digital financing certificate issued by the trust agency and the SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission), which will be held by the founding company USA International Covenant INC. As the background of STO currency issuance, and the NGK.IO blockchain successfully applied for the US MSB blockchain license, NGK plans to officially release the white paper 2.0 in August 2020 and go online in October 2020.

Related introduction:
USA International Covenant INC acquired Spirit Stone's blockchain technology department in 2018, and began research and development of the NGK.IO blockchain in June 2018. Spirit Stone designed NGK.IO as a commercial and financial block chain, allowing economic equity certificates On-chain issuance, the users can use the NGK.IO blockchain to issue tokens and equity, and NGK.IO will create a new digital economic ecology to provide enterprises and individuals with the value of equity issuance. Through the decentralized structure, let the real economy connect the blockchain to create decentralized applications. The NGK.IO blockchain realizes the direct conversion of economic value, so that all digital currency enthusiasts can participate in the ecology.

NGK.IO is a blockchain based on the underlying technology of the block chain. It will provide an open network for everyone to choose freely. The construction of the underlying technology of the blockchain will give all transactions on the chain powerful transaction throughput and security. In the storage environment, in the ecology of NGK.IO, all communicative developers and communicative enthusiasts can effectively participate in the blockchain construction system.
NGK.IO is a digital financial management system developed through blockchain technology, through the optimization of the underlying technology and the upgrade of scripts to create a new blockchain business system, continuous and effective optimization of the consensus mechanism, transaction speed, smart contracts The expansion of various functions and the expansion of various functions to improve the speed and security of the overall data architecture, promote the innovation of the global digital asset financial investment industry, become a comprehensive business application platform, and launch traditional financial derivatives into the digital economy to create plans for capital The economic and commercial economy and personal assets and rights provide digital circulation and listing, and NGK.IO will escort the digital economy in all aspects.
NGK Digital Coin will become a bridge of the NGK.IO block chain, used to encourage builders, participants, developers, users in the ecosystem, as well as various commercial applications, property rights management, payment transactions, proof of rights, etc. NGK.IO will continue to promote the technical and application level, complete the commercial process of blockchain digital applications, and lead the new global payment model!

king Arthur
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Industrial Control System ISAO (ICS-ISAO) Announces NetFoundry Strategic Partnership & Zero Trust Webinar 7/1/2020

ICS Zero Trust Model Best Practice Implementation – Zero Trust Technology Innovation

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL, US, June 29, 2020 / — The Industrial Control System Information Sharing & Analysis Organization (ICS-ISAO), a division of the International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI) announced today a strategic global partnership with NetFoundry™, Inc. to support enabling adoption of Zero Trust security protection best practice including a Webinar, Wednesday, July 1, 2:00PM – 3:00PM EST. ICS manufacturers, critical infrastructure facility operators, vendors, integrators and the organizations they support can operationalize a Zero Trust Model to improve network security protections for the growing number of connected devices.

Cyber and physical systems and technologies are essential to the operation and efficient functioning of critical infrastructure. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) represent the different types of control systems and associated instrumentation (devices, systems, networks and controls) to operate and automate industrial processes. Successful attacks against ICS networks could result in catastrophic, even national disaster impacts and massive outages impacting hundreds of thousands of users.

Automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to provide critical infrastructure owners and operators with speed, agility, and cost savings. But with rapid innovation, cyber threats and vulnerabilities are ever-expanding to disrupt infrastructure, processes and steal proprietary and confidential information. To secure critical operations infrastructures, a Zero Trust network segmentation strategy is a crucial step in network security.

The ICS-ISAO and NetFoundry™ are committed to enabling proven security protections for ICS connections to enterprise networks and applications by providing access to proven, agile, and secure Zero Trust technology innovation.

Galeal Zino, Founder & CEO of NetFoundry™ states, “Organizations such as the Industrial Control System ISAO insist on the strongest security. We are proud that the ICS-ISAO chose NetFoundry™ Zero Trust technology to secure ICS-ISAO applications".

“Network architectures continue to become increasingly complex where the traditional methods of perimeter-based network security can no longer be relied upon.” said Deborah Kobza, IACI President. “Achieving stronger security protections requires a Zero Trust (never trust, always verify) approach. The level of protection and efficiency the ICS industry and their customers gain from working with NetFoundry™ to implement Zero Trust enables trusted security protection resilience."

Industrial Controls Security Resilience: Why is Zero Trust Connectivity Critical? Risk Management – Automation, Industrial IT, and Cybersecurity

About NetFoundry™

NetFoundry™ is the leader in Cloud Native Networking, enabling businesses to simply, securely and cost-effectively connect distributed applications across edges, clouds and service meshes. The NetFoundry platform, delivered as SaaS, enables businesses to connect applications without the costs and complexity of VPNs, custom hardware and private circuits. NetFoundry™ is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Bangalore, and Singapore.

About the ICS-ISAO

The Industrial Control System ISAO (ICS-ISAO), a Division of the International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI) advances security resilience by accelerating information sharing, response coordination and adoption of best practice supported by workforce education. The ISC-ISAO is headquartered at the IACI-CERT, Center for Space Education, NASA/Kennedy Space Center, Florida. The ICS-ISAO is authorized by the 2016 Presidential Executive Order 13691 “Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing” and the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015. The ICS-ISAO is a crucial foundational component of Critical Infrastructure Information Sharing and Response – supporting all critical infrastructure sectors (Chemical, Commercial and Government Facilities, Communications, Dams, Energy, Manufacturing, Food and Agriculture, Healthcare and Public Health, Information Technology, Nuclear Reactors/Materials/Waste, Transportation, Water and Wastewater.

Deborah Kobza
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BET Awards Breakout: Singer-songwriter Devin Marie featured in Doritos® “Amplify Black Voices” commercial

Singer songwriter Devin Marie featured in Doritos “Amplify Black Voices” video during BET Awards

Singer songwriter Devin Marie featured in Doritos “Amplify Black Voices” video during BET Awards

Singer songwriter Devin Marie

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 29, 2020 / — “Amplify Black Voices” is the theme of a new Doritos® television commercial, aired this evening during the BET Awards. The ad features singer-songwriter Luke James and individuals dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement including singer-songwriter Devin Marie (

In May, inspired by the tragic police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests, Devin Marie wrote, performed, and posted a new song, “I Can’t Breathe,” on social media. Within a few weeks her heartfelt performance went viral on social media, having garnered almost 900,000 views. View it here on YouTube.

Her shining star rose even further last week when the strong response to Devin Marie and her song attracted the attention of New York based WHTWRKS Inc., marketing and branding strategy agency, who recognized her talent and the powerful message of the song. The timing was perfect—they were producing a Doritos commercial to highlight the brand’s commitment to social justice, and they understood that Devin Marie was deserving of the national exposure the ad would bring. They invited her to be a part of the commercial, which was broadcast during the BET Awards on BET, simulcast on CBS and other ViacomCBS networks, June 28. The commercial can be viewed here.

Devin Marie fans can download the full version of “I Can’t Breathe” online. Consistent with Devin Marie’s commitment to social justice, all proceeds from the song will go to organizations who further that goal.

Who is Devin Marie?
Millions of BET Awards viewers may be wondering, who is this singer-songwriter? While still relatively unknown to music industry execs—and that will surely change—Devin Marie, a Long Islander who recently completed her degree in media studies and music production at Queens College, has been quite busy, touring with a popular Christian Rock/Pop band Pursuing JC, an eight-member Christian rock band, known for its astonishing performances—their talent and professionalism is well beyond what one would expect at such a young age. The band also includes her brother, singer-songwriter Jordan Simpson.

She wrote, arranged, and performed the song “I Can’t Breathe” in May 2020, inspired by the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. After the incident, she read many news articles about what happened and learned who George was as a person. “Then I sat down across the dinner table from my brother who is the most gentle, kind-hearted soul you will ever meet,” she said. “I can’t help but see my brother when I watch the news. After dinner I started pouring my feelings onto paper and let the melody grow into a song. I just needed to release some emotion and it turned into something beautiful.”

Devin Marie is passionate about writing music and hopes to become known, not just as a writer and performer, but also as a voice for those people who struggle to find their way through their own personal issues.

Despite her immense talent, Devin Marie has had to struggle to truly find her voice. “When I first joined Pursuing JC, I had zero self-confidence and I was very new to my faith, so I started right off the bat outside of my comfort zone,” she recalls. “Because of this, I really didn’t have a choice but to either let my fear get the best of me or learn how to channel that and bring it as positive energy into my performances. Over the years I have come to realize that I have the power to impact people so positively through music and now it’s all I want to do.”

Songwriting comes naturally to Devin Marie and she has built a catalog of many original songs, which have impressed the industry veterans with whom she has worked. One of her biggest fans is music professor and executive producer Jim McElwaine, who mentored her at Queens College and has worked with New York recording artists, Broadway theaters and touring ensembles for more than 40 years. “There is no doubt in my mind—she is a major talent,” he said. “Her voice is clear and well founded. Her lyric poetry manages to frame conflict elegantly, and her performing talents are diverse. My advice to all who listen—hold on to your hearts!”

Another fan and mentor is multiple award-winning singer-songwriter/voice teacher and artist mentor, Elza, who is extremely impressed by Devin as an artist and personality. “Devin Marie is a world class artist,” she said. “I’ve had the honor and pleasure of mentoring her and not only is she a compelling artist and the ultimate professional, but she also has a heart of gold! I feel certain she is going to go far!”

Elza’s praise should be heeded—she knows a thing or two about songwriting. She is the first place winner of the International Broadjam Songwriting Competition, the Windrift Canadian Songwriting Contest and finalist in both the John Lennon Songwriting Competition and the Billboard World Song Competition. More than 40 of her original songs have been licensed in TV and film and her song “The Other Side” was the Grand Prize Winner of the International Music Licensing Contest. Elza is in demand as a composer and performer of songs for television and film as well as a sought-after voice teacher/artist mentor.

Devin Marie hopes her “I Can’t Breathe” song facilitates conversations and reflections. “I hope it brings people together, despite how divided we may be, because nothing unites people like music does. I hope it educates people on the reality of our world and that it shows young people that our voices are so powerful—and we need to use them.”

To learn more about Devin Marie and listen to her latest songs, please visit her website. To arrange for bookings and appearances, please contact Executive Producer Jim McElwaine.

Follow Devin Marie:
• On Facebook at
• On Instagram at
• On Tik Tok at

# # #

Editor’s note: To arrange for media interviews and appearances, please contact Kurman Communications, Inc. by telephone at (312) 543-3928 or via email.

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Singer songwriter Devin Marie sings her song “I Can’t Breathe”

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Weiner & Filtz: Vegas, Nation Could Shine Image Fighting Human Trafficking Epidemic Worse from Covid, OpEdNews #2 oped

Robert Weiner

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2020 / — Former White House Drug Policy Spokesman Robert Weiner and Zach Filtz, senior policy analyst for Robert Weiner Associates and Solutions for Change, have published an article in OpEdNews (.H2 when came out, the site's #2 lead op-ed nationally, "Las Vegas Could Shine Image by Fighting Human Trafficking, Epidemic Made Worse by Covid 19." The.authors contended, "Hotels Give Wink and Nod, Millions of Young Girls' Lives at Stake" in the state and the nation as a whole. Weiner and Filtz name the hotel chains in several lawsuits under the national mega-radar screen.

Weiner and Filtz say that it's "a situation made even worse with Coronavirus (Covid-19). Hotel chains have shown that a wink and a nod are just fine with them, enabling destruction of young girls' lives. In addition, .they are not revealing information regarding specifics or even statistics of customers and clients interacting with COVID-19-positive people. Now, researchers in China found that Coronavirus can be prevalent in semen in men who are still infected or recovering from COVID-19, with findings published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open.”

Weiner and Filtz continue, “While Las Vegas already makes prostitution unlawful (yet violates its own protocols with a wink and nod like the hotels), the state of Nevada lets the counties choose to outlaw it. Currently, there are six counties and a city where prostitution is not legal: Clark County (which contains Las Vegas), Douglas, Eureka, Lincoln, Pershing, Washoe (contains Reno) and the independent city of Carson City (the state capitol). However, Elko, Humboldt, Lyon, and White Pine Counties all allow brothels in at least parts of their counties. We question why this is not a statewide prohibition.”

They go on, “According to the Polaris Project, Nevada ranks as the #2 state for human trafficking cases per capita at ten victims per 100,000 citizens. . Human trafficking with sex trafficking occurs in every state as well as Washington, D.C. Human trafficking is actually the worst in Washington, D.C. (must be lists of politicians in many black books), but Nevada is #1 among the states. Statistics from the Polaris Project as the largest and most comprehensive data and advocacy center documents 11,000 cases of human trafficking and 23,000 individual survivors.”

They point out, “In 2018, Nevada experienced 313 cases of human trafficking – federal law defines the term that can be defined as the use of force, fraud, or coercion to lure a person to be taken into captivity for commercial labor or sex purposes without family or friends knowing. Las Vegas itself saw 264 of all human trafficking cases.”

They assert, “There is some hope in the form of a likely settlement: Victims have begun to fight back against the powerful hotel companies that have long covered up heinous sexual crimes happening behind closed doors. They are no longer tolerating passive "cooperation" with their traffickers.”

“Victims are represented in two separate federal suits, as well as a motion to consolidate cases from 21 states. The first of the two federal suits, filed in U.S. District Court in the District of New Hampshire, lists InterContinental Hotels Group, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Best Western International, and Marriott the defendants, and a victim identified as ‘K.B.’ as plaintiff. The second federal suit was filed in the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Texas against Best Western, Hyatt, and Red Lion Hotels.

They continue, “A motion in federal court in Ohio by New York law firm Weitz and Luxenberg to consolidate 21 multi-district cases currently include Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington state, and Nevada. Victims from other states could be included in this class action suit. Defendants for the state cases include Choice Hotels, Extended Stay America, Hilton, and smaller hotels and motels. The list is like a who's who of the hotel industry. So far, 1,500 victims have retained counsel, and 7,000 victims could be represented over time.”

Hotels and sex trafficking are closely linked. Polaris reports 74% of all trafficking victims state that hotels were used while they were being trafficked. This includes locations where the activities are illegal.”

The clandestine nature of human trafficking makes it difficult to determine.the number of incidents per year, but it is at least in the ‘thousands’ according to Polaris.”

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), back in the news after his endorsement of Joe Biden for President, called his home state legislature ‘a bunch of cowards’ after they failed to decriminalize prostitution." For as much good as Reid has done for the state and nation, this is exactly the wrong direction to go.”

Weiner and Filtz report,.“Polaris, establisher of the National Human Trafficking Hotline identifies this list of suspicious signs of human trafficking:

-Presence of third party (pimp/trafficker) monitoring a hallway or door

-Guest overly concerned with surveillance cameras or entrance policies

-Someone dropped off who visits for 30 minutes – 1 hour – or waits for that person on property or in parking lot

-Abandoned or locked out young adults on property

-Flyers that detail suspicious sales tactics”

Weiner and Filtz conclude, “There is real opportunity for change. End winking-and-nodding . It is. time for all hotel chains – as well as smaller hotels — to introduce strict policies identifying and stopping suspected sex trafficking going on in their rooms. We hope there is oversight against giving such locations PPP's — payroll protection from Congress– for allowing human trafficking. Bystanders who come into contact with traffickers must not turn a blind eye. .It's time for justice to run its course. Call the local authorities and report it. There must be bipartisan legislative work and law enforcement action to protect against prostitution as well as punishment of the traffickers — and the key enablers, including the hotels."



Robert Weiner and Ben Lasky
Weiner Public News
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Going Covid Crazy? Play Your Favorite Bar Trivia Safely from Anywhere

Mike Hope Presents Game On! Virtual Trivia

Mike Hope Presents Game On! Virtual Trivia Night

Mike Hope Dressesathe the Riddler from Batman asking How do you play Game On! trivia safely from anywhere? in front of Video Monitor

Riddle me this … How do you play Game On! trivia safely from anywhere?

How To Play Game On! Virtual Trivia

How To Play Game On! Virtual Trivia

NYC based Game On! Trivia has added weekly virtual game nights, play from your local bar or from home anywhere in the USA.

Playing Trivia has been the highlight of my week during the most difficult times of the pandemic, said one of the players who hadn't missed a single game. It also bonded her with her 11 years old.”

— Hellen Portnova

FRESH MEADOWS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2020 / — Finally, bars and restaurants are semi open, great! But what if what you're really craving is your weekly trivia night fix!

NYC based Game On! Trivia has you covered in two ways.

Order take out from your favorite bar and play Game On! Virtual online from home via zoom—from anywhere in the USA


Grab your phone or tablet or laptop & come down to your local outside seating watering hole and play right from your table

Game On! Trivia, established over a decade ago by Mike Hope, is announcing a fully interactive virtual Game Show to Go! This Live Streaming Trivia game was born due to the pandemic as soon as it became impossible to play in bars.

We had always put streaming and digital answering as a second choice for shows because we loved the face-to-face interaction with players, the high fives and the I-love-you-man hugs! It turns out with creativity we can create the same connections and energy virtually!

The show has 4 rounds of questions that test players knowledge in everything from movies, literature, geography, music, pop culture and sports to mythology. Over the past three months themed trivia games included 80s-90s music, Superheroes, Action Movies, FRIENDS TV, Sci-Fi and more. At half time players are presented with an extra opportunity to win special prizes by answering fast finger questions. Themed trivia is played on Wednesdays and Super Trivia on Thursdays. Live host, Music and excitement and Prizes are sent by email for top scores!

Since its founding, Game On! Trivia has hosted over 10,000 games across Queens and Long Island in over 30 different locations. The virtual online version has evolved over the period of two months and can now host the same players that used to come to bars from the safety of their own living rooms.

"Playing Trivia has been the highlight of my week during the most difficult times of the pandemic" said one of the players who hadn't missed a single game. It also bonded her with her 11 years old daughter who became absolutely addicted to playing.

So, pick a team name, put an outfit (or sweatpants) on and check out for game times and E- Tickets to play!

Play From Home, Have Some Fun, Win Great Prizes

Michael Hope
Game On! Virtual Trivia
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Fancy Hands Vs Transfer Task – Virtual Assistant Reviews

Transfer Task Logo

Virtual Assistant Services

This is a comparison of one of the top virtual assistant companies.

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2020 / — A Quick Overview: Fancy Hands – Virtual Assistant Services

Fancy Hands is a team of US-based personal assistant service provider. The company is focused on providing virtual personal assistance and doesn’t support any professional business needs. They are actively helping worldwide businesses with virtual support services.

There is no limit in types of personal assistance tasks you can assign to your fancy hand’s virtual pa. Here, we are giving you a few examples of the task lists that are usually assigned by the clients. E.g Can you call the post office and find my package? need to find five boxes of Andrea #45 hair color. They sell them at Ricky's. Can you find a close one to my house that has them in stock and sees if they'll hold them for me to pick up tomorrow?

On the billing purposes, it charges $5 for every request you make from the same example above “can you call the post office and find my package?”. To make actions one single action of hardly 2 minutes, it will charge you. No matter how small your request will be it charge a minimal amount to help you with anything.

Cost: $5 Per Hour

Service: Medium Response

Availability: 9 Hours Support

Performance: Neutral

A Quick Overview: Transfer Task – Virtual Assistant Services

Transfer Task is a provider of virtual assistance services. They provide support to Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and all sizes of companies. Also, They are specialized in supporting Busy Professionals who hardly have time to perform their lifestyle, as well as business-related tasks that can be performed by phone, email, skype, or fax. Transfer Task provides 24/7 support and is eager to reach every busy individual to make their lives easier.

In today's environment, we often think about how it might be if we had more than 24 hours a day. We 're going to have extra time to focus on our businesses, our personal lives, and many more that we've always wanted to do, but we can't do it because of time. This is where the Transfer Task comes in by providing extra hours and extra hands in the lives of busy people around the world.

From taking in-hand personal activities to manage their day to day lifestyle-related tasks. To handling the Professional Activities where we assist our customers by performing business-related tasks. They have successfully operating support services to more than 1200+ companies with around 250+ team members under one roof.

Keeping in mind the subscriber requirements, Transfer Task has divided the plans into various categories to make it suitable for all sizes of companies.

Cost: $10 – $15 Per Hour (Highly Affordable)

Service: Good Response

Availability: 24/7 Support

Performance: Exceptional Results

Specialty: Best Virtual Assistants Services

Attention: We’ll take a look at the different virtual assistant services they offer, how the onboarding process works for new clients, and how the pricing packages vary depending on much help you need on a weekly or monthly basis.

Devesh Chavan
Transfer Task – Virtual Assistant Services
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Transfer Task – Virtual Assistant Services

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$20 Smart Home Security at Your Front Door From Maximus Yaney and Kangaroo

Kangaroo Logo

24/7 Security by Kangaroo Door Sticker

24/7 Security by Kangaroo

Maximus Yaney’s home security company Kangaroo launches state-of-the-art doorbell camera with motion detection, HQ image capture technology, and ring alert.

We believe everyone should have access to home security. Every product we build starts with three questions: is it simple, can it be produced at a price that everyone can afford, and is it secure”

— Maximus Yaney, Co-Founder and CEO of Kangaroo

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2020 / — Smart home security company Kangaroo is pleased to add an affordable new wire-free security doorbell camera to their range of home security products. With smart technology that utilizes wifi and cloud storage, users can check porch activity wherever they go via the Kangaroo app on their phone.

Porch pirates beware: the Kangaroo Doorbell Camera is always watching! With motion and ring alerts sent straight to your phone, you’ll be notified anytime someone steps near your front door. The Kangaroo Doorbell Camera works wherever there is wifi, sending HQ image capture whenever someone is near. Plus, it’s equipped with night vision, so home owners are protected day and night.

Like all of Maximus Yaney’s Kangaroo products, the Doorbell Camera is easy to set up and easy to use. Simply peel and stick or screw in the backplate and your home will benefit from a major security upgrade. Rated IP54, the camera is weather-proof to withstand dirt, dust, oil, water splashes, and other non-corrosive material.

If you are looking for more, Maximus Yaney and Kangaroo offer an upgrade in the Porch Protection Plan. This plan increases cloud storage for up to 365 days and provides insurance to claim stolen packages up to $300 per year.

“We believe everyone should have access to home security. Every product we build starts with three questions: is it simple, can it be produced at a price that everyone can afford, and is it secure,” says Maximus Yaney, Co-Founder and CEO of Kangaroo. “All of us at Kangaroo are motivated by one simple thing: having a positive and meaningful impact on the world. It’s that simple.”

Features of the Doorbell Camera Include:

Motion Alerts
Ring Alerts
HQ Image Capture
Night Vision

Porch Protection Plan:

Cloud storage for 365 days
Package theft protection up to $300/year
Smart integrations to connect to Alexa and Google Assistant

Where to Order:

Kangaroo security kits are online at

About Kangaroo:

Maximus Yaney founded leading home security company Kangaroo to make advanced security systems affordable and accessible to all. Yaney previously co-founded Mohawk (NASDAQ: MWK) and was Founder & CEO of Titan Aerospace, which he sold to Google. In addition to the Doorbell Camera, Yaney’s Kangaroo has a range of home security products, from the Privacy Camera to motion and water detectors. All of these are user-friendly and inexpensive so that everyone can feel secure about where they live.

For more information, visit Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook @heykangaroo, or by email at

Maximus Yaney
+1 800-371-0097
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Ace Natural Announces Wholesome Food Club – Organic Contactless Pick Up Service

Wholesome Food Club Offers Fresh, Organic Food Pick Ups in Westchester, NY

Wholesome Food Club is a great way for families to access affordable organic ingredients at similar prices to conventional food in the retail stores.”

— Alberto Gonzalez

WESTCHESTER, NEW YORK, USA, June 27, 2020 / — Ace Natural, a leading organic food distributor based in NY, has launched a new business unit that offers farmer’s market quality organic produce from the safety of your car. Customers can visit the new site, which goes live on (date), and choose the food and ingredients they would like to purchase along with the time and date they would like to pick it up, then the Wholesome Food Club will prepare the contactless pickup.

During this time of staying home people are missing old routines, including choosing food items and fresh, organic produce at local farmer’s markets. The Wholesome Food Club is bringing that feeling back by offering those fresh and local ingredients we can no longer go out and shop for in-person and more. While Ace Natural sells directly to commercial businesses, the Wholesome Food Club will be making those items, and savings, available to customers. Since the food will be sold directly from the Westchester location, they will be handled significantly less than the food you will find in retail stores.

“We are excited to offer this new service to the Westchester community. It’s an opportunity to get out of the house and get the quality ingredients you’ve been missing without some of the risks. The safety of our employees and community is our number one priority, so we will be adhering to strict food handling and pickup safety measures to ensure a safe and contactless process.”

The Wholesome Food Club is powered by Ace Natural, an award-winning food distributor known for sustainability, certified organic food and offering local items whenever possible. The company has been at the forefront of organic and natural products since its inception and has also been carbon neutral since 2016. Ace Natural won the award for Greenest Distributor in the US by the Green Restaurant Association in 2018. The Wholesome Food Club will offer the same responsible sourcing and distribution that has made Ace Natural a leader in the food industry.

For more information, or to order your own items, please visit

About Ace Natural
Ace Natural is a service-focused, customer-driven natural and organic food distribution business serving New York City and beyond. Ace has a rich 20-year history providing superb service to the most discerning NYC restaurants, caterers, food retailers and distributors. The company has a strong foothold and a passion for improving the lifestyles of New Yorkers.

For more information please contact Alberto Gonzalez (646) 772 4205

Alberto Gonzalez
Ace Natural, Inc.
+1 646-772-4205
email us here

Wholesome Food Club

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Lisaveta Ramotar Discusses the Benefits of Ongoing Strategic Development

Lisaveta Ramotar Guyana

Companies of All Sizes Need to Keep Competitive, Explains Lisaveta Ramotar

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2020 / — Regardless of industry, companies face competition. The only way to maintain a competitive edge is with ongoing strategic development. Lisaveta Ramotar, an executive with an MBA based in Toronto, discusses the importance of strategy.

Companies of all sizes will suffer if they fail to adapt to their new surroundings. Whether it is a change within their target audience, a pandemic, or even new technology, companies need to constantly address what is happening around them. Those who fail to adapt may find that they are no longer relevant within the marketplace.

Lisaveta Ramotar explains that strategic development should be ongoing. Companies should be meeting regularly to look at trends and identify how they can continue improving. Without ongoing development, companies often do not realize that they are in trouble until it’s too late to do something.

For years, Lisaveta Ramotar has worked in various developmental sectors, where due to her implementation of aggressive business initiatives she in one case assisted in increasing revenues by over 30 percent. She also helped to streamline operations and even proposed legislative changes within mining. It was her commitment to ongoing strategic development that helped to improve revenues.

Lisaveta Ramotar suggests that strategic thinking groups are created within a company. It allows a “think tank” to be created to focus on where the next big idea should come from. Once the ideas are laid out, they can move into a strategic design phase to determine which ideas can be implemented.

Through the regular implementation of new ideas, companies can maintain their relevance. They can be considered the frontrunners of the industry. Consumers will look to them for the newest technology, the newest ideas, and the most up-to-date information.

Companies need to have an edge. Within every industry, there are stories of companies that continue to push the envelope and others who failed to adapt to their surroundings. Lisaveta Ramotar points to the entertainment industry. Blockbuster failed to adapt while Netflix and other companies chose to use a streaming platform and provide a digital service that people may not have known at the time that they wanted to use.

Lisaveta Ramotar recommends that companies look at ways to expand their current offerings. She also recommends that they take the time to send key employees to seminars, workshops, and conferences within their sectors. It can make it easier to understand the trends and learn about what the competition is doing. By staying in the know about what is happening, can lead to better ongoing strategies.

Often, Lisaveta Ramotar points out, companies do not have ongoing strategies in place because they are out of touch with what consumers want. In many instances, Lisaveta Ramotar explains that it is all about reaching out. Companies can hold focus groups with customers, send out surveys, and even ask questions on social media.

Lisaveta Ramotar has seen how companies of all sizes approach strategy development through her role in finance. Those who succeed are the ones who are continuously focused on innovation.

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