RouteGenie Integrates with ModivCare to Help Providers Simplify Trip Management

January 14, 2022

RouteGenie Expands Broker Integrations to Include ModivCare

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2022 / -- RouteGenie is excited to announce a new broker integration with ModivCare. RouteGenie’s direct broker integrations give transportation providers a simplified way to manage every trip from beginning to end, while sharing trip data with their broker partners in real time.

Current and future RouteGenie customers who work with ModivCare will have the ability to instantly share real-time data, including basic trip details, GPS updates, and timestamps for all pick-ups, drop-offs, and trip completions. This seamless transfer of information makes it easy for RouteGenie customers and ModivCare partners to run the most efficient operation possible.

RouteGenie is excited to offer this new integration to its customers, which will allow them to find and schedule trips faster than ever before.

About RouteGenie
RouteGenie is a modern software solution made by NEMT providers for NEMT providers. Developed by a team of transportation technology experts, RouteGenie is a leading solution for NEMT fleets both big and small that allows providers to cut costs, streamline their daily operations, and provide the best service possible to their customers every day. Customizable to every company’s individual needs, RouteGenie is built to grow alongside NEMT businesses. RouteGenie is currently used by over 250 fleets in 37 different states across the nation and internationally.

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