Graham & Borgese, LLP Expand Consumer Protection Practice to State of New Jersey.

The Law Offices of Graham and Borgese have moved into NJ, and hired a new attorney, to help consumers in the Garden State take on their creditors.

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY , UNITED STATES, November 20, 2018 / — Attorneys Kris Graham and Frank Borgese, of the Law Offices of Graham and Borgese, have been protecting consumers in the state of New York for over ten years, helping individuals address debt related issues and find manageable solutions. They have helped thousands of individuals across New York resolve their debt issues through their expert knowledge and practical approach. In all cases, they work to help clients feel a sense of relief from the burdens of financial stress.

Now, Frank Borgese has been admitted to the New Jersey Bar and is focused on assisting New Jersey residents deal with debt collection lawsuits. The procedures involved with a debt lawsuit are very important and most individuals do not know how to respond when sued by a credit card company, bank, credit union or “debt-buyer.” It is crucial to respond to the lawsuit in the correct manner and in the short time-frame allowed by law. Failing to make the correct arguments can cause you to lose your case as soon as it starts and can potentially cost you thousands of dollars (or more) in the long-run. Their firm understands these key factors and it is reflected in their successful record across New York. Their reputation and visibility led to a larger demand coming from N.J.:

“For quite a while our proximity to New Jersey led to numerous calls by consumers who needed legal representation in the areas we practice. All too often we were told that they could not find help in their state and the frequency of those calls only grew over time. We knew that something needed to be done to help consumers in New Jersey navigate the legal system and contest creditors, so I gained admission to practice law in that state and now we are offering services to the people of New York and New Jersey.  We are very excited." – Frank Borgese, Partner

Their firm understands the differences in laws between New Jersey & New York, and their history of professionalism and client results should transfer effectively over state lines. They offer free consultations and payment plan options to make their services as affordable as possible. They also remind all clients about important financial management habits, like the one mentioned below:

"Be proactive. Take control of your finances and keep good records of your accounts, and any payments you make to reduce balances on loans, mortgages, or other credit accounts. When a problem arises – expected or unexpected, gather your information and contact our attorneys for guidance. Having detailed records can be one way of ensuring you are not stuck paying a debt you don’t believe you owe." – F.B.

In order to help them with their expansion into New Jersey, they have hired a new attorney. Stephen M. Lentz is a new Associate Attorney in Graham & Borgese’s New Jersey Office. He provides consumer defense counsel and advocacy for clients in all 21 counties of the Garden State.

Mr. Lentz has previously served as a lawyer in Louisiana state government and as an Assistant District Attorney in Pennsylvania where he focused on juvenile prosecutions, major crimes, and arson investigations. He has also served as a judicial law clerk to the Honorable F. Lee Forrester (Ret.) and the Honorable Thomas M. Brown of the Superior Court of New Jersey in Trenton.

Mr. Lentz received his J.D. from the Syracuse University College of Law in 2002, his M.S. in Elementary Education from Mercy College (NY) in 2004, his K-12 Principal Certification from Cheyney University in 2007, and his B.A. from Miami University in 1999.

Frank Borgese
Law Offices of Graham and Borgese
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CEO of FX Direct Dealer Joseph Botkier Secures Long-term Revenue and Profits Through Decades of Industry Experience

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, USA, November 20, 2018 / — FX Direct Dealer (FXDD) is a leader in global trade markets thanks to the contributions of its qualified founders and leaders. CEO Joseph Botkier sets new investment standards, utilizing decades of international experience in the finance industry to grow the company to new heights.

FXDD is a multi-asset trading resource that gives investors access to a global network of lucrative markets and investment options. The team behind FXDD provide unparalleled customer service and comprehensive tools for success, but the platform’s diverse offerings are only available to investors because of the know-how of its leaders and the relationships they built within the market.

Joseph Botkier helms FXDD with the world-renowned experience required to boost a forex trading product. His wide understanding of the industry––as well as his experience in international markets––empowers the FXDD brand and allows users access to a range of tools and resources esssential to success.

Before he took on his role as CEO, Joseph Botkier formed a solid reputation in finance by serving different institutions in leading positions. Mr. Botkier’s experience extends back to the 1970s, where he assumed the role of deputy operations manager with The Harris Trust corporation of New York City. A few short years later, he took on a similar role with the acclaimed Credito Italiano, where he built a reputation in finance from 1974 to 1985. In this role, Joseph Botkier took over responsibility for foreign currency dealings, a first for its time, which was only implemented around the world years later.

Later on, he assumed the role of vice president and deputy general manager for bank Carpilo in New York. He was an instrumental factor in the company’s future success, establishing Carpilo’s NY treasury operations and opening the bank to new avenues for growth.

After he paved a way for Carpilo, he took on the position of senior vice president and treasurer with Bank Brussels Lambert (BBL). There, he led the foreign exchange department, including money and capital markets, and further improved the bank’s reputation as a financial leader. Mr. Botkier worked extensively with high-profile loan portfolios as well as with asset management, providing him a robust understanding of diverse market trends. During his time with BBL, he released a highly-useful computer-based risk management system that evaluates treasury instruments.

While with BBL, Joseph Botkier also created and managed proprietary funds in emerging market debt and launched the BBL’s first leveraged high-yield fund. Since, he has encouraged growth, market understanding, and new paths to comprehensive investments in all his work.

Today, Joseph Botkier is an industry leader and a revolutionary in his field, offering powerful capabilities to interested investors. His experience in sustaining long-term revenue and generating new profits is evident in FXDD’s multi-asset success. As a global leader in trade, Mr. Botkier identifies new market opportunities and discovers optimal ways of leveraging them to secure long-term revenue and returns.

Chris Hinman
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Barry Hersko Offers Tips for Selling Homes

Selling your home can be a daunting task. With decades of experience, Barry Hersko offers tips for selling your home in 2018.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA, November 20, 2018 / — Putting your home on the market is a life-changing move. Before heading down the road that includes finding an agent, listing your home and waiting for a significant amount of time, Barry Hersko has some tips to selling your home and moving on to whatever life holds next.

“The first tip I recommend is to focus on an increased online presence,” explained Barry Hersko. “Almost 100% of home buyers use the internet to look for homes, more than at any other point in history.”

Chances are, that if your online listing is lacking, most people won’t even bother taking a look in real life. Consider adding professional photos, hiring a staging company, and get incredibly creative about the words or “copy” you would use to describe your home. Make people feel a deep connection to your home online, and they will be more likely to make an offer in real time.

Another tip Barry Hersko recommends is finding a real estate agent you have a connection with. It could be as simple as liking the same types of properties, but make certain that when you begin your search, you find an agent that is going to best represent you and go to bat for you and your family. Well recommended agents will help you market your home, will represent you to future buyers, and go out of their way to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the service.

Consider asking friends, and other people who have sold their homes before who they would recommend connecting you with.

Once you find your dream agent it is crucial to set proper expectations for what you are expecting. Creating goals and timeframes with in-person meetings and contracts will help protect you, your agent, and everyone else involved. Barry Hersko recommends keeping a digital notebook of everything agreed to in the contract so that you can keep everyone on the same page and mark results and wins, and also figure out what’s not working along the way.

Establishing healthy timeframes will only ensure that nothing falls through and you can focus on what is most important, selling your home.

Although selling your home can be a challenge, finding an expert agent to walk you through each of the steps will make the process go by faster and yield better results. To learn more about Barry Hersko and more tips on real estate, click here.

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Exclusive Media Scoop Black Friday: Get Beautifully Polished Skin with Spa Sonic & Spa Sonic Pro –

Spa Sonic PRO Skin Care System – 8-piece professional kit

Spa Sonic Skin Care System, 7 Piece Professional Kit

Spa Sonic and the Spa Sonic PRO Skin Care System are two incredible skincare systems recommended by dermatologists.

Spa Sonic PRO proved comparable in results and durability to the Clarisonic Plus in a study conducted by the leading independent consumer laboratory (2014)”

— Independent consumer laboratory

NEW YORK, NY, USA, November 20, 2018 / — Spa Sonic Skin Care System, 7 Piece Professional Kit and the Spa Sonic PRO Skin Care System – 8-piece professional kit are two incredible skincare systems recommended by dermatologists. Spa Sonic PRO proved comparable in results and durability to the Clarisonic Plus in a study conducted by the leading independent consumer laboratory (2014). I've got a media exclusive, inside scoop into Walmart's Black Friday sale on these two incredible items. Only available online at

Spa Sonic retail price is currently $59.99. Black Friday sale = $28.99. A savings of $31.00!

Spa Sonic Pro retail price is currently $74.99. Black Friday Sale = $34.99. A savings of $40!

Background: Spa Sonic Skin Care System

Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face and Body Polisher is a waterproof device which is ideal for use in the shower, bath, and sink. It operates with four attachments (all included): a small brush for the face, a large brush for the body, pumice for rough areas and a facial sponge for microdermabrasion and reduction of fine lines. The Spa Sonic's dermal penetrating action promotes rapid absorption of skin care products.

Specifications: Four removable rotating brush heads offer a variety of benefits

– Small facial brush: cleanses your face by getting deep into pores
– Large body brush: cleanses entire body deeper than loofah and body sponges
– Facial buffer: aids in moisturizer absorption and microdermabrasion to reduce fine lines and dark spots
– Pumice stone: can smooth out rough areas such as elbows, knees, and heels
– Exfoliates smoothes and softens skin
– Recommended by dermatologists
– Can be used with your favorite cleansers
– Tightens and reduces the size of pores
– Supports the reduction of fine lines and dark spots
– Eliminates dirt, makeup, and oil
– Safe and effective for all skin types
– Long lasting AA battery four pack – no need to charge


– 1 body polishing unit
– 2 small facial brushes
– 1 large body brush
– 1 facial buffer
– 1 pumice stone
– 1 battery four pack

Background: Spa Sonic PRO Skin Care System – 8-piece professional kit

From the makers of Spa Sonic, introducing the latest advance in skin care technology, the new Spa Sonic PRO Skin Care System – 8-piece Professional Face and Body Polisher is equipped with 2 speeds ideal for all skin types. This professional cleansing system is proven to cleanse 6x deeper than hand washing alone. The Spa Sonic PRO proved comparable in results and durability to the Clarisonic Plus in a study conducted by the leading independent consumer laboratory (2014). Consistent use of the Spa Sonic PRO can result in a smoother, clearer, softer and more radiant complexion. The patented ergonomic design offers great handling and operates with 5 attachments: a large ultra-lush brush for body cleansing, small ultra-soft brush for face cleansing, pumice stone for rough areas like heels and elbows, facial buffer sponge for moisturizer absorption and our exclusive pore minimizing micro-silicone brush. This deluxe kit includes a luxurious and convenient plush storage/travel tote. The Spa Sonic PRO has already become the device of choice at leading high-end spas and salons, as well as with celebrities, models, estheticians, and makeup artists.

Specifications: Five removable attachment heads offer a variety of benefits

– Small facial brush: cleanses your face by getting 6x deeper than hand washing alone
– Large body brush: cleanses entire body deeper than body sponges for a head to toe luxurious clean
– Facial Sponge: aids in moisturizer absorption & microdermabrasion to reduce fine lines and dark spots
– Pore Minimizer attachment: gently massages and stimulates as it aids in the reduction of pore size resulting in a clearer complexion
– Pumice stone: targets rough spots, such as knees, elbows, and heels to buff away dead skin, revealing softer skin


– Consistent use can result in a smoother, clearer, softer and more radiant complexion
– 2 speeds for optimal cleansing
– Patented Ergonomic design for easy handling
– Cleanses 6x deeper than hand washing alone
– Designed with Clear Complexion Technology
– Water resistant – safe for use around the shower, sink, and bath
– Recommended by dermatologists
– Safe and effective for all skin types
– Tightens and reduces the size of pores
– Supports the reduction of fine lines & dark spots
– Proved comparable in results and durability to the Clarisonic Plus
– Long lasting AA battery four pack included


– 1 Face and Body polishing unit
– 1 Small facial brush
– 1 Large body brush
– 1 Pore Minimizer
– 1 Facial buffer
– 1 Pumice stone
– 1 Battery four pack
– 1 Storage/travel tote

Do you want to try out the Spa Sonic or Spa Sonic Pro for yourself and report about it to your readers? Let us know and we can send you one. If you require any additional info or images for a post, please let me know?

Thank you,

Chris Binet | Blend PR

Chris Binet
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Spa Sonic

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Perrin Conferences Announces Featured Speakers for the New York Asbestos Litigation Conference

Perrin Conferences will host the New York Asbestos Litigation Conference on December 4, 2018, at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel in New York City.

The New York Asbestos Litigation Conference will be held on December 4, 2018 in New York City.

We look forward to providing a forum to focus on current issues in the NYCAL, the NY metro area, and Upstate New York.”

— Lynnsey Perrin, President & CEO of Perrin Conferences

WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2018 / — Perrin Conferences, the leading national provider of joint plaintiff/defendant litigation conferences, will host the New York Asbestos Litigation Conference on December 4, 2018, at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel in New York City. This one-day conference will bring together leading attorneys and industry professionals for a series of noteworthy panels and key discussions focused on New York asbestos litigation. Agenda topics include “The Judicial Perspective,” “The Plaintiff’s Perspective,” “Settlement Negotiations,” “Appellate Roundtable,” and more.

“Our annual New York Asbestos Litigation Conference draws prominent plaintiff and defense attorneys, judges, in-house counsel, and insurance professionals, providing a range of perspectives on asbestos litigation,” said Lynnsey Perrin, President & CEO of Perrin Conferences. “We look forward to providing a forum to focus on current issues in the NYCAL, the NY metro area, and Upstate New York.”

A selection of this year’s featured speakers and moderators include:

• Joseph W. Belluck, Esq., Belluck & Fox, L.L.P., New York, NY
• Honorable Lucy Billings, Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York, NY
• Daniel P. Blouin, Esq., Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC, New York, NY
• Nina Lynn Caroselli, Esq., Executive Vice President, Special Counsel, The RiverStone Group, Manchester, NH
• Kerryann M. Cook, Esq., McGivney, Kluger & Cook, P.C., New York, NY
• Brian Early, Esq., The Early Law Firm, L.L.C., New Haven, CT
• Charles M. Ferguson, Esq., Weitz & Luxenberg P.C., New York, NY
• David J. Fisher, Esq., Kurowski Shultz LLC, O’Fallon, IL
• Suzanne M. Halbardier, Esq., Barry, McTiernan & Moore LLC, New York, NY
• Kevin Hannemann, Asbestos Claims Analyst, Resolute Management, Inc., Boston, MA
• Danny R. Kraft, Jr., Esq., Weitz & Luxenberg P.C., New York, NY
• James M. Kramer, Esq., Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC, New York, NY
• Honorable Gerald Lebovits, Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York, NY
• Bridget Longoria, Esq., Account Manager, Resolute Management, Inc., Philadelphia, PA
• Robert C. Malaby, Esq., Malaby & Bradley LLC, New York, NY
• Honorable Manuel J. Mendez, Asbestos Coordinating Judge, Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York, NY
• Steve Nober, President & CEO, Consumer Attorney Marketing Group, Woodland Hills, CA
• Shelley Olsen, Special Master for NYC Asbestos Litigation, New York, NY
• Brittany Russell, Esq., Weitz & Luxenberg P.C., New York, NY
• Frederick C. Schaefer, Esq., Associate Vice President, Nationwide, Wausau, WI
• Paul Slater, Esq., Senior Counsel, General Electric Company, Fairfield, CT
• Perry Weitz, Esq., Weitz & Luxenberg P.C., New York, NY
• Judith A. Yavitz, Esq., Darger Errante Yavitz & Blau LLP, New York, NY

All in-house counsel and insurance professionals receive complimentary attendance at Perrin Conferences’ live conferences. Registration includes private access to course materials and all networking events.

In addition to providing exclusive opportunities for learning, networking, and information sharing, the New York Asbestos Litigation Conference offers Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credit for qualified candidates. For more information on group discounts, registration, and hotel accommodations, please visit or contact Bethany Corio.

About Perrin Conferences
The leading national provider of joint plaintiff/defendant litigation conferences, Perrin Conferences offers comprehensive and specialized continuing legal education in an atmosphere of learning, networking and sharing. Bringing together preeminent national talent in specialty legal fields, Perrin Conferences ensures its conferences deliver innovative content, networking opportunities and career development. Attendees gain insights that cannot be found anywhere else. Follow the latest news from Perrin Conferences on Twitter @PerrinConf. For more information on the company and upcoming conferences please visit

# # #

Lisa Graham
Graham Media Partners

Bethany Corio
Perrin Conferences
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Announcing the “Global Game Village,” a City of Atlanta Pre-Super Bowl Event for Humanity

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2018 / —

CROWN-TMI World Impact Strategy, a social impact media global strategy advisory and platform;  Pvblic Foundation, a United Nations Partner harnessing the power of media to drive social change;  Crown Strategy Group, a New York- and Atlanta-based global advisory firm; the Global Partnerships Forum, a United Nations-aligned social impact leadership and collaboration accelerator; and Unify Earth Systems®, Ltd., a Bahamas-based social-impact-committed technology services company, have come together in humanity-furthering collaboration with the City of Atlanta to announce the first annual Global Game Village.  

Launching Super Bowl Weekend in Atlanta – January 29th through February 3rd, 2019, our goal is to not only entertain, but also explicitly activate, the world in support of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – and to bring together the world in celebration of the power of sports. entertainment and service to accelerate a positive future for humanity and our children’s tomorrow.

We wish to honor and accelerate the amazing and powerful contributions of our sports, celebrity, corporate, NGO and individual citizens who are also typically unsung world leaders in using their branding and power to help their fellow humans.

Ambassador Andrew Young notes that “Sports has the power to unify us in the world. This initiative’s effort to make this a reality through the SDG Platform is indeed a good thing.”

What can you expect from this year’s Global Game Village?

The Global Game Village, a World’s Fair for SDG-powered Sustainability. will feature a number of already committed major musical acts being announced in early December; the second “SDG Achievement Awards.” first given at the United Nations during the 73rd U.N. General Assembly, September 24, 2018; a l drum circle for our future featuring youth and celebrity drummers from across the planet; a Global Game Village demonstration of HOPSports’ youth fitness, wellness and SDG Leadership programs being offered to every K-12 child in Atlanta plus 10 schools in Africa; and other Super Bowl-inspired events, announcements and activities.

Atlanta’s Super Bowl will feature the world's first “pop-up” Global Game Village / SDG Festival

The Global Game Village will not only bridge the gap between locals, Super Bowl fans and tourists as a unified community, but will also fuse together caring celebrities, brands, communities, NGOs, the greater football-loving community and diplomats, such as the Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms;  Amir Dossal, founder of the Global Partnerships Forum, UN Fund and Foundation, and former Executive Director at UNOP; and former two-time Mayor of Atlanta, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, and Mayoral Host of the 1996 Atlanta Games, Andrew Young, one of fathers of the Global Game Village.  

This first-time ever “Global Game” event is a chance for sponsoring brands to directly reach, influence and bring value to passionate audiences, both worldwide and across Atlanta. Designed as an ongoing endeavor delivering positive impact for all of 2019, it is the perfect platform for building relationships using viral, word-of-mouth, experiential and mass media marketing, now and for years to come.

“We welcome our extended Atlanta and Unify Earth families to join us at this ground-breaking first-time event,” says Unify Earth CEO Ro Rinaldi.

Information on ticket sales, and on additional global media partnership and channels, will soon be available at and other to-be-announced sites and locations.


Crown-TMI World Impact Strategy LLC  is a corporate entity between Crown Strategy Group and True Media Independence Worldwide (TMI Worldwide). Our ventures create sustainable global social impact global solutions for brands, celebrities, and corporations while creating innovative media platforms. TMI Worldwide is a brand marketing company specializing in brand creation/expansion while facilitating dynamic partnerships between corporations and media influencers. Khady Thiam Gueye, a global marketing, and branding impresario. co-founded TMI Worldwide with the world-renowned performer, entrepreneur, and actor popularly known as “Akon.”

Pvblic Foundation is an innovative non-profit media organization harnessing the power of media to drive social change. An aggregator of media across all platforms, PVBLIC works strategically to pair media space with key non-profits at local, national and global levels. We utilize existing and emerging technologies to increase issue awareness around important causes. helping non-profits amplify their message. We believe media and technology are the new currencies for sustainable development.

Crown Strategy Group is a global advisory firm managing projects and portfolios across several asset classes and sectors, with a particular focus on social impact,  infrastructure, energy, real estate development, technology, and alternative sustainable solutions. Our advised projects thrive because of our deep multi-sector subject matter expertise, our ability to create world-renowned expert teams tailored to clients’ needs, and our access to projects yielding sustainable satisfaction to all stakeholders while making a positive impact on communities. We provide a wide range of strategy, media, policy, and entrepreneurship advisory solutions. We deliver resources for projects, support investable impact projects and the implementation of policy initiatives delivering solutions, jobs and community opportunities.

The Global Partnerships Forum®’s  mission is to accelerate the social impact of people and organizations around the world through innovative collaboration. Our Mission is three-fold: (1) To build partnerships and alliances around the Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals; (2)  To build a knowledge base and a body of good practice, so that investors are guided towards opportunities which support social causes; and (3) To secure new investments through partnerships for sustainable development.  Please visit us at for more information.

Unify Earth Network® is a Bahamian-based technology company whose values encompass inclusion for all global citizens utilizing its decentralized Blockchain 3.0 platform. Guided by and committed to the UN’s 17 SDGs, Unify Earth® is leading with values first, delivering a future-proof platform designed for the good of all humanity by humanizing the Blockchain.  

Keisha Walker, ESQ – Partner, Crown-TMI World Impact Strategy LLC 
404 919-7303
Colonel Arnold Strong – Communications Director Unify Earth Systems Ltd
503 428-0579

Karen Ammond
KBC Media
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TV personality, actress, attorney, legal analyst Kelly Hyman joins Franklin D. Azar & Associates

Kelly Hyman

I am excited to be joining the firm and helping the firm grow its practice.”

— Kelly Hyman

DENVER, CO, USA, November 20, 2018 / — Kelly Hyman Joins Franklin D. Azar & Associates. Kelly Hyman emphasis is in the areas of class action and mass tort litigation.

Prior to joining Franklin D. Azar & Associates, Attorney Kelly Hyman represented clients in a class action and was on its discovery committee. Kelly Hyman also has extensive experience in mass tort litigation, having represented hundreds of claimants in claims and individual actions filed in state and federal courts involving transvaginal mesh, tobacco litigation, and water contamination.

Kelly Hyman is a member of, the Colorado Bar, the Colorado Bar Association, the Colorado Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, the Florida Bar, and the Washington D.C. Bar, She is also a proud graduate of AAJ’s leadership academy. Ms. Hyman is a member of American Association for Justice (“AAJ”) and participates in the Women’s Caucus Lobby Day in Washington D.C.

From 2017-2018, Kelly Hyman served as President of the Palm Beach Federal Bar Association and is currently the Chair of the Membership Committee for the Colorado Federal Bar Association.

Kelly Hyman was raised by her mother in New York City and Southern California. Kelly Hyman previously worked as a model and actress, appearing in numerous television shows, movies, off-Broadway plays, and commercials. While studying for her undergraduate degree, Kelly served as a White House Intern with the Office of Presidential Inquiries.

Kelly Hyman graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a B.A. in Communications and received her Juris Doctor degree cum laude from the University of Florida, Levin College of Law. After graduating from the University of Florida, she clerked for the Honorable Brian Sandoval, now the Governor of Nevada, when he was a United States District Court Judge.

Mrs. Hyman has lectured at numerous seminars and has received an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell.

Kelly Hyman
Franklin D. Azar & Associates
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Kelly Hyman

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Award Winning Inventor Andrea Rose Conducts Free Holiday Workshop for Inventors at Microsoft Manhattan

Founder and award-winning inventor Andrea Rose helps other inventors and innovators succeed with teachings from her 22 years of inventing and business expertise

NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2018 / — Award-winning inventor, entrepreneur and consultant Andrea Rose is conducting a free holiday workshop at Microsoft in New York City on December 5,2018. The workshop will be exciting, educational and empowering helping those with an idea for an invention turn it into a marketable asset. Andrea has teamed up with companies looking for the next big idea, such as HSN and “As Seen on TV” marketers, to help promising inventors bring their inventions to the marketplace.

“The Inventors Road Show™” workshop series was founded on Andrea’s belief that “Anyone can have an innovation and an idea for an invention. What they need are the tools to help them navigate the difficult and daunting task of turning their ideas into an asset and marketable success. Our workshops are platform for those inventors who are brave enough to pursue their dreams of turning their idea into a reality.”

These workshops are conducted throughout the year in New York City, Philadelphia and South Florida, primarily in Microsoft locations. Interested members of the public can find more information at or where they can search for The Inventors Road Show™ groups. Upcoming workshop will be held in :

New York City
Wednesday, December 5, 6:30-8:30pm
Microsoft Store, 677 Fifth Avenue, 6th floor, New York, New York

Attendees will learn about the business side of inventing and can enter for the chance to win prizes with up to a $5,000 value!

In addition, Andrea Rose has just launched “Inventing to Win™:Your Road to Inventing,” a new downloadable online program for inventors that includes step-by-step instructional guides, worksheets and essential documents every inventor needs to have. Visit for more information and to download Andrea’s FREE bonus guide, “How to Pitch Your Idea in 6 Easy Steps™.”

About Andrea Rose: Andrea Rose has 22 years of experience as an award-winning inventor, having created over 100+ products, many of which she transformed into successful businesses. She is also a private consultant for inventors and the founder of “The Inventors Road Show™ workshop series for inventors, teaming up with such companies as HSN and As Seen on TV.

Andrea Rose
ARInnovations Intl. LLC
+1 212-371-5180
email us here
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Top Search Engine Optimization Experts Share The Best SEO Marketing Improvements To Make Your Website Rank Higher

DesignRush discovered how to improve organic traffic quickly, how long it will take to see meaningful Google search results and more.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2018 / — Every modern business needs to optimize for SEO. Search engine optimization enables businesses to improve their search rankings, increase organic website traffic, and acquire valuable consumers who are more likely to complete a purchase or desired action — all of which increase revenue.

DesignRush explored what search engine optimization is and how search engines scan your site. Plus, we've got the best search engine optimization industry experts sharing the most important improvements you should make to your content and website — and when you can expect to see results.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of improving your website through back-end, front-end, content and technical changes to rank higher in search results. When brands rank higher in search listings, they can acquire free, meaningful traffic that is likely to result in conversions.

Online brands achieve higher SEO rankings through a variety of tactics, including:

1. Keyword research
2. Content marketing
3. Link building
4. Technical optimization
5. Image size and descriptions
6. Proper titles and meta descriptions
7. Use of H1, H2s and H3s
8. Reporting and analytics
9. And more!

But to strip it down to its bare bones, proper search engine optimization essentially revolves around two things — user intent and user experience.

User Intent

Ultimately, your website needs to properly communicate your offerings, products, services, mission and brand to visitors and Google. When Google understands what you are presenting throughout your site and on each page, it can properly rank you for relevant keywords — which are essentially what potential visitors type into the Google search bar. You should include relevant keywords on your website to help Google quickly understand your topic(s).

But perhaps most importantly, you must provide valuable information to visitors. Google wants to help searchers find the facts they are looking for. Thus, if your website best answers the question(s) input into the search engine, you'll achieve a longer time on site (because people are reading your fantastic content!) and subsequently rank higher.

Quality of information is more important than the number of keywords. Plus, your keywords should accurately represent the information you provide. The good news? Websites can rank for more than one keyword!

User Experience

Technically-speaking, your website needs to provide an enjoyable and easy-to-use experience for users, too. For example, your site should load quickly, images should be properly sized and navigation should be clear and intuitive. Google will penalize websites that create a confusing online environment for users, mainly because this hinders their ability to find the answers they are searching for.

(Plus, 38% of people will leave a poorly-designed website and not return, so it's in your best interest to invest in a stunning website design).

Now that we understand the objective of search engine optimization, it's time to make some improvements to improve your own rankings! We asked the top search engine optimization companies the best enhancements brands can make to their website to see speedy ranking results and acquire high-quality organic traffic.

How To Improve Your SEO Ranking, According To The Best Search Engine Optimization Consultants

Daniel Lofaso, President, The Digital Elevator

1. Reverse engineer keyword competitiveness.

One of the best SEO techniques is going after what I like to call “low-hanging fruit keywords.” Everyone wants to go after high volume keywords that are related to their niche or industry, but not every site is necessarily in a place to do so. A site must have some sort of domain authority – a search engine ranking score developed that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages – before it can compete with high competition keywords. The higher your domain authority (ranked from 0-100), the better chance you have of competing. So, if you have low domain authority and you want to try to get quicker results, you’ll want to use an SEO software (I like AHREFS) to determine how much competition a particular keyword has before you target it with a blog or service page.

2. Submit content to Google Search Console for quick indexation.

A really quick way to get a new page indexed is by submitting it through the “Fetch as Google” option within Google Search Console. Provided you have your website added and verified through the Search Console, open it up and navigate to the Crawl option in the left sidebar. Inside these options, there is a “Fetch as Google” option where you can enter the page of your site you want Google to index. Add your URL, click Fetch>Request indexing>Crawl This URL Only and then Go. Sometimes a site can get indexed and make it on the first page of Google’s search results within a day.

3. Earn links by doing outreach about your great content.

Links are still one of the most highly correlated ranking factors that there are. Thus, it makes sense to try to build links to nearly every piece of content you want to get ranked. If you have created an exceptional resource that is much, much better than the sites that rank in the top spots on Google, use an SEO software to mine all the links your competitors are getting to their respective pages. Then, contact the site owners and let them know about your much more up-to-date/robust/modern/user-friendly/etc. resource and that the other one is dated. Your competitors will lose their links and you’ll gain them.

Jasmine Pacal, SEO Manager, Elevated Internet Marketing

1. Shift your expectation.

If "results" to you means ranking no. 1 for your dream keyword, you might have to keep dreaming for some time. SEO is a long play, and I'm always uneasy with promising anything "immediately."

Improvements in SEO performance, however, can be seen in increases in impressions over tracked keywords, improved CTR from search, as well as increases in the quantity of keywords ranking.

So maybe you're still sitting at no. 11 for your dream keyword — but if you're seeing visibility for keywords that you've never ranked before, more impressions, better CTR, and more conversions, that's still a WIN.

2. Don't put SEO in a corner.

I've heard the extremes – some think SEO doesn't matter at all, and some put SEO on a pedestal.

The truth is SEO is not a standalone strategy. If you really want to get the most gains out of your SEO effort, utilize data from paid campaigns to craft an evidence-backed keyword targeting strategy, and combine your on-page and off-page efforts with stellar UX (because what's the point of pulling in traffic if the traffic doesn't convert?).

3. Get ahead of search.

This is a funny one, but we've run into it pretty often – especially with businesses that are pioneering a new technology or practice.

Sometimes a business just gets stuck because they're trying to rank for the wrong keyword – they're trying to make themselves fit into what people are already searching first. Instead of taking a keyword-first approach, try to define what it is that you're providing, and determine how might your target audience be searching for your services.

Sometimes the keywords that you're best qualified to rank for don't quite have the search volume — YET. But define your product, and get ahead of the search curve. When the demand grows, you'll already be ranking.

Brian Byer, Vice President of Content & Commerce Practice Lead, Blue Fountain Media

1. SEO is a long-term investment that requires patience and consistent reinvestment in order to reinforce hard earned placements.

2. Any press is not necessarily good press in SEO. A link earned from a prestigious publication or government website is of the highest value. A link bought from a link directory could result in crippling penalties.

3. Content is king. Great SEO results require a concerted effort to publish content regularly on topics relevant to your website, there isn’t a one and done solution for SEO.

Dan Bowen, Founder & CEO, BOWEN
1. Explore tools like to identify latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords for use as part of your on-site content strategy.

2. Create content that talks about solving your audience's problems. Partner with like-minded bloggers to distribute this content through relevant sources.

3. Check out your company’s local citations. Some simple cleanup work can have a significant impact on local SEO.

Curtis Warren, Online Presence Manager, Boostability

1. Make Your Brand Visible In Local Search

For the best return on investment, small and local businesses need to focus on local search. Search engines tailor their results based on a user’s search query and location. For example, if a searcher types ‘local lawyers near me,’ Google will use multiple data points to identify the user’s location. It will then return a number of businesses in the area.

2. Update Your Website Code

The speed of your website plays a big role in how your pages rank. Speed relates to usability, and if your pages take too long to load, users won’t want to stick around. Recent research by Google found that the chance of a bounce is 32% higher when pages take 3 seconds to load compared to 1 second. Even worse, when pages take 5 seconds to load, the chance of a bounce is 90%.

3. Conduct Valuable Keyword Research

The optimization process starts with identifying the right keywords for your brand. Without optimizing pages for keywords, you will find it extremely difficult to rank high for any pages on any search engine. Choose one main keyword for each page and add it to places like the title of the page and various subheadings as well as throughout the content.

Nick Rivers, Senior Software Engineer, Racepoint Global

Most of SEO is based on content relevance, but many times people overlook the technical side of SEO. Here are three things I always ensure are working.

1. Configure Google Search Console.

This tool helps track search engine performance and provides tools to improve ranking.

2. Improve page load time.

Page speed impacts search engine ranking, especially on mobile devices. Tools like PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse help identify areas of improvement.

3. Ensure site is mobile-friendly.

Mobile usability can also impact search engine ranking and it’s very important to make sure your site meets web standards. Search console can help identify areas for improvement.

PJ Howland, Campaign Manager, 97th Floor

1. Conduct a TF-IDF analysis and implement findings TF-IDF (term frequency-inverse document frequency) analysis and implementation.

This is arguably the most exciting and game-changing aspect of SEO at 97th Floor right now. It enhances and builds on keyword research by identifying other semantically relevant words and phrases.

While the process may seem elementary, surprisingly few professionals or agencies are making this a priority and they are missing out. TF-IDF analysis goes beyond simple keyword research. Instead, it is the process of analyzing a set of pages (typically the front page of Google for a given keyword) for the syntactically relevant words and phrases that pertain to an overall subject or keyword.

For example, if you are trying to rank for the keyword, “coconut oil,” the old rules of SEO dictate that you should throw in words like, “coconut oil benefits,” “coconut oil for hair,” uses of coconut oil,” and the like.

But a TF-IDF analysis will take a deeper look at the top-ranking content for a given keyword and determine the words that the top-ranking pages are using in addition to that keyword. It might uncover other phrases like, “diaper rash,” or “medium chain triglycerides.” These are phrases that Google knows have to do with coconut oil, and that a truly authoritative article on the subject should be mentioning.

Businesses will make the best use of TF-IDF by working with existing pieces of content that are under-performing for their top-ranking keyword.

2. Craft content that’s relevant to the SERP served for your desired keyword.

It’s no secret that you need content in order to rank for keywords, but it’s still surprising that some don’t understand that copy and its type/format is essential. Yes, words on pages are still very much relevant. As an agency, it’s frustrating and unfortunate that so many companies have been trying to force their homepage to rank for a keyword when the SERP (search engine results page) for that keyword simply doesn’t serve up homepages.

Understand that for some keywords/queries, every site with a spot on the first page of Google is a blog post or other type of long-form written content. Also, keep in mind that regardless of which page you’re trying to get to rank for a given keyword, improving its ranking will likely mean adding more copy to the page. If you’re not comfortable with that (if it’s your homepage for example), consider writing a longer blog post in order to rank for the keyword.

3. Remember that offsite isn’t 100% backlinks anymore.

Thanks to Google’s August 1, 2018 core algorithm update (now known as the “Medic Update”) third-party reviews now matter more than they ever have. As it currently stands, it appears medical and financial sites have been hurt the most by this update, but Google is always advancing. And the learnings from this update are sure to affect (for better or for worse) a wider reaching audience. Digital marketers should be spending the coming months sprucing up their reviews on third-party review sites like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and Amazon, to name a few.

How Do You Do SEO For A Website?

Search engine optimization is the key to securing free and organic traffic — and in the age of pay-per-click advertising and boosted social media posts, that's priceless.

Although investing in proper SEO is a long-term commitment, following SEO best practices and taking the time to improve your website correctly will help any business yield successful results.

SEO Best Practices To Improve Your Website Ranking

1. Open your brand to local search visibility.
2. Update your website code and ensure your site loads quickly.
3. Use Google Search Console.
4. Optimize for mobile.
5. Acquire "do-follow" links from websites with a high domain authority — but don't rely on them completely.
6. Conduct keyword research regularly — but especially before publishing content online.
7. Conduct TD-IDF analysis to identify new keywords.
8. Regularly publish valuable blogs and content that are relevant to your community.
9. Try investing in emerging keywords that may blossom in popularity.
10. Incorporate other digital marketing and website development strategies to compliment SEO efforts.

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Top Agency Experts Share How To Create A Mobile App, Best Practices & Expected Cost

DesignRush spoke to the biggest app design and development firms to uncover the crucial tips and tricks every business needs to know when building a mobile app.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2018 / — 89 percent of mobile media time is spent on apps. Because so much consumer time is dedicated to mobile applications, your brand's presence needs to be felt on all devices and across all mediums if you want to make an impact.

But creating an app is a big endeavor. It’s not something you can just put together overnight and call it a day. It takes time, energy and resources. It takes professional talent and creative ingenuity.

That being said, there is an exceptional number of benefits to creating a mobile app design.

Apps are efficient, easy-to-use, promote a recognizable brand identity and — most importantly — drive revenue.

In fact, mobile apps achieved $88 million in revenue in 2017. That number is expected to rise in 2018.

But if you’re still a little wary, and need some guidance as to how to create a mobile app and why you should, we’ve got the information for you.

How To Create A Successful Mobile App — Advice From The Experts

Chris White, CEO/Founder of The Sneakers Agency

1. Understand What Goal You Want to Accomplish for Your Business

Never fool yourself into building an app because everyone else has one. Do your homework. Talk to your customers and see where they struggle when trying to use your product or service. Talk to your staff if you are already in business and see where things are breaking down operationally or for customers. See what tools are already available that could help push your business forward. Once you’ve done your homework, decide on what it is your app will accomplish. Perhaps it will be the one and only way users/customers interface with your company like Instagram. Maybe it will be a utility that customers can use on the go to help reduce support calls like say the AAA app. Perhaps it will be an app that users can use fairly regularly to help with repetitive tasks like depositing checks and checking balances if you’re a bank. Regardless, make sure that the app provides a real benefit for your customers/users so that you can move the ball forward for your business.

2. Know Your “Jobs To Be Done”

When developing a mobile app, it often feels necessary early on to say yes to every potential feature. You might think that users won’t use your app because it’s lacking feature X or feature Y. Or you may look at other apps and see a ton of bells and whistles and features and think that you won’t be able to compete without those features as well. The reality is that most successful apps accomplish a handful of things really well and then over time layer on a lot of extra fluff based on user feedback and planning and road mapping. Start simple. Make sure you nail the execution on your core features and start gathering user/market feedback to tell you what to build in next. These core features are your users “Jobs To Be Done.”

3. Focus on Clean, Modern UX

Mobile app design trends definitely come and go. At this point, we’re probably on the third or fourth generation of mobile app design as an industry. That said, users trust well polished, modern looking apps. One of the easiest ways to turn off users is to have a user experience and design that is outdated or unprofessional looking. Make a solid first impression and devote as much budget as you can to UI/UX design from the get-go.

4. Choose Your Tech Stacks Wisely

An app is more than just what a user installs on their phone. While it’s not always 100% the case, most apps are just the way that users interact with and experience a larger underlying system that is a key component of your business. A system that encompasses a back-end server and database and business logic. Ensure that you hire proper technical staff who have ample experience architecting apps and their associated back-end systems to ensure the long-term health of your investment. Also, ensure that you consider how to build the app itself. There are a number of ways to do this, from pure native to hybrid web to something newer called react native. Each approach has its pros and cons that need to be considered.

5. Budget Wisely

As we say at The Sneakers Agency, you’re not building an app, you’re building a business. An app is just one component of an overall business model. Once the app is built you will definitely need money for marketing and possibly sales depending on what your business is. You will also have ongoing maintenance and upkeep costs for the app and the back-end system. Numbers can vary depending on where you have your app built, but expect to budget somewhere between 250-500k to do a proper job.

Georg Tubalev, General Manager, Exaud

1. Make sure that you know exactly how to explain your app idea. The better you are able to explain your future app, its purpose and goals, the easier it will be for a mobile developer to understand the priorities when creating it.

2. Think about the distribution strategy for your app: Will it be a free application or a paid one? And if it's free, how are you going to monetize it? There are several approaches available such as freemium, sponsorship, in-app purchase, etc. Decide what works best in your case.

3. Before you jump into the full-scale development process, consider testing your idea and getting a mobile prototype (MVP) first in order to easily identify potential problems, get early feedback from users and most importantly, save time and money at later development stages.

4. While asking development companies for an initial quote for the app don’t overlook the maintenance costs that follow after the initial release! As each app has to be regularly updated to stay compatible with consistent operating systems updates, new devices on the market, bugs reported by users and so on. Therefore even if you don’t plan to add new features, and that probably you should, the app gonna require some maintenance work that implies additional costs.

Rafael Marin, Associate Design Director at Work & Co

1. Focus And Simplify Your App Strategy From The Start

When it comes to mobile apps, success isn’t measured by doing more. On the contrary, winning apps are incredibly focused, executing a couple things really well.

Whether you are creating your first app or redesigning your current one, having a clear point of view of why the app exists and its core functionality is critical. When we worked on an airline app a few years ago, the goal was to pare the experience down to do two things: Help users book a trip in 60 seconds or less, and then check on using the app. Then, when redesigning a food ordering app for a major restaurant chain, our research showed that reordering from past orders was the number one priority for customers, so we spent the most time on that flow. Optimizing for what really matters to users also leads to higher conversion.

The bottom line? Simplicity is hard to achieve. Invest your time in getting the critical user journey right, so when users open your app, they’ll know where to go and what to do.

2. Design For A Highly Personalized Experience

Our phones not only command an unprecedented amount of our attention (for the average American it’s three hours a day, much of that time in-app versus browsing on the mobile). Phones are also deeply personal; it's the one piece of technology people carry around with them all day.

Because apps are by nature an opt-in experience, brands are one step ahead when it comes to brand engagement. Making an effort to customize should be a priority. From remembering preferences to making tailored suggestions, apps should always endeavor to reward users with personalized experiences.

Customizing isn’t necessarily about offering more options either. The rise of contextual interfaces means that apps can actually know their customers' behaviors so well that screens can automatically adjust depending on geo-targeting or time of day.

3. Test Early With Real Users

Strategy and research can provide valuable initial insights, but you’ll only truly know what works and what doesn’t in your app once real users have a chance to try it.

One of the biggest pitfalls in designing and building digital products historically has been a waterfall process that doesn’t get products in front of people till the very end, after the big investments have been made and the strategy is already baked.

What makes sense on paper doesn’t always meet real users’ expectations, so instead involve a diverse representation of real users –newcomers, loyalists, people in a range of countries, different age demos– early and frequently into the design process. And most importantly: don’t show them static comps, give them prototypes they can play with to learn and iterate from their observations.

4. Look At Launch As The Beginning, Not The End

After months of hard work and anticipation, launching your app and seeing it downloaded thousands and millions of times on iOS and Android is incredibly exciting. But it should never mean that the process is done.

Even the best digital products — and this goes for mobile apps, websites, kiosks or chatbots — are ripe for continuous iteration. Always look for opportunities for ongoing improvements and new features you can add along the way to better serve users. It’ll lead to stronger reviews, more engagement, and happier customers.

Mobile App Design Best Practices

1. Put The User Experience First

The first thing you and your team should take into consideration when creating a mobile app is the user experience. You want to create an interface that is designed with their interest and their actions in mind.

This means understanding consumer behaviors and creating a platform that works for their needs. Keep it personalized to your audience and give them the features and functionalities that will draw them in and keep them interested.

You don’t want to create a basic, boring and bland app. Instead, create one that shines and excites users. You can do that by keeping your design user-centric throughout the process.

2. Keep It Clean

Another key best practice to follow is in relation to the design aesthetics itself. You don’t want a disorganized, cluttered and dysfunctional app. You want a smooth and clean interface that is open, airy and captivating.

A simple, clean aesthetic is a great way to ensure that you can provide your audience with the features and tools that they want with ease. Ultimately, it betters user experience.

Similarly, make sure the imagery in your app is bold, exciting and enchanting. App icons are important too — 21 percent of users will delete apps if they don’t look appealing on their home screen.

3. Streamline Navigation

62 percent of users will delete an app that doesn’t work well. In fact, a common problem that consumers have with apps is that their navigation systems are messy or disorganized. This makes it difficult for consumers to use the app and find the information they need.

Subpar design and navigation turns users off and pushes them to look elsewhere for products, services, data and interactions.

So, you need to ensure that you have a clear system in place for people to get from point A to point B.

Navigation is important in design. It’s what lays down the framework for your app. If you aren’t considering the user’s journey throughout the process, you’ll end up with an app that doesn’t connect the way it should with your audience.

4. Consider Omnichannel Initiatives

Omnichannel marketing is the art of creating a seamless sales experience across multiple channels — such as website, social media, paid media and, yes, mobile apps. What's better, companies that integrate omnichannel marketing strategies tend to retain more consumers long-term.

In fact, brands that utilize omnichannel strategies achieve 91 percent greater customer retention rates year-over-year, proving that investing in omnichannel is beneficial.

You can further your omnichannel marketing initiatives through mobile apps. Keep the idea of a seamless, integrated UX in your mind during the development and creation process. That way, you can embed these features into your other platforms and fuse them all together to create a clear and cohesive experience that helps grow your brand.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App?

App design isn’t cheap — although you could argue that most design isn’t cheap and everything that is worthwhile for your business should be invested in. But it’s important to know how much your business could potentially shell out throughout the development of an app.

The average price for app development — from wireframe to development and launch — is between $200,000 and $500,000. However, this number could be as low as $140,000 for a version 1 application or skyrocket over $1 million for complicated interfaces.

That’s a hefty sum. And it certainly requires a massive budget to ensure successful completion.

Depending on the features embedded in your app, the price will fluctuate — that’s what causes such a wide gap in prices. Therefore, it’s important to outline your intentions right from the start so that you can budget accordingly and find the right app design and development company to bring your vision to life.

Creating A Mobile App Requires A Lot Of Work — But It’s Worth It

These days, there is an increased number of mobile users and emerging technologies that allow brands and businesses more with apps than ever before.

But creating an app takes patience. It takes time, money and knowledge about the digital landscape. Without it, your app will flop and your brand will suffer as a result.

Keeping these expert tips and best practices in mind can help you conceptualize and build an app that reaches your target audience and drives them to action. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, boost sales or acquire more users, a successful app can help you achieve your ultimate goals.

Discover the best app design and development companies on DesignRush.

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