Top Technology Solution Provider ITsavvy Ascends CRN Solution Provider 500 List

ITsavvy President and CEO Mike Theriault

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ITsavvy continues to move toward the top of CRN’s Solution Provider 500 List. 2018 also marks the 10th year the company has been included in the list.

This list, in particular, is purely revenue-based, meaning that there are no gray areas open to subjectivity; one reason that the CRN Solution Provider 500 has been the gold standard for so long.”

— ITsavvy President and CEO Mike Theriault

ADDISON, ILL., U.S., June 4, 2018 / — ITsavvy, one of the fastest growing complete technology solution providers in the U.S., just announced that it continues to move toward the top of CRN’s Solution Provider 500 List—this year, into the 114th position. This also marks the 10th year the company has been included in the list.
ITsavvy President and CEO Mike Theriault said, “CRN is a key publication for our company and many of our clients. We realize the prestige that being included in this list confers. This list in particular is purely revenue-based, meaning that there are no gray areas that are open to subjectivity; one of many reasons that the CRN Solution Provider 500 has been the gold standard for so long.”
The Solution Provider 500 is CRN’s main channel partner award list, serving as the technology industry standard for recognition of the most successful solution providers in the channel since 1995.
CRN is a brand of The Channel Company, whose CEO Bob Skelley said, “CRN’s Solution Provider 500 list spotlights the North American IT channel partner organizations that have earned the highest revenue over the past year, providing a valuable resource to vendors looking for top solution providers to partner with. The companies on this year’s list represent an incredible, combined revenue of $320 billion, a sum that attests to their success in staying ahead of rapidly changing market demands. We extend our sincerest congratulations to each of these top-performing solution providers and look forward to their future pursuits and successes.”
Since 2009, ITsavvy has moved up 233 places on the CRN Solution Provider 500 List.
This is one of several major awards that ITsavvy has already won in 2018. Others include:
• CRN Elite 150
• CRN Tech Elite 250
• Insight’s Success Most Trusted Cloud Solution Provider
• An A-Plus rating from the Better Business Bureau for the 4th consecutive year
• Crain’s List of the Largest Privately Held Companies
ITsavvy is a leader in tailored, end-to-end IT product and service solutions. ITsavvy built its reputation as a value-added reseller with industry-leading product availability, design and implementation, client support and delivery speed through 46 distribution centers across the U.S. ITsavvy also has data center locations in Cedar Knolls, N.J. and Oak Brook, Ill. The company’s user-friendly website provides concise, leading-edge IT decision-making resources, including an
e-commerce site with real-time pricing and availability. ITsavvy is headquartered in Addison, Ill., with offices in Chicago’s Loop; Hauppauge, N.Y.; New York, N.Y.; Naples, Fla.; Miami; Indianapolis; Warren, N.J.; Davenport, Iowa; Hayward, Calif.; and Beavercreek, Ohio. Call 855.ITsavvy (855.487.2889), email, visit
Full release at:
Visit ITsavvy’s Media Center at

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March 27-29, 2019


NEW YORK, NEW YORK (NY), USA, June 4, 2018 / — FRENCH FASHION WEEK in New York (March 27-29, 2019) will present an exclusive selection of brands among emerging designers, as well as established brands and Fashion Tech houses in the women's, men's, accessories, and jewelry sectors.

Even though fashion, couture and design are strongly associated with France, most French fashion brands and emerging designers have little or no visibility in the U.S. Until now, there has never been a major gathering of the French fashion industry in the U.S. FRENCH FASHION WEEK, which will be held in midtown Manhattan, is the first platform dedicated to French fashion in the U.S.

FRENCH FASHION WEEK aims to create meeting opportunities between participants and key market players, potential U.S. partners, local institutions, policy makers, media, influencers or trendsetters. FRENCH FASHION WEEK also aims to create a unique, glamorous event, offering fantastic visibility to the French fashion in the U.S.

This new project led by French Touch USA will also give the opportunity for participants to understand the New York business environment, as well as the potential of the U.S. fashion market.


Renowned French couturier Olivier Lapidus is the first public figure to join the event to share his passion thanks to a project that has been close to his heart for long: Establishing, in France, a “Conservatory of French Savoir- Faire”. In the Conservatory, he will incorporate his vision of “… reconciling ancient craftsmanship and French Savoir-Faire with technology…”.

Olivier Lapidus, one of the great French Fashion Designers, began his career at Balmain and receive the «Dé d’Or» (Golden Dice) of Haute Couture in 1992. More recently, he was the Artistic Director of Maison LANVIN until March 2018. He is now dedicating himself to his own «Maison».


Each selected brand which so wishes will organize its own Fashion Show in a dedicated space within FRENCH FASHION WEEK, in a “French” atmosphere.

An area dedicated to the presentation of the participants’ collections/products, The FRENCH FASHION ROOM will be organized in «worlds» and «savoir-faire»: Designers, fashion brands, «savoir-faire», accessories, jewelry, watches…

This is the only space in FRENCH FASHION WEEK not reserved to professionals. An opportunity for brands to test the American consumers’ reactions and conduct a “real life / real time” market research.

Beyond the official launch party, networking meetings will be scheduled during FRENCH FASHION WEEK, allowing brands to interact with professionals, potential U.S. partners, institutions and media. In a professional and warm atmosphere, these get-togethers will be opportunities for participants to further promote their talent and share their vision.

Awards will be presented by a jury of American and French professionals. Each recipient will be supported during the year to be assisted in her/his development in the U.S.

Meetings with professionals will also help to understand the strategies and the stages of business development in the U.S.

Exhibition of fashion photographers, book signings and meet-the-author with fashion and art-de-vivre authors or film screenings will punctuate the program.

Since 30 years ago, the FRENCH TOUCH USA team, an international event agency, is recognized for its expertise in the creation and production of impacting events. Specializing in the promotion of French Excellence and the best of the “France Brand” in the U.S., the agency has organized spectacular events showcasing French excellence and celebrating Franco-American friendship and professional relations.

Since its creation, the public relations and events agency Glitz, founded by Bianca Hutin in partnership with Beatrice Martini, collaborates with the most important experts and clients worldwide. It has many projects in the worlds of luxury, fashion, lifestyle, art, culture, new technologies or philanthropy.

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Georgia Persky to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

HARRISON, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2018 / — Many women who are successful in their careers generally tend to specialize in one aspect of their work to succeed. But when an individual is motivated to explore multiple aspects and positions in their role and strive to continuously improve and diversify her knowledge and skills she ends up making an extraordinary and profound contribution to her field.

Georgia Persky is an exceptional Nurse Executive, Perioperative Consultant, Expert Witness, and the principal owner of Georgia Persky Consulting. She is a Registered Nurse, has a Master’s in Business Administration and a Doctoral Degree in Research. Georgia Persky Consulting is a firm that provides a variety of clinical services to hospitals and specifically perioperative suites and expert witness services to attorneys. Georgia Persky firmly believes in empowerment and chooses to share steps she took in her career in our empowering women radio series.

“Initially, as a staff nurse I considered what was needed by my primary care patient unit to succeed,” says Georgia. “A number of nurses were leaving the hospital due to poor morale. So, I formed a very successful management-staff committee to confront work issues with my supervisors and they were impressed with my leadership skills. I became a supervisor within months of that project and went on to become a Director and Vice-President at various hospitals over the next 10 years. Sometimes taking a small step to contribute can lead to other opportunities. After 40+ years working for healthcare organizations, I made a decision to work independently as a consultant. Today, I provide an array of expert services to help hospitals perform considerably better. It is about assisting organizations to understand specific areas of weakness and recommendations for improvement that are required to achieve overall quality, safety and proficiency.”

In this interview, Dr. Persky will share the evolution of nursing over the years, the challenges nurses face and why she considers nursing a lifelong career. Of interest to the audience, are the steps she recommends that women take to succeed in their career and why women should be motivated to seek new career opportunities. She will share the accomplishments she is most proud of and advantages she may have had to get where she is and why and how she entered the consulting field.

With a prodigious number of careers available for qualified nurses the future in the field is filled with extraordinary promise. Georgia has dedicated over forty years in patient care working as a nurse, supervising and training nurses and for her there is no higher calling.

“There are many opportunities that have evolved for nurses,” says Georgia. “I chose it as my career because it’s not only a livelihood but a mission and calling. In any area of business, accounting, finance or information technology the same steps apply. f you work hard to consistently improve yourself, diversify your skills, read, take courses, pursue degrees, and look for remarkable mentors then you will be a shining success.”

CUTV news will feature Georgia Persky in an interview with Jim Masters June 6th at 2p.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have any questions for our guest please call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Georgia Perky visit

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Lana Petrov to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

JACKSON HEIGHTS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2018 / — During the course of our lifetime we are met with challenges, struggles and unexpected issues. We search desperately for answers to overcome our most difficult moments. We ask ourselves what is our purpose on this planet? What if there was a powerful modality that can help us heal physically, mentally, and emotionally leaving us enlightened and joyful?

Lana Petrov is an expert Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner and owner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis in New York.

“For most of my life I have been interested in the metaphysical and occult knowledge and have searched for alternative healing modalities,” says Lana. “I finally found all of it in QHHT technique. Through Quantum healing hypnosis the client is first taken on a journey through past lives and then connects to his/hers subconscious or the Higher Self. When we go back into our past lives we learn how past lives are affecting our lives today and by connecting to our subconscious we find all the answers to our present issues and more.”

According to Lana most people have many past lives, because we come to this planet to experience soul growth, but some of our past lives can affect our present by carrying forward past trauma. For instance, if you were killed in a past life your body can hold on to that memory and cause health issue, which could be released through hypnosis.

“With QHHT we can heal not only the body, but our personal struggles,” says Lana. “Sometimes we connect to the same people over and over in order to learn a lesson since every life is a learning experience. We all are destined to learn compassion and love and once we learn that we don’t come back anymore to this 3D reality, that is very heavy, we can move to higher vibrational places.”

Clients seek Lana out for a variety of issues when unanswered questions plaguing their lives. By helping them connect to their subconscious mind Lana provide much needed answers. Through the efficacy of quantum healing hypnosis Lana can resolve client’s most pressing and urgent issues such as their health. The subconscious mind is so powerful it can heal a person in an instant if the lesson was learned and the healing is appropriate.

“I connect to their subconscious mind and it contains all the answers,” says Lana. “It’s very loving and genuinely eager to help. The subconscious teaches us through our intuition and by listening to our intuition we follow our ultimate purpose.”

During hypnosis people sometimes connect to the white light of God a healing light that is restorative, soothing and uplifting and helps us conquer our fears and release blockages.

“If we practice being grateful every day for what we have we will create a beautiful reality for ourselves,” says Lana. We should all be focused on bringing light to our chaotic planet that needs to be healed and it starts by bringing light to ourselves. What we are doing now is not sustainable and thankfully the new generation are more loving and caring and is looking for a ways to heal the planet and themselves.”

CUTV news will feature Lana Petrov in an interview with Jim Masters Tuesday June 5th at 12 p.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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Look at why dynaCERT has won gold Edison Award and ‘Best CEO’ award

dynaCERT is 2018 Gold winner of Edison Award

The share price of dynaCERT Inc. TSX-V:DYA OTCQB:DYFSF is apt to rise as further news catalysts confirm the growing reality of a product whose time has come.

dynaCERT Inc. (TSX:DYA)

Class 8 trucks operating in the Toronto-Florida route achieving up to 17% fuel savings and 66% DEF reduction.”

— dynaCERT Inc. May 29, 2018 Press Release

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 4, 2018 / — Astute investors would do well to consider establishing a long position in dynaCERT Inc. (TSX-V: DYA) (OTCQB: DYFSF) (Frankfurt: DMJ), whose technology is so impressive it is the Gold Medal winner of the prestigious 2018 Edison Award for Best New Product. Additionally, dynaCERT’s CEO was just named ‘Best CEO in the Emission-Reduction Technology Industry, 2018’ by European CEO magazine.

Explosive Growth On-Tap: These awards reflect a Company whose time has come, and dynaCERT’s May 29, 2018 press release “dynaCERT Announces New Orders, Repeat Business and Real-World Results” reveals the onset of a snowball-effect in which investors can look forward to increasing attention and sales for a technology that reduces harmful greenhouse gases ~50%, increases fuel-savings up to 19.2%, and lowers maintenance costs in diesel trucks and busses.

In fact, the latest user reports of dynaCERT’s HG units reveal that “Class 8 trucks operating in the Toronto-Florida route achieving up to 17% fuel savings and 66% DEF reduction.” Results such as this simply cannot be ignored — Market Equities Research Group is projecting a run in the market cap of dynaCERT over the near-term to mid-term from ~$88 million (currently trading ~35 cents Canadian for DYA.V) toward $1 billion as further news catalysts confirm the growing reality of a product whose time has come. Look for news of significance from multiple jurisdictions; dynaCERT currently has 18 dealers and 7 agents servicing Canada, USA, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Management noted on March 5th that it is currently in discussions to add new representatives for the territories of England, China, and some countries in Africa.

Important to note is that dynaCERT has only been in sales of its new HG units since its recent, late April-2018, launch, and the initial feedback is spectacular. The journey has been long in the making for dynaCERT Inc. to get to this point (with key certification’s now in place and all major hurdles behind it). The timing for astute strategic investors looking to capitalize on matters appears now.

DYA.V's HydraGen™ technology is unique in the marketplace, it's units are essentially computerized on-demand electrolysis systems that supply the air intake of internal combustion engines with controlled timed releases of pure hydrogen and oxygen gases individually, creating a cleaner and more efficient burn. The system interfaces with the onboard computer of the engine — the HydraGen™'s smart-ECU (the brains of the unit) can record the fuel savings and emission reductions while in operation, and provide an audit trail, essentially a greenhouse gas tracking system.

dynaCERT has two HG-1 lines; 1) an all-new HG1 4.5T Unit (which was officially launched on at TruckWorld this April-2018) for 10 to 15 litre turbo diesel engines such as for the Class 6-8 truck market, off-road equipment & power generator market, and 2) its original HG1 2.5T Unit for 5-10 litre turbo diesel engines which lends itself mainly to smaller trucks such as used in many overseas countries such as India and smaller diesel-powered machinery. The HG units use a smart-ECU to interface with a trucks diesel engine computer and regulates the injection on-demand of pure elemental hydrogen and oxygen (produced by the HG unit).

dynaCERT's HG2 HydraGEN™ technology, which is set to be launched soon, has a market that is multiples larger than for the HG1 product. The HG2 series are smaller in size and are targeted for the refrigerated trailer market (refer units) with engines up to ~2.5 L displacement. The HG2 units are also applicable to mobile construction equipment, class 2 – 5 delivery trucks and smaller stationary generators. This market size represents approximately 20 million applications in North America and similar sized market opportunities in each of the European and Asian markets. Each refer unit has a 4 cylinder diesel engine inside them that runs 24/7 to produce the refrigeration. Independent, PIT Group, testing of the refer HG-2 units are highly favorable, see related November 20, 2017 Company release "dynaCERT Releases Verification of its Advances in Reefer Engine Performance"; results confirmed: Fuel Consumption from 4.6 lb/hr to 3.5 lb/hr or 25% reduction, NOx from 150.5g/hr to 105.8g/hr or 30% reduction, Carbon Monoxide (CO) from 156.9g/hr to 77.5g/hr or 51% reduction, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from 1713.2g/hr to 952.8g/hr or 44% reduction.

Production and Growing Capacity – Production of the different HG1 series models is underway with the current capacity to build HG1 units at 6,000 units per month. Production of the HG2 series models is soon to be operational and dynaCERT is expecting to receive the specialized robotic laser-welding equipment that is being manufactured in Germany to facilitate production. Future capacity to produce HG2 units is planned to reach 10,000 units per month. The aforementioned is only for HG1 and HG2 units, when dynaCERT begins manufacturing HG units for shipping, railroad, and major power generation projects it will transform the Company to whole new level.

The following additional links have been identified further DD on dynaCERT:
Company website:
Recent Technology Journal Review:

This release may contain forward-looking statements regarding future events that involve risk and uncertainties. Readers are cautioned that these forward-looking statements are only predictions and may differ materially from actual events or results. Articles, excerpts, commentary and reviews herein are for information purposes and are not solicitations to buy or sell any of the securities mentioned.

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dynaCERT Inc. TSX-V: DYA CEO Interview

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Iowa Mesothelioma Compensation Center Now Urges an Electrical or Energy Worker with Mesothelioma in Iowa to Call Them for Immediate Access to The Nation's Most Skilled Compensation Lawyers

Please call us at 800-714-0303 for on-the-spot access to some of the nation's most skilled mesothelioma attorneys. Don't waste your time with anything less than the nation’s most skilled attorneys.”

— Iowa Mesothelioma Victims Center

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA , June 4, 2018 / — The Iowa Mesothelioma Compensation Center says, "We are part of one of the only groups in the nation that specializes in assisting electrical and public utility workers who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma. What we want is to see to it that these types of workers get the best possible financial compensation. Frequently for these types of people we are talking about a million dollars in financial compensation or more.

"As we would like to discuss anytime with an electrical worker or public utility worker who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma in Iowa-a phone call to 800-714-0303 will help ensure the attorney you hire to assist with your mesothelioma compensation understands the inner workings of an electrical or public utility workplace. As importantly the mesothelioma attorneys we suggest have a track record of getting the best mesothelioma compensation settlements for these types of workers-nationwide." http://Iowa.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The types of electrical workers or public utility workers with mesothelioma the Iowa Mesothelioma Victims Center is focused on include:

* An outside lineman
* An electrician
* An inside wireman
* A cable jointer
* A water works maintenance crewman
* A boiler technician
* A wastewater treatment maintenance crewman
* A plumber
* A millwright
* A steamfitter
* A pipefitter
* An insulator

"Before an electrical worker or a public utility worker with mesothelioma in Iowa hires an attorney to assist with a mesothelioma compensation claim, please call us at 800-714-0303 for on-the-spot access to some of the nation's most skilled mesothelioma compensation attorneys. Don't waste your time with anything less than the nation’s most skilled attorneys if you value the possibility of getting the best possible compensation if you have this rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure.” http://Iowa.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

For a map of all power plants in Iowa please review the following website:

The Iowa Mesothelioma Victims Center's unsurpassed services are available to a diagnosed person anywhere in Iowa including communities such as Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Waterloo, Iowa City, Council Bluffs, or Dubuque.

For the best possible mesothelioma treatment options in Iowa the Iowa Mesothelioma Victims Center strongly recommends the following three heath care facilities with the offer to help a diagnosed victim, or their family get to the right physicians at each hospital. Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center Iowa City,

Individuals with mesothelioma in Iowa could have been exposed to asbestos while serving in the US Navy, or while working at a power plant, as a plumber, a boiler technician, an insulator, as an auto repairman, as an electrician, or in the construction industry. In most cases, the exposure to asbestos caused mesothelioma at one of these types of workplaces and the exposure took place in the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, or 1980's. Mesothelioma typically takes three to five decades to develop. http://Iowa.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The states with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, West Virginia, Florida, Wyoming, and Washington. However, mesothelioma does happen in Iowa as the Iowa Mesothelioma Victims Center would like to explain anytime at 800-714-0303.

For more information about mesothelioma please refer to the National Institutes of Health's web site related to this rare form of cancer:

Michael Thomas
Iowa Mesothelioma Victims Center
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UK CBD can now be imported to USA without fear of DEA backlash



CiiTECH CBD, Researched in Israel, Made for the UK

CiiTECH CBD, Researched in Israel, Made for the UK

DEA Internal CBD Directive

DEA Internal CBD Directive

According to a recently published report, CiiTECH CBD brand Provacan is now one step closer to full DEA approval,

For now, DEA says that hemp products can be legally imported into and exported out of the U.S., even if current law doesn’t allow for legal hemp cultivation by American farmers.”


NEW YORK, LONDON, USA, June 3, 2018 / — The industrial-hemp industry may have gotten a nod of approval from the Drug Enforcement Administration in late May, when the agency clarified that not all compounds of cannabis fall under the Controlled Substances Act. Referencing a 2004 decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that excluded non-psychoactive cannabinoids from the federal government's definition of marijuana, the announcement came after the DEA says it had received numerous inquiries on the matter.

Provacan, the flagship CBD brand from British Israel cannabis company CiiTECH has seen an increase in interest from customers in the USA. 'As consumers become more savvy, they're demanding higher quality CBD products, it seems the validation of EU CBD production and Israeli science could be fueling the demand' said Clifton Flack, founder of CiiTECH Ltd

The internal directive issued by the DEA was leaked last week in response to a number of questions it had received regarding the legality of non-psychoactive compounds of various cannabis strains. " all our CBD products are produced from EU certified Industrial Hemp plants and cultivated under strict EU agricultural directives.

Local UK and global CBD consumer have long been aware that CBD products from the EU are the most likely to be of a higher quality since no part of the production process is complicated with medical marijuana laws or regulations.

“Products and materials that are made from the cannabis plant and which fall outside the CSA definition of marijuana (such as sterilized seeds, oil or cake made from the seeds, and mature stalks) are not controlled under the CSA,” the DEA wrote in an internal directive published last week. “Such products may accordingly be sold and otherwise distributed throughout the United States without restriction under the CSA or its implementing regulations.”

The legal complexity regarding the DEA’s enforcement for hemp and it's derivatives stems from a 2004 9th Circuit Court ruling. 14 years ago the court sided with the Hemp Industries Association that the DEA had overreached its authority with respect to hemp products. The court determined that even though hemp may contain small quantities of THC, hemp products are not included in the CSA. The landmark ruling therefore removed ability for the CSA to regulate legal industrial hemp products.

Whilst we are still far from specific legislation regarding hemp derived CBD products, this statement certainly marks us in the right direction for a sane and logical approach to CBD. It would now be incredibly difficult for the DEA to prevent the trade of such products.

Michael Avery
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CiiTECH Israeli Developed, UK Produced CBD Products

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World Renown Designer Stephen Yearick Creates Historic Wedding Gown for Susan Jeske Ms. America 1997-Wedding Spring 2018

Stephen Yearick Creates Historic Wedding Gown for Susan Jeske, Ms. America 1997( Gown Illustration By Melissa Nault Of Canada)

Stephen Yearick Creates Historic Wedding Gown for Susan Jeske, Ms. America 1997( Gown Illustration By Melissa Nault Of Canada)

James M. Irvine and Susan R. Jeske have announced their engagement and will be married in the Spring of 2018 at the Irvine Ranch Historic Park

James M. Irvine and Susan R. Jeske have announced their engagement and will be married in the Spring of 2018 at the Irvine Ranch Historic Park

Susan Jeske crowned Ms. America 1997 at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas winning $75,000 in cash and prizes.

Susan Jeske crowned Ms. America 1997 at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas winning $75,000 in cash and prizes.

Susan Jeske, Ms. America 1997

Susan Jeske, Ms. America 1997

Susan Jeske CEO of the Ms. America Pageant and Ms. America 1997

Susan Jeske CEO of the Ms. America Pageant and Ms. America 1997

James M. Irvine and Susan R. Jeske have announced their engagement and will be married in the Spring of 2018 at the Irvine Ranch Historic Park

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2018 / — The CEO of the Ms. America® Pageant, Susan R. Jeske is having world renown designer Stephen Yearick create a historic wedding gown where she will be marrying James M. Irvine, the youngest grandson to the late James Irvine II who inherited about 115,000 acres in what is now Orange County, California.

A custom made Victorian wedding will have exquisite crystal beading, ornate detail and show-stopping rich embellishments. Fifty (50) people were involved in the creation of the gown which included Stephen Yearick and Leigh Price where it took one year to make – of which 180 days (6 months) were used for embroidery, stitching and artwork. Over 100 yards of 11 types of sophisticated fabrics were used.

More than 10,000 hand-beaded embellishments are sewn into the couture gown including sequins, pearls and 10 types of multifaceted Austrian Crystals. Swarovski Crystals were used in the bodice and on the sleeves of the gown. The gown weighs 35 pounds but has been strategically constructed so most of the weigh is carried by the hips.

Like most brides, Susan decided to follow tradition and wear something old (antique lace of her gown came from Canada where her mother was born and raised); new (handmade embroidered fabric made in the United States); borrowed (Diamond Earrings); and blue (small blue bow given to her by her Maid of Honor Megan, and her sister Cathy was sewn into her waistband).

The couple plans to marry at the Irvine Ranch Historic Park (Jamboree Road and Irvine Boulevard) which is where the original Irvine family home was and is now the Katie Wheeler Library (named after James’s Aunt). James was born and raised in the home as a young boy. He will be the last Irvine that lived in the mansion, who will be married there.

Susan was crowned Ms. America® 1997 at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas winning $75,000 in cash and prizes. Some of her other titles include: Miss Orange County 1987, Miss Brea/Fullerton 1986 and Ms. California State 1996. In 1999 she purchased the Ms. America® Pageant and became its CEO. Since then she has grown the pageant into an institution that attracts high-achieving women from all walks of life to vie for the title and put it to philanthropic use. In 1993, Jeske set the still unbroken World Record, published in the Guinness Book of Records, for singing the National Anthem at the most events in a 24-hour period. She has sung all over the world and for 7 United States Presidents. In 2004, Susan was honored with the Presidential Service Lifetime Achievement Award from the President of the United States for her lifetime contributions to charity and volunteerism. Throughout her career she has been a spokesperson for several Fortune 500 companies including Hyundai Motor America and traveled worldwide to launch a natural skin care line called True Elements for Nikken International.

For media inquiries, interviews and appearance requests, please contact Kelly Bennett of Bennett Unlimited PR (949) 463-6383 or

Stephen Yearick
Leigh Price
601 West 26th Street, Suite 1450
New York, Ny 10001
Phone: 212-221-8188

Gown Illustration By Melissa Nault Of Canada

Kelly Bennett
Bennett Unlimited PR
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Susan Jeske – Ms. America 1997 Video Clips

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Nearly 3,000 lots come up for bid over four days at Holabird Western Americana Collections' May 7th-10th auction in Reno

Mid-1930s Watling three-reel 5-cent slot machine, a Rol-a-Top model, a favorite among collectors ($3,250).

1871 Nevada general and business directory covering four counties in Nevada ($2,875).

Group of ten vintage Hamilton pocket watches, all open face, some gold ($1,125).

Pair of N.P. Sorensen (Ouray, Colo.) Seltzer bottles, made in Austria circa 1890s-1914 ($1,438).

$2 silver certificate from 1891, the only year that had William Windom, Treasurer of the U.S., pictured on the front ($1,125).

A mid-1930s Watling three-reel 5-cent slot machine and an 1871 general and business directory for the residents of four counties in Nevada were the top lots.

Overall the sale went very well, with many strong spots and a few weak spots, too. Categories that performed well included Native American art, certain advertising collectibles and everything paper.”

— Fred Holabird

RENO, NV, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2018 / — A mid-1930s Watling three-reel 5-cent slot machine sold for $3,250 and an 1871 general and business directory for the residents of four counties in Nevada realized $2,875 at an Americana, Railroad, Mining & More Auction held across four days, May 7th-10th, by Holabird Western Americana Collections, online and in the firm’s gallery at 3555 Airway Drive in Reno.

The Watling slot machine was the auction’s top-selling lot, not surprising considering the Rol-a-Top is one of the most attractive three-reel slots ever made and a favorite among collectors. This one was in original condition, with the original paint and original lock and key. The replacement reels even had the old “fortunes” over the symbols, to try and skirt the gaming laws of the ‘30s.

The 1871 Nevada directory was the sale’s runner-up top lot, a book containing the names and addresses of all the residents and businesses in Storey, Ormbsby, Washoe and Lyons counties. Rarity is what drove this historic compendium skyward; it’s one of just five copies known. This one had a Silver City (Nevada) postal cancel for Oct. 31 and Oct. 24 on the first couple of pages.

The auction was a massive event, as nearly 3,000 lots came up for bid over the course of the four days. In addition to the Americana, railroad and mining collectibles named in the auction’s title, other categories included Native Americana, cowboy and Western memorabilia, numismatics, tokens, soda and medicine bottles and antique woodworking tools in the original wooden chests.

“Overall the sale went very well, with many strong spots and a few weak spots, too,” said Fred Holabird of Holabird Western Americana Collections. “Categories that performed particularly well included Native American art, such as pots and jewelry, certain advertising collectibles and everything paper, like antique stock certificates. Old bottles were a mixed bag of hot and cold.”

Holabird said the weaker categories included cowboy spurs, old photographs and Texas tokens. Of the tokens he said, “We sold maybe half the collection that was offered, and we knew going in that demand for them was soft. But I believe we’re invigorating the market by offering the very things other auction houses shy away from. Eventually these categories do come around.”

Following are highlights from the auction. Internet bidding was facilitated by,, eBay Live and Auctionzip. All prices quoted include the buyer’s premium.

A unique silver chalice from Virginia City, Nevada, stamped on the bottom “M.M. Frederick” (mainly a watchmaker and jeweler in the city at the time), made circa the 1870s, 6 ½ inches tall, fetched $2,125; and a clear druggist’s dose glass from A.M. Cole (Virginia City, Nev.), produced circa 1905-1906 and one of only six specimens known in perfect condition, gaveled for $1,281.

An 1861 Nevada Territorial stock certificate #32 for the Philadelphia Mining Company (Virginia City), issued to John Pullen, with one share equaling five feet, signed by officers in the company, rose to $1,125; while an Orleans Flat Silver Mining Company stock certificate from the Nevada Territory (Virginia City), dated 1864, issued to a Pyramid Lake War survivor, finished at $938.

A group of ten vintage Hamilton pocket watches, all open face, sold as one lot for $1,125. Two were Railway Special, gold plated; three were Art Deco, 14kt gold; and several were gold-plated. Two included chains. Also, a pair of tokens from Drummer’s Exchange in Houston, Texas (“I O U 1 Drink, G.F. Sauter”), both in nice condition and produced prior to 1900, commanded $813.

For fans of coins and currency, the sale featured a $2 silver certificate from 1891, the only year that had William Windom, the 33rd Treasurer of the United States, pictured on the front, signed by Tillman and Morgan ($1,125); and a rare date 1896-S Barber quarter, graded VG-F ($875).

A collection of 75 Lake Tahoe (Calif.) postcards, 16 of them real photo cards and depicting such landmarks as Twin Lake Resort, Frashers, Meeks Bay cabins, Cal-Neva Lodge and Emerald Bay brought $688; while a letter from the office of T.C. Power & Bro., Freighters and Forwarding Merchants, Military and Indian Traders, addressed to post trader J.H. McKnight & Co. at Fort Shaw, Montana, dated March 26, 1876, finished at $532. Also, a rare 1870s-era Crockwell photo of a small mill in the upper part of Six Mile Canyon in Virginia City (Nev.) realized $688.

A bottle for Chas. M. Fassitt (“Druggist / Ruby Hill / Nev”), in mint condition, with upside-down writing on the base, a rare ghost town bottle since Ruby Hill no longer exists, coasted to $1,563. Also, a pair of N.P. Sorensen (Ouray, Colo.) Seltzer bottles, made in Austria circa 1890s-1914, brilliant 7-Up green in color and boasting perfect debossing in both, changed hands for $1,438.

A group of five Viola Morris corn husk bags, woven with geometric yarn designs and made in Idaho, beautifully crafted and boasting unique designs on each side, sold as one lot for $938. Also, a complimentary season pass for Boone’s Wild Animal Arena at the California Mid-Winter International Exposition (San Fran.) of 1894, issued to the editor of the Reno Gazette, hit $563.

Holabird Western Americana Collections is gearing up for what may well be its biggest auction ever: a five-day colossus – June 22-26 – featuring nearly 3,600 lots covering many categories including numismatics, mining, minerals, general Americana, railroad, tokens, antique bottles, gaming, firearms and weaponry, Wells Fargo Express and more, online and in the Reno gallery.

Anyone owning a collection that might fit into an upcoming Holabird Western Americana Collections auction is encouraged to get in touch. The firm travels extensively throughout the U.S., to see and pick up collections. Last year it visited Boston, Florida, Seattle and New York.

Holabird Western Americana is always seeking quality bottle, advertising, Americana and coin consignments for future auctions. To consign a single piece or a collection, you may call Fred Holabird at 775-851-1859 or 844-492-2766; or, you can e-mail him at To learn more about Holabird Western Americana's June 22-26 auction, visit

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Attorney William Bronchick Announces New Website for Land Trust Information

Attorney and Best-Selling Real Estate Author William Bronchick announces a new website for Land Trust Information at

A land trust is a revocable, living trust designed to hold title to real estate. Each property is titled in a separate trust to keep your ownership private from prying eyes”

— William Bronchick

AURORA, COLORADO, USA, June 1, 2018 / — New website from Colorado attorney and best-selling real estate author William Bronchick is educating the public about Land Trusts on his new website,

A land trust is a revocable, living trust designed to hold title to real estate. Each property is titled in a separate trust, using a trustee with a different last name to keep your ownership (“beneficial interest”) private from prying eyes.

Topics of discussion on this new website include:

– Land trusts in Illinois, Colorado and other states
– How to gain privacy of ownership of your real estate
– How to protect your properties from personal judgments and liens
– How to prevent personal liability for HOA charges and fees
– How to protect yourself from title claims
– How to use land trusts to discourage costly litigation

William Bronchick is an attorney with 27 years' experience in real estate and business law. He is admitted to practice in Colorado and New York and his brother is of Counsel in Florida. His practice is focused on creative real estate transactions (wraps, land contracts, lease options), entity structuring and asset protection (LLCs, series LLCs, Family Limited Partnerships), and Self Directed IRA LLCs.

William Bronchick has been interviewed on CNBC, Bloomberg News, Fox 31 News, 9 News Colorado, and in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Time Magazine and dozens of other media outlets.

William Bronchick
Bronchick & Associates, PC
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All About Land Trusts

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