COVID-19 Causing Emergency Plumber Needs Throughout NY Suffolk County Bay Shore Long Island

Emergency plumber Suffolk NY

Emergency plumber Suffolk NY

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, people are sanitizing more than ever using disinfecting wipes. Such items should be tossed and not flushed down the toilet.

All our technicians are licensed, certified, and trained in the newest industry technology. You'll get friendly plumbers and contractors with over 30 years of experience to provide superior services.”

— Rob Perticone

BAY SHORE, NY, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2020 / — To help reduce the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic we have all been facing, people are cleaning and sanitizing more than ever and using disinfecting wipes in hopes of keeping their families safe. It is important to throw those items away in the trash and not flush those extra cleaning supplies down the toilet. Rob P., of Mr. Pipe Plumbing (Emergency Plumber Bay Shore), states, "We have had many plumbing problems relating to backed-up toilets due to people disposing of these items by flushing them down the toilet." As a result of not disposing of these items properly, it has caused many people the need to contact an emergency plumbing service. Mr. Pipe Plumbing, an Emergency Plumber Bay Shore, has seen a significant rise in such issues.

More information is available on the Long Island Plumber company's website;

Dealing with a backed-up toilet is not fun and there are some things you can do to help avoid this from occurring in your home or office. Homeowners and business owners are dealing with backed-up toilets because they are just not aware of what is safe and not safe to flush down toilets. Flushing paper towels, baby wipes, and feminine products are not good to flush and will cause backed-up toilets very quickly. These items are not made to break down in our wastewater systems and are harmful to our wastewater treatment companies. Flushing these items can harm the sewage line pumps and filters creating plumbing problems throughout Suffolk County including backed-up toilets. Are you aware that flushing wipes that say they are “flushable” can also clog pipes and can be the reason you are dealing with a toilet stopped up in your home or office? We recommend always having a small wastebasket next to your toilet to dispose of these items correctly to avoid creating a backed-up toilet plumbing problem.

This is a big problem for wastewater treatment companies around Suffolk County New York. These companies are asking homeowners and business owners to only throw regular toilet paper down their toilets and avoid throwing paper towels, baby wipes, feminine napkins including tampons down the toilet which is the result of many plumbing problems in the area. These items need to be disposed of in a trash can. Wipes, paper towels, and feminine products will not break down like toilet paper does and will clog systems causing you the need to contact an emergency plumbing service.

Flushing wipes are one of the main reasons for backed-up toilets and plumbing problems in the Suffolk County New York area. This has created a major problem with sewer systems and pumps. Public health and environmental concerns have also become an issue as many of our spills go into oceans, rivers, and lakes. To help protect our environment and public health it is important for everyone to do their part in helping to prevent sewer spills. This is even more important during the COVID-19 Pandemic we are currently dealing with. Please do your part in helping to keep our environment safe and dispose of things properly to avoid unnecessarily backed-up toilets and plumbing problems.

Mr. Pipe Plumbing offers a range of services that set them apart from other plumbing service providers of Long Island by always offering free estimates on all their services. "You will always know the full cost of your repair prior to any work being done. That's not typical with most plumbers," Rob Perticone, Owner, explains. The benefit of free estimates is that all the pricing for each service is provided upfront. This means there are no hidden extras or additional charges to worry about.

Regardless of the customer’s needs, they can rely on Mr. Pipe for honesty, reliability, and loyalty. All plumbing services are carried out by trained and certified professionals, and customers have peace of mind from knowing that they will have thorough and dependable services.

The company states, “All our technicians are licensed and certified as well as highly trained to stay updated with the newest industry technologies. You'll get friendly plumbers and contractors with over 30 years of experience to provide superior services.”

Among the emergency plumbing services, the company offers are heater services for HVAC systems, residential boilers, and air conditioning. Plumbing services include plumbing system maintenance, clogged drain services, pipework, leak repair, and sump pumps.

Customers can avoid expensive plumbing system issues and improve the performance and longevity of their equipment through high quality and affordable services.

Further, Mr. Pipe Plumbing is offering a $25 coupon for all emergency service calls throughout 2020. Those wishing to find out more can visit the company website above or download the coupon from their Google Page at:

Rob P.
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Emergency Plumber Bay Shore

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30th Anniversary of Peekskill Farmers Market Opens Amid New Policies, New Management Team

Peekskill Farmers Market celebrates 30 years of providing fresh food alternatives to the local community.

PEEKSKILL, NEW YORK , UNITED STATES , June 1, 2020 / — The Peekskill Farmers Market, a staple in the Peekskill community for decades, will open on Saturday, June 6, 2020 from 8am to 2pm at 1 Bank Street, Peekskill, New York, in celebration of the market's 30th Anniversary. The market, which is presented by the Peekskill Business Improvement District, provides a fresh alternative food source for downtown residents and increases foot traffic into downtown businesses.

Today, the market's mission is even more relevant as the need for healthy food alternatives increases and downtown businesses, closed for three months, start to reopen. In addition, the market is being managed by Events to Remember, an award winning event management and public relations firm based out of Westchester County. Events To Remember, founded by Chereese Jervis-Hill sixteen years ago, looks forward to bringing the Peekskill Farmers Market to the community and furthering the mission of the Peekskill BID.

“We are excited to cut the ribbon on our much anticipated 2020 Peekskill Farmers Market,” said Brian Fassett, President of the Board of Directors of the Peekskill Business Improvement District. “The BID Board is delighted to engage the services of a professional event company with strong management ability, creative vision, and a refreshing team approach to managing the market.”

To start with, in accordance with state-wide directives, the number of vendors will be limited so as to allow proper distancing, but will expand over time. Vendors scheduled for the opening weekend include Fi-Dough Inc., Healthway Farms, Irvington Delight Market, KDA Seafood, Picklelicious, Rolling Ridge Farm, and Satori Unlimited. Shoppers will have the opportunity to shop for fresh produce from Healthway Farms and Rolling Ridge Farm, pick up their favorite seafood items from KDA Seafood, enjoy flavorful pickles and olives from Picklelicious, partake in delicious artisan breads and baked goods from Satori Unlimited, satisfy their appetites with hummus, baba ganoush, falafel wraps, and other homemade Middle Eastern cuisine from Irvington Delight Market, and add some tasty organic treats for their dogs at home by visiting Fi-Dough Inc.

“As we re-open the market for the thirtieth anniversary season we open under very different circumstances. We have implemented a series of protocols including wearing proper face coverings and adhering to proper social distancing. We ask that market-goers be kind, considerate, patient, and respectful of the new policies put in place. We are hopeful, as time goes on, that we can ease these restrictions,” said Bill Powers, Executive Director of the Peekskill BID.

The market is introducing numerous COVID-19 precautions, all new this year as market management intends to follow state, county and local directives as well as best practices. An exclusive shopping hour from 8am to 9am will be set aside for seniors, 60 years of age and older, and those with compromised immune systems. We ask that the community work with us to give our seniors and those in need, that special time block.

Patrons Care and their Responsibilities:
• All patrons must wear a proper face covering before entering the market, and keep it on at all times while in the market. Face masks will be provided to
those at no charge should they need one.
• All patrons are asked to maintain six foot distancing at all times between fellow market-goers and vendors.
• Once you make your purchases, please leave quickly.
• Limit number of family member shoppers to 1-2.
• Vendors and their staff will only be allowed to handle products and customers must not touch any produce or products until after they have purchased.
• Please do not shake hands, hug, or make contact with others at the market.
• If you are sick, please stay home.
• We ask all patrons to be kind, considerate, patient, and respectful of vendors, staff, and fellow patrons.

Market Management Care and their Responsibilities:
• Seniors (60+) and those with health issues that are vulnerable will be the only shoppers permitted to shop from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.
• Hand sanitizer and face masks will be available for you free of charge at both entrances.
• Staff will regulate the number of people allowed into the market to ensure safe distancing.
• Use of sidewalks as one way exits only, please work with us to keep everyone safe.
• No dogs or other animals (except service animals) will be permitted.
• We will be following state, county, and local directives as well as best practices.
• Market management reserves the right to ask any customer to leave for any reason.

Vendors Care and their Responsibilities:
• Vendors will wear face coverings.
• No bare hands allowed by vendors when touching food items.
• No food sampling permitted.
• Most foods will be pre-packaged.
• All farm stands must use vinyl or plastic table covers for easy sanitizing.
• All vendors will be sanitizing their stands regularly and frequently contacted surfaces will be wiped down often.
• Regulate the number of customers at their booth at one time.
• Contact-less payment methods will be offered if available.
• Farmers and vendors can be temperature checked upon arrival.
• Vendors who are ill, or showing signs of illness, must stay home.

As a community, we can help flatten the curve. For more information about this year’s Farmers Market, please visit or contact market managers Chereese Jervis-Hill or Barbara Gips at, (914) 396-7664 or at, (914) 844-1890.

Chereese Jervis-Hill
Events To Remember
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Awarding Excellence in an Equine Podcast: Horsemanship Radio Episode with Monty Roberts, Marty Irby, and Jamie Jennings

Jamie Jennings, Monty Roberts, and Debbie Loucks

Jamie Jennings, Monty Roberts, and Debbie Loucks

Monty Roberts and Jamie Jennings

Monty Roberts and Jamie Jennings

Marty Irby (center) and Monty Roberts (far right)

Marty Irby (center) and Monty Roberts (far right)

Jamie Jennings made it fun to recap the day and Marty Irby and I firmly believe the achievements we will make with the Tennessee Walking Horse soring issue will be a highlight of my career.”

— Monty Roberts

SOLVANG, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 1, 2020 / — Members of American Horse Publications celebrated, virtually, the 2020 AHP Equine Media Awards for material published in 2019. A promoter of equine media for 50 years, AHP has held the annual awards competition since 1975 with the stated mission to “recognize standards in journalistic integrity for informative and engaging content in a variety of media categories. Podcasts are a newer addition to the traditional media and equestrians have strongly embraced the medium. Placing first overall in the Business Equine Related Podcast division, Horsemanship Radio, the podcast sponsored by Monty Roberts' University in conjunction with the Horse Radio Network is dedicated to the exploration of good horsemanship throughout the world. Hosted by Monty Roberts' daughter, Debbie Roberts Loucks, the show includes segments, tips and interviews exploring good horsemanship.

This year, the 2019 materials were judged by 21 professionals and included 56 classes, 731 entries, and 111 contestants and presented online in a video of the winning entries was carried live and can be watched again on demand at:

“This is great recognition coming from the AHP. I listened again to the episode today and remembered how fun it was to work with Diego the mustang,” said Monty Roberts, adding “Jamie Jennings made it fun to recap the day and Marty Irby and I firmly believe the achievements we will make with the Tennessee Walking Horse soring issue will be a highlight of my career. There is nothing wrong with the horses, it's the people who need to change."

The Horse/Human Bond is the topic for the First Place Podcast episode. Marty Irby began riding at age 3 and his love of horses grew into advocacy where he now serves as the chief lobbyist and Executive Director of Animal Wellness Action. Certified Instructor and Radio Talk Show host, Jamie Jennings, and Monty Roberts recall their three days of working with Diego, the uncatchable Mustang, subject of the Equus International Film Festival’s featured films .

“It was such an honor to work with Monty,” said Jamie Jennings of the Horse Radio Network and a Monty Roberts certified instructor, adding, "and an even greater one to be able to sit with Monty and Debbie to tell the story."

The Equine Media Awards contest offers two award divisions, the Publishing Media Division and the Business Division is for Business, Nonprofit and College/University members. In recent years, more equine media professionals and freelancers have joined AHP, representing authors, writers, editors, photographers, designers, visual media and multimedia professionals who provide media services to the equine industry.

First place awards in the Business division demonstrated the diversity of the industry e.g. AIM Equine Network, ASPCA, Central Garden & Pet, Kentucky Equine Research, Monty Roberts Join-Up International, National Ranching Heritage Center, Purina Animal Nutrition, Signal Theory (Absorbine), and Straight Arrow Products, Inc.


The New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned horse trainer Monty Roberts is available for interviews.

MONTY ROBERTS first gained widespread fame with the release of his New York Times Best Selling book, The Man Who Listens To Horses; a chronicle of his life and development of his non-violent horse training methods called Join-Up®. Monty grew up on a working horse farm as a firsthand witness to traditional, often violent methods of horse training and breaking the spirit with an abusive hand. Rejecting that, he went on to win nine world's championships in the show ring. Today, Monty's goal is to share his message that "Violence is never the answer." Roberts has been encouraged by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the award of the Membership in The Royal Victorian Order, as well as becoming Patron of Join-Up International. Other honors received were the ASPCA "Founders" award and the MSPCA George T. Angell Humanitarian Award and FEI’s Man of the Year. Monty was recently included as Horse and Hound Magazine’s Top 50 Horsemen of All Time. Monty is credited with launching the first of its kind Equus Online University; an interactive online lesson site that is the definitive learning tool for violence-free training.

JOIN-UP philosophies can be seen at work with both humans and horses across the world, from farms to major corporations. To learn more about Monty Roberts or the many applications of his Join-Up training methods, visit Horse Sense and Soldiers aired on Discovery Military in 2010 highlighting the therapeutic effect horses and Monty Roberts' Join-Up® have on PTSD. Soon after Monty and his team developed the Horse Sense & Healing program for veterans and first responders. Lead-Up International was officially launched worldwide at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center in Solvang, California, in February 2017. The purpose of Lead-Up International is to reduce violence in the community by creating peaceful leaders from vulnerable youth utilizing equine-assisted therapy and non-verbal communication, building trust-based relationships.

Horsemanship Radio Podcast Monty Roberts presents an online radio show (podcast) dedicated to the exploration of good horsemanship throughout the world. Hosted by Monty Roberts' daughter, Debbie Roberts Loucks, the show includes segments, tips and interviews exploring good horsemanship Sponsored by Cavallo Horse & Rider and Monty Roberts University

American Horse Publications has united equine-related publishing media, businesses, media professionals, colleges, and students. The association celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020. The non-profit professional membership association promotes excellence in equine publishing media and encourages relationships and communication within the horse industry. For more information, visit

Monty Roberts Online University The first of its kind, Monty’s Equus Online University is an interactive online lesson site that is already being considered the most effective educational tool for horsemen on the web. Subscribers have round the clock access to a growing list of over 600 online horse training video instructions with Monty and lots of the leading horse trainers worldwide. At $10 a month or less, this affordable learning tool is fun for all levels and includes a data base of hundreds of questions and answers and a friendly forum of like-minded horse lovers. Students select their interests and their own pace. Go to

Debbie Loucks
Monty and Pat Roberts, Inc.
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American Horse Publications Awards Ceremony

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Allied Feather and Down Expands Reusable Mask Production Globally as Evidence of Effectiveness Continues to Mount

It is becoming increasingly clear that disposable mask usage is not sustainable at its current trajectory.

Impact of public mask wearing under the full range of mask adherence and efficacy scenarios. The color indicates the resulting reproduction number Re from an initial R0 of 2.4 (7). Blue area is what is needed to slow the spread of COVID-19.

With sustainability at its core, Allied is keeping disposable masks out of landfills as it continues to keep people safe with treated, reusable, cotton masks.

While we understand the critical need to use face masks, we fear disposable masks are already becoming the new cigarette butt.”

— Steve Uretsky, founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based ALLIED Feather + Down

MONTEBELLO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2020 / — Before the onset of a global COVID-19 pandemic, ALLIED Feather & Down and ALLIED Home were focused, as they had been for 30 years, on creating a more sustainable supply chain and a cleaner home.

As ALLIED shifted its bedding division production in its Commerce, Calif., manufacturing facility to produce facemasks in early March, the family owned company began to realize just how big this need was going to be on a global scale.

While the response focused at first on healthcare workers and disenfranchised populations such as those experiencing homelessness, ongoing concerns about the spread of disease has highlighted just how many people are vulnerable — including critical frontline service providers necessary for everyday life.

By now it is widely reported that American healthcare workers are facing a shortage of facemasks and other PPE as we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are not the only ones at risk. “When we started producing masks in our Commerce facility, we never imagined the extent and volume of the need. When we starting talking to our hospitality and institutional partners, it became clear that we could install the same mask manufacturing program in all our global facilities to help serve the needs of all these front line service workers that put their health at risk to help make our lives easier,” said Steve Uretsky, founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based Allied Feather + Down.

In April, the global supplier of down and home bedding began the conversions of its bedding manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe, and at a new facility opening in Montreal. ALLIED has now gone from shipping between 10,000 to 15,000 masks a day, to providing millions of reusable cotton masks to service-industry providers. By the end of May, ALLIED will be shipping more than 3,000,000 masks to prominent hotels and resorts, with the ability to add capacity as needed.

According to, new research shows that universal mask-wearing helps slow the spread of COVID-19: “New York City, with a population of about 8.4 million, has had over 28,000 coronavirus deaths as of May 18. Meanwhile, Hong Kong has officially recorded only four COVID-19 deaths, despite having 7.5 million residents. One reason that could help explain the stark disparity: In Hong Kong, nearly everyone wears a face mask in public.” According to data from the University of San Francisco, universal mask-wearing could be one of the most important tools in tackling the spread of COVID-19. Researchers cite a medical study currently under peer review which shows that more people wearing “less effective” reusable, non-medical masks is just as effective as medical grade masks.

However, this widespread use of disposable masks comes with a heavy impact on the environment. Unfortunately, disposable masks are not sustainable by definition at this scale, and the environmental nightmare this has the potential to become has not fallen on deaf ears. Already in Hong Kong, discarded masks are washing up on beaches and posing a threat to marine life.

“While we understand the critical need to use face masks, we fear disposable masks are already becoming the new cigarette butt. We found that what we did with our bedding factory in Montebello could be used as a model for our global facilities in Asia, Europe and Canada to offer our hospitality industry associates masks that help keep their employees safe while doing so in a way that is also beneficial for the planet and cost effective over the long term,” continued Uretsky. “By repurposing existing fabrics and creating a product that remains effective through washing, we can help minimize the use of disposable masks that are already starting to become a blight on the landscape.“

For more information about ALLIED wholesale face mask availability, contact

Founded in Vernon, Calif., in 1987, ALLIED has been responsibly sourcing and sustainably processing down while simultaneously driving innovation within the insulation market for over 30 years. The family owned and operated business has earned the reputation as the largest, most reliable and most responsible supplier of raw material in the industry. Through the creation of programs such as the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and Track My Down, ALLIED is committed to safeguarding the welfare of animals while protecting the environment. ALLIED remains a family owned company with facilities worldwide and is proud to produce the highest quality down demanded by the most discerning brands in the outdoor, hospitality and fashion marketplaces. Visit ALLIED Hospitality and ALLIED HOME are divisions of ALLIED Feather + Down.

Scott Kaier
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US tire retail market continues to surge back, posting strongest sales week of 2020 – GfK

GfK POS independent tire trends show strong recovery

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2020 / — The Coronavirus may have put a dent in US tire retail sales – but preliminary data from GfK’s point-of-sale (POS) tracking show that the industry is recovering with surprising speed and strength.

Using a Leader Panel of over 350 tire retail outlets, GfK is capturing weekly sales data from the independent channel, helping to define the impact of COVID-19 on a marketplace that generates over $18 billion in sales annually.

GfK’s preliminary data shows that the week ending May 23rd was actually the strongest sales week of 2020, in terms of unit volume, besting even the weeks before the pandemic brought much of the US economy to a standstill. The previous best week of the year had come in late February.

The new data also reveals overall growth of 10% in unit volume compared to the previous week (ending May 16th), and a relatively modest drop of -3% compared to the same period in 2019. By contrast, units were down roughly 45% compared to 2019 for three consecutive weeks in March and April.

The good news was not limited to a single tire category, with major segments posting gains of 5% to 13% versus the previous week. (See Table 1.) While tires related to “essential service” vehicles – usually the Light Truck (LT) category – have been driving recent retail gains, the latest figures also show surges in “discretionary” segments, such as Ultra High Performance (UHP).

“While COVID-19 had a huge impact on tire retail, the market is rebounding with remarkable speed,” said Neil Portnoy, Managing Director of the POS Tracking (Tires) at GfK. “Our Leader Panel provides an early indicator of emerging trends, helping US manufacturers and retailers make the decisions that will build a strong recovery. Our weekly data is helping the market focus its efforts and dollars wisely, providing insights into the needs of consumers whose lives have been turned upside down by the virus.”

The Leader Panel is a subset of GfK’s nationally representative POS panel of over 3,000 tire retailers in the US. Launched in 2017, the larger panel provides unprecedented data to inform dealer and manufacturer decisions, allowing them to understand census-region trends, competitor activities, sale prices, and brand market share. GfK collects POS tire retailer data in 35 countries, using consistent coding that allows global comparisons.

GfK – extracting the signals from the noise

In a world of data overflow, disruption and misuse, picking up the right “signal from noise” is key to win. We at GfK are the trusted partner and have more than 85 years of experience in combining data and science to help you make the right business decisions. Together with our attention to detail and advanced Augmented Intelligence, we provide you with world-class analytics that delivers not just descriptive data but actionable recommendations always-on at your fingertips. As a result, you can make key business decisions with confidence which help you drive sales, organizational and marketing effectiveness. That’s why we promise to you “Growth from Knowledge.”

For more information, please visit or follow GfK on Twitter

David Stanton
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Dr. David Samadi: COVID-19 pandemic leading to treatment delays in urologic cancers

This review thoroughly looked at how COVID-19 has seriously affected all aspects of healthcare, including those with urologic cancers

Those with an advanced urologic cancer, really need to have continuity of their treatment plan in order to improve their outcome. Certain urologic cancers can not be delayed. ””

— Dr. David Samadi

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2020 / — The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has caused a worrisome ripple effect in our healthcare system especially for consequences on patients with urologic cancer. To get a better grasp on making informed decisions regarding postponing of treatment of urologic cancers, a recent collaborative review, led by Christopher J.D. Wallis, M.D., PhD of Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, was done to determine what association there was between treatment delays and important oncologic outcomes including survival in patients with urologic cancers.

“This review thoroughly looked at how COVID-19 has seriously affected all aspects of healthcare, including those with urologic cancers,” stated Dr. David Samadi, Director of Men’s Health and Urologic Oncology at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, New York. “While some urologic cancers, depending on their cancer grade and stage, can be delayed for awhile taking into consideration a patient’s age, comorbidities and life expectancy, those with an advanced urologic cancer, really need to have continuity of their treatment plan in order to improve their outcome.”

When COVID-19 first arrived in the U.S., immediate changes in our healthcare systems were implemented. One response was to reprioritize nonessential planned surgical procedures with the intent of conserving health care resources, preventing spread of virus transmission, and to avoid hospitals being overwhelmed with patients. These surgical procedures often included treatments for urologic cancers such as bladder, prostate, kidney, testicular, and penile cancers.

“In my area as a prostate surgeon, it has already been known for years that men with low-risk prostate cancer, can be safely monitored for long durations as there is rarely adverse clinical outcomes,” explained Dr. Samadi. “However, men with intermediate-risk or high-risk prostate cancer with a high Gleason score and PSA, while not ideal, the findings from this study showed can be delayed for three to six months without a change in outcomes.”

The researchers with this study did acknowledge that there are many considerations to consider in order of complying with safety of both the patients and hospital staff during this pandemic. Considerations such as the patient’s ability and risk of traveling to a cancer treatment facility during a time of social distancing would have to factor in to the determination of ability for timely treatment.

“Certain cancers, such as testicular and penile, must be addressed and treated promptly. For example, any mass in the testes need to be treated as soon as possible,” exclaimed Dr. Samadi. “Once a man is diagnosed with testicular cancer, surgeries to remove it are quick and can usually be done in a same-day surgical center, without any major disruption of a health care system. Penile cancer is quite rare so there was scant information to be able to assess what the risks would be of a delayed treatment. Because it’s rare and can progress rapidly, delays in treatment should be avoided.”

Dr. Samadi went on to add, “We’re in an unprecedented time of having to make smart decisions with our patient’s best interest and outcome in mind. It’s unfortunate we have to even consider delays in cancer treatment. But it boils down to prioritizing those who need cancer treatment right now to avert any unfavorable outcome. I’m hoping that soon we will get back on track of practicing medicine without having to worry about limited health care resources during a pandemic. My top priority is to provide the best quality care for each of my patients. Any delays in cancer treatment must be thoroughly explained by providing the logic behind any decision such as this and to reassure my patients they will be care for.”

Dr. David Samadi is the Director of Men’s Health and Urologic Oncology at St. Francis Hospital in Long Island. He’s a renowned and highly successful board certified Urologic Oncologist Expert and Robotic Surgeon in New York City, regarded as one of the leading prostate surgeons in the U.S., with a vast expertise in prostate cancer treatment and Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy. Visit Dr. Samadi’s websites at robotic oncology and prostate cancer 911.

Dr. David Samadi, M.D.
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robotic prostate surgery

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Genesis Z & The Black Mambas to release New Single Featuring Rap Icon, Redman

Genesis Z & The Black Mambas New single "Karnivor," release date, June 5, 2020 Featuring Redman. Now available for Pre-Orders.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 1, 2020 / — Artist: Genesis Z & The Black Mambas
Feature: Redman
New Single: Karnivor
Release Date: June 5, 2020 [Pre Orders NOW AVAILABLE]
Platforms: iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay,
Artist’s Website:
Announcement link:


From opening for Stevie Wonder, rockin' the stage & house parties with Medusa, Anderson Paak, and Bruno Mars…before their stardom…to song pitching for Seal, Lauren Hill, and Beyonce, Genesis Z has gone back to his roots full circle. Genesis has worked with names like Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star, Rah Diggah, Nate Dogg, Korn, (to name a few). So who is Genesis Z?

Genesis Z, aka Genesis Ian, is a Singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and videographer from Subic Bay, Philippines. As a child, Genesis moved to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, France, and San Francisco, California. His world travels eventually led him to Wilmington, Delaware, where he studied music during the renaissance golden years of neo-soul.

In 2001, Genesis moved back to California in pursuit of his music producer career. In 2004, Kairie Cushnie, Justin Ranes, and Genesis Ian founded the music production company Labratz, where he created content for musicians, primary artist, and small businesses. He is also known for his work with his electro band De5tro who produced alongside hip-hop legend, Redman.

While part of Labratz, Genesis produced and released three mixtapes with Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star, and Rah Digga. The team also produced music for Nate Dogg, Dr. Dres artist Slim Da Mobster, Kat Williams, Ty James, and many more iconic names. Genesis scored and demoed songs for Lauren Hill, Seal, Christina Milian, placements Film / Tv shows under Edmonds publishing company. During his 8-year production career, he has performed alongside Talwilk Enfield, Flipmode Squads Spliff Star, Ivis from the Wailers, XOL, Ben Kenny of Incubus, and The Roots.

In 2008, Genesis Z debuted his R&B / Soul album under moniker aliases, Genesis Ian. This led to meeting Wutangs and Lauren Hills drummer Dion Nueble. Two years later, he and Nueble founded De5tro. They have performed at over 200 venues in Southern California, opened for acts such as Stanley Clarke and Stevie Wonder.

His new band, the Black Mambas, is currently in production for his artist debut album "Karnivor" under White Lion Audio – InGrooves – Artillery Records. Together with manager Kenneth Hawkes, Genesis Z is releasing his single, "Karnivor" (featuring Redman), summer 2020, and preparing for the next great chapter in his musical journey. Genesis describes his solo music as a biography of his life, "Every song is a page, and every album is a chapter."

Available for Interviews – send request to | 601 389-7507

Samuel Archer
SamsDigital.Net PR
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Alaska US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Advocate Urges a Navy Veteran with Mesothelioma in Alaska or Their Family to Call for Direct Access to Attorney Erik Karst of Karst von Oiste-Get Better Compensation-Not a Book

"Please all us at 800-714-0303 for direct access to attorney Erik Karst of the law firm of Karst von Oiste. Erik is one of the nation's leading mesothelioma attorneys and his advice is rock solid.”

— Alaska Mesothelioma Victims Center

ANCHORAGE , ALASKA , USA, June 1, 2020 / — The Alaska US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Advocate says, "We are extremely concerned that a Navy Veteran with mesothelioma in Alaska was initially diagnosed with pneumonia-possibly related to the Chinese Coronavirus. As a result, rather than being diagnosed in a more treatable stage the person has just been diagnosed with late stage mesothelioma. We are urging the family of a Navy Veteran with mesothelioma anywhere in Alaska to call us anytime at 800-714-0303 for direct access to attorney Erik Karst of the law firm of Karst von Oiste. Erik is one of the nation's leading mesothelioma attorneys and his advice about mesothelioma compensation is rock solid.

"Erik Karst is the founding partner at the law firm of Karst von Oiste and he and his amazing colleagues have been assisting Navy Veterans and people with mesothelioma for decades and they are responsible for over a billion dollars in financial compensation for people like this. If your Navy Veteran loved one has just been diagnosed with mesothelioma-and he was initially suspected of having the Coronavirus-please call 800-714-0303 for direct access to attorney Erik Karst of Karst von Oiste. You will be glad you did. Mesothelioma compensation for Navy Veterans with this rare cancer frequently exceeds a million dollars."

The Alaska US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Advocate’s free services are available to a Veteran with mesothelioma anywhere in the State of Alaska including Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, Eagle River, Homer, Palmer or Nome. https://Alaska.USNavyMesothelioma.Com

For the best possible treatment options in Alaska we strongly recommend the following three heath care facilities with the offer to help a diagnosed victim, or their family get to the right physicians at each hospital.

* Alaska Regional Hospital-Anchorage:

* Providence Alaska Medical Center-Anchorage: locations/p/pamc.

The University of Washington Cancer Clinic:

* The VA-For a state by state listing of VA Medical Centers nation wide please visit their website:

About one third of all US citizens diagnosed with mesothelioma each year are Veterans of the US Navy. Before a Navy Veteran with mesothelioma or their family retain the services of a lawyer or law firm, they are urged to call the US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma Advocate anytime at 800-714-0303. https://USNavyMesothelioma.Com

The states with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon.

However, based on the calls the US Navy Veterans Mesothelioma advocate receives a US Navy Veteran diagnosed with mesothelioma could live in any state including New York, Florida, California, Texas, New Hampshire, Vermont, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, or Alaska.

For a listing of various classes of US Navy ships or submarines please visit the US Navy website on this topic:

For more information about mesothelioma please refer to the National Institutes of Health’s web site related to this rare form of cancer:

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Make Their Life Worth Living: Destigmatizing Mental Health Issues

Amudim’s Newest PSA Video

Amudim’s Newest PSA Video A Life Worth Living Addresses Growing Mental Health Crisis Sparked by COVID-19 Pandemic

Amudim CEO: “Mental health-related crisis generated by coronavirus has only just begun.”

Mental health-related crisis generated by coronavirus has only just begun.”

— Zvi Gluck – CEO Amudim Community Resources

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, June 1, 2020 / — Even as National Mental Health Awareness Month draws to an end, it is clear that the mental health-related crisis generated by coronavirus has only just begun. Instead of the anticipated drop in mental health-related cases following the easing of pandemic restrictions, mental-health professionals around the USA and world have surprisingly noted the exact opposite phenomenon. As people struggle to readjust to their new realities, many find themselves contending with a scope of issues that they may have been too busy to focus on during the height of the outbreak. Domestic violence victims who were quarantined with their abusers are only now beginning to seek help; and the number of individuals struggling to overcome addictions, who were at a higher risk of relapse during the lockdown, has skyrocketed.

In an effort to address the mental health component of COVID-19, Amudim is releasing an all new PSA video titled A Life Worth Living. A not-for-profit which provides comprehensive clinical case management to people in the Orthodox community who struggle with addiction, abuse and severe mental health issues, Amudim works hard to foster public awareness and eliminate stigmas that prevent many from seeking vital treatment. Five PSA videos, two music videos, hundreds of public awareness events, op-eds and articles have opened conversation on abuse, addiction and mental health topics that were once taboo in the insular, family-centered Orthodox Jewish community. Expanding its efforts into prevention, Amudim has also introduced school-based programs to empower and educate students in grades five through twelve using social and emotional competency learning programs.

Amudim’s latest PSA video is a Multiple Outlet Production directed and produced by Yeeshai Gross, with screenwriting by the organization’s clinical advisory board. “Historically, Amudim’s award-winning videos were extremely effective tools in destigmatizing issues rarely discussed and educating the public on an array of mental health struggles,” explains Zvi Gluck, founder and director of Amudim. “A Life Worth Living is another powerful weapon in our arsenal in the war against the ongoing crisis, one that we hope will reassure viewers that help is just a phone call away.”

Amudim’s caseload since the start of the coronavirus outbreak has increased by 60 percent, which compared to the same season last year, is staggering. The need for services, including hiring additional staff to handle the increased call volume, helping those who cannot afford the cost of therapy or treatment, and identifying housing or instituting safety measures for those who cannot live at home, has soared by percentages. In addition to the incoming calls to its regular office number, Amudim’s newly launched anonymous support line has fielded over 1,850 calls since its inception on March 22nd and literally saved lives among people struggling with coronavirus-related issues including abuse and suicide. Incredibly, seventy-five percent of callers reported that their immediate mental health crisis was resolved in a single conversation with a licensed professional, while the remainder was referred for ongoing care.

With the crisis not limited to the United States, Amudim recognized the importance of availing its support line to Anglos in Israel as well. In short time, they created a hotline in Israel staffed by English-speaking mental health professionals. Since being launched, the Israeli support line has become an invaluable resource to the Anglo community, facilitating many in coping with adversity.

While working nonstop to address the mental-health needs of the Orthodox community, Gluck notes that there were many beautiful lessons gained from the experience. “Even amid the darkness of COVID-19, we’ve seen so many positives as our community rose to the occasion, addressing issues of bereavement, unemployment and hunger, and orchestrating and performing mind-blowing acts of kindness and charity.”

On the other hand, he notes, “People confronting mental health issues, domestic violence and challenges of recovery have yet to be embraced by the mainstream, a problem that we at Amudim observe far too frequently.”

Others in the mental health field have born witness to similar points. Furthermore, while there has been mention of coronavirus-related mental health issues in the media, this particular aspect of the pandemic is not receiving the attention it deserves.

Over the last two-and-a-half months, shares Gluck, “Our dedicated staff and volunteers have redefined the phrase ‘public service,’ rising to the occasion despite their personal challenges. It has been inspiring to observe multiple organizations collaborating in myriad ways, uniting and working cohesively for the betterment of all humanity; and we hope that the community at large will step up to the plate and do its part to protect those in pain. As we close the door on National Mental Health Awareness Month, we pray for an end to this crisis while continuing to do everything humanly possible to raise awareness and destigmatize these issues so those struggling can hold their heads up high and seek help without fear.”

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TRIGGER WARNING – A Life Worth Living: A Mental Health PSA by Amudim. Watch. Listen. Learn. Share.

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HIP Video Promo presents: Head Fakes premieres nostalgia-tinged music video "JFK" on Vents Magazine

Head Fake

Head Fake – JFK

The clip stands a bold reminder of the lesson that Kennedy once taught the nation: youth is no impediment to leadership.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 1, 2020 / — Watch the "JFK" music video by Head Fake on Vents Magazine

It’s nearly been sixty years since the Kennedy assassination. Most of the pop audience has no firsthand knowledge of JFK, or RFK, or the American Camelot of the early 1960s. Nevertheless, the shadow of the 35th President of the United States still hangs heavy over the nation he led. For millions, JFK symbolizes America at its most aspirational – optimistic, forward-looking, energetic, promising, united.

Youthful, too: at the time of his inauguration, Kennedy was only 43 years old. Head Fake’s provocative clip for “JFK,” their new single, contains plenty of footage of its subject in action, and the most astonishing thing about it is how vigorous the President looks. The Kennedy style and Kennedy charisma still compel students of American history and American popular culture – and the members of Head Fake demand some of that swagger. Marilyn Monroe, too, is long gone, but perhaps there’s a woman who embodies her spirit. Perhaps she might be swept away by a man who can channel the fabled Camelot charm.

Head Fake has set this fantasy to music that sizzles and crackles – music that feels like a summoning. The band members are semi-anonymous, but nothing about their playing is indistinct or generic: instead, the group makes records that ooze personality, sophistication, and pure attitude. “JFK” leads with its witty lyric, teasing wah-wah guitar provided courtesy of Lawrence "grass" Pendergast, its dynamic bass groove, and a snare drum that slams like a Senator’s gavel. Those who only know Head Fake from the experimental country track “I’m Found” might be surprised by how hard this track rocks. It’s a testament to the versatility of these longtime industry veterans, and maybe their sense of fun, too. Would John F. Kennedy have appreciated the song? If he was really the suave playboy that his legend suggests he was, there’s not much doubt about that.

John F. Kennedy was the first true President of the television age, and few leaders have since filled the small screen so effortlessly. Director Keira O’Keefe presents JFK as a magnetic presence, an effortless leader, and an absolute lady-killer. America, it seems, was not always led by older men in their eighth decade. The clip stands a bold reminder of the lesson that Kennedy once taught the nation: youth is no impediment to leadership. A new generation can take the reins if its members are willing to cultivate the confidence to grab them.

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