NASA, Space X & Virgin Galactic have new competition with start up TEAM MARS

Secret training footage from Antartica inside a Mars-simulation leaked online.

ICE SHELF, ANTARCTICA, October 23, 2018 / — Elon Musk and Richard Branson aren’t the only ones diving into the privatized Space Race. According to multiple sources, a collection of wannabe-astronauts have been training in a remote region of Antarctica for three years in an effort to simulate life on Mars. Footage was captured by directors Steve O’Reilly and Andy Ferguson, while dog sledding in the region.

“We found three completely emaciated crew members and a fourth member of Team Mars living in a frozen yurt. We realized quickly we’d walked into something. We just didn’t know what,” Ferguson said.

“Andy and I are avid dog sledders. I mean, we love it! And we’ve met some of the nicest people on our trips. Even the ones that don’t like sleds,” O'Reilly said.

Anonymous sources expect the release of the secret footage throughout the universe in the form of a web series at Elon Musk and Richard Branson have neither refused nor agreed to go on record regarding these new competitors (nor have they been approached for comment).

TEAM MARS stars Benny Elledge (Broadway’s Waitress, The Detour, Knights of New Jersey), Andy Bustillos (Deadbeat, Divorce, Girls), Ikechukwu Ufomadu (Comedians To Watch 2018: Time Out NY, Ike at Night) Eleanor Boddie (Power of Attraction, Bourek) and Chris Lamberth (Jessica Jones, Last O.G., High Maintenance).

About the Creative Team:
According to his aunts and uncles, Steve O’Reilly is best known for his acting roles in The Prince and Me and a “seriously disturbing” horror film called My Little Eye. He has spent the last decade composing music for television, including Discovery Channel’s hit CA$H CAB. While he’s never worked on a sci-fi film, together with Ferguson he endeavoured to make his own. He’s reached out to hundreds of employees on both sides of the space race (NASA & Space X) and feels comfortable calling them LinkedIn friends. He has worked at Comedy Central and would work there again.

Andy Ferguson has built his career working at the intersection of sports and comedy, creating some of his mother’s favorite commercials for ESPN, Nike, the NBA and the NFL. His spot starring David Ortiz and Wally The Red Sox Green Monster was voted the #3 SportsCenter commercial of all time.

Together, O’Reilly and Ferguson created the award-winning short film GOING PUBLIC (a “romp-com” about two young parents spicing up their love life by attempting to have sex in public) and the webseries CO-OPeration (about a dysfunctional co-op board in New York City that featured 2 Dope Queens’ Phoebe Robinson and Roseanne’s Lecy Goranson).

Contact: | 917 972 2362| | 646 554 3651

Steve O'Reilly
Team Mars TV
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AdvisorHub Appoints Associate Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 23, 2018 / — AdvisorHub ( has named Bill Baldenko as Associate Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer.

Bill, who is based in the online publication's New York City office, has held positions of increasing responsibility within the media industry. He worked for the past 28 years at Dow Jones, where he had served as Associate Publisher of "Barron's" and helped transition its traditional print-sales team to multi-media sales.

In addition to leading AdvisorHub's sales team, Bill will use his extensive experience in developing marketing strategies to raise the publication's profile.

“Bill is an accomplished digital sales executive with an outstanding record of success in the financial and business-to-business sector," said Tony Sirianni, CEO & Publisher of AdvisorHub. "He has a proven ability to direct and motivate a high-powered digital sales team and provide the leadership necessary to effect change and encourage new ideas. His appointment shows our commitment to being the definitive source for breaking news, critical compensation data, and a forum for advisors to safely share their opinions on best practices, growth strategies and potent products and services.”

About AdvisorHub:
AdvisorHub provides news, investigative journalism and sophisticated commentary on the wealth management industry. The site also features recruiting deals, compensation information, and other resources crucial to advisors’ business and careers.

AdvisorHub has offices in New York, NY, and Middleburg, VA.

Patrick Clancy
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Miriam Chesner Explains the Importance of Learning Culture Alongside Being Taught a Language

Miriam Chesner New jersey

New languages are often taught separately to understanding the culture behind the language itself, Language Teacher Miriam Chesner from New jersey points out

MORRIS PLAINS, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2018 / — Language education is a staple of classrooms around the world, yet many languages are taught without establishing a deeper, simultaneous understanding of related cultures. According to New Jersey's Miriam Chesner, however, cultural education should be a key component in learning any new language, suggesting that without this understanding, it's impossible to fully embrace what's being taught.

"I believe it should be considered a vital component of learning a new language," says Chesner, a New York University graduate, Spanish teacher, and expert on Latin American culture.

Failure to learn about the country or countries from which a particular language originates, she adds, such as its history, people, or government, removes a richness of understanding which can make it difficult to fully appreciate how the language works, especially in a day-to-day sense.

Conversely, however, Miriam Chesner also believes that for many people, a more cultural understanding of a language is often developed naturally, sometimes without fully appreciating the fact. "This is especially true," she continues, "where an individual is learning from native speakers – where they're interacting on a personal level, rather than learning solely from textbooks or language applications."

Indeed, some languages are actually considered largely impossible to learn without at least a degree of cultural understanding, including Arabic and Japanese, according to New Jersey-based Mirima Chesner. "Vocabulary and the meaning of many of a language's words are determined by—and dependent upon—culture, and to a fairly large degree in many cases," she adds.

Spanish, for example, Chesner points out, is spoken in numerous countries around the world, and is widely spoken in the U.S., yet variations exist in each of the 20 or so countries where Spanish is the official language. This, she says, as is the case in the U.S., is often largely dependent on local culture.

Language experts such as Chesner suggest that a good place to start, in terms of simultaneously developing an understanding of both a language and the associated culture or cultures, is with proverbs. These, she says, are often a cultural treasure trove, reflecting accumulated wisdom of previous generations. "Because of how they're structured, they're also quite often perfect for honing more precise language skills, too," adds Chesner, wrapping up.

Miriam Chesner is a New York University graduate who holds a master's degree in ESL, or English as a second language. An expert on Latin American culture and a Spanish language teacher, Chesner is currently based in New Jersey.

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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Reshoring Institute Publishes Five Additional State Economic Profiles to Help Companies Find Manufacturing Locations

Profiles are designed to be compared side-by-side, to aid companies determined to bring manufacturing back to America.

“With the current turbulence in global trade and tariffs, companies are seriously evaluating reshoring manufacturing. This process includes finding an attractive and suitable location for factories.”

— Rosemary Coates, Executive Director

SILICON VALLEY, CA, USA, October 23, 2018 / — The Reshoring Institute today announced another significant milestone in completing and publishing State Economic Profiles to assist companies in location decisions. Profiles have been added for Louisiana, Utah, Alaska, New York, and Connecticut. The new profiles can be found here:

“We are delighted that we have now published 25 profiles to assist companies in evaluating locations for their next manufacturing site,” said Rosemary Coates, Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute. “These profiles provide important information to be considered for factory locations,” she said.

“The profiles are carefully designed to be compared side-by-side. We know of no other side-by-side comparisons like this, to aid companies determined to bring manufacturing back to America or to expand their operations here. We are honored to host this important information for the States,” Ms. Coates said.

Tax incentives, grants, loans, and other important state economic metrics are included to aid reshoring companies in these complex location decisions. The profiles are completely free and available for download here:

“Several more State Economic Profiles are in-process,” said Alex Levy, Director at the Reshoring Institute. “We know this is a major undertaking for the State Economic Development Organizations, and we really appreciate their efforts in assisting companies by providing this very useful information.”

To date, the Reshoring Institute has published the following State Economic Profiles:

• Alabama
• Alaska
• Arkansas
• California
• Colorado
• Connecticut
• Iowa
• Kansas
• Louisiana
• Maryland
• Minnesota
• Mississippi
• Missouri
• Nebraska
• New York
• Nevada
• New Mexico
• North Carolina
• North Dakota
• South Carolina
• Utah
• Vermont
• Virginia
• Washington
• Wisconsin

The Reshoring Institute assists companies with location evaluation and recommendations, tariff strategies, and total cost of ownership modeling. Through reshoring consulting, research, networking, and implementation coordination, the Reshoring Institute helps to bring cost-effective manufacturing back to the United States. The State Economic Profiles support companies seeking this assistance.

About the Reshoring Institute:
The Reshoring Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization, offers free, downloadable research from our website, created and curated by graduate student interns from the University of San Diego, Santa Clara University, University of Southern California, St. Louis University and Rutgers University. We also offer personalized consulting assistance at reasonable fees. The Institute’s mission is to provide research and support for companies bringing manufacturing and services back to America and to educate student interns about the business of manufacturing. For more information, contact Rosemary Coates, Executive Director, at

Rosemary Coates
Reshoring Institute
+1 408.605.8867
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This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Manufacturing

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Mindfulness 3.0, The Future Of Mindfulness Is #Brainfulness!

Know the Level of Your brain You Are Living From.

Know and Harness the Difference Between Your Brain and Mind.

Brain education is about actualizing your full emotional health power.

Wisdom education is brain cleaning education.

Instead of tasting wisdom in old age live it up ASAP.

Why wait for old age to taste pure life when you can do it now.

Mental illness is a brain disease! Mindfulness tries to heal the mind when it is the brain that needs healing.

As long as mindfulness ignores brainfulness, it will remain a half-baked tool for making the world wise. After all mental illness is a brain disease.”

— Sajid Khan,

NEW YORK CITY, NY, US, October 23, 2018 / — Wow! It was truly amazing to observe such a huge gathering of authentic souls at the Mindfulness Summit in New York City. However, I was saddened to see that quite a few of the very leaders of mindfulness have negative health effects resulting from the ignorance of how consciousness truly works. Just imagine such brilliant and truly effective leaders of mindfulness can't stop their own brains from generating toxic biochemicals! It shows that they are treating the mind as the single entity of the mind. The reality is that the mind consists of the two separate entities of the mind and brain. The mind itself is a fragrance/reflection/smoke of the brain. The quality of the mind stems from the quality of the brain. Mindfulness is used as the tool to heal the emotionally challenged mind. The emotionally challenged brain generates the emotionally challenged mind. So the focus of mindfulness has to concentrate on including the healing of the brain in the mindfulness tool.

Mindfulness is still effective as the mind is a self-conscious reflection. Constant improving of the mind has a brainwashing effect on the brain, but brainwashing takes a long time. A much quicker path is by healing the brain directly as mental illness is actually a brain disease. I hope I can wake up our brilliant experts to the fact that as long as the brain and mind are lumped together as just the mind becoming wise will remain a long struggle.

At this summit it was also clear that Mindfulness has not improved much since its invention by the Buddha.

The pure self is the pure consciousness that results from a perfect alignment of the brain and mind. In fact, the mind is a reflection of the brain (How does one effectively educate a reflection?) and yet all efforts are directed toward educating the mind while the source of the mind – the brain is mostly ignored.

The key to a perfect mind and brain is right there in the first sentence of the Bible. God is saying that He is the Word, He is Wisdom and as we humans are made in His Image, we too need to be wisdom. God is not emphasizing having the knowledge of wisdom, yet our wisdom experts are still busy trying to bring us the knowledge of wisdom. Our experts must realize that even if we have the perfect knowledge of wisdom we must still be shown how to become wise.

Human consciousness works on two wheels. The brain wheel and the mind wheel. All focus is on improving the mind wheel, while the brain wheel is under the radar screen of our experts. Even though the quality of the mind is dependent on the quality of the brain. As long as mindfulness ignores the brain part of consciousness it will remain half-baked. In fact one can see the results of ignoring the emotionally challenged brains on the faces of quite a few of the leaders of Mindfulness. Their own brains are oozing toxic biochemicals and they are unable to heal their own tired and unhealthy brains.

Man becomes wise by old age because the wisdom blocking emotional baggage is very slowly ground out of the brain through experience. Why wait till the old age to grind out the emotional baggage, why not remove it now by directly healing the brain. Imagine all the suffering and pain that one inflicts on one's own self and on others for decades while journeying towards wisdom.

Consider the pure self as gold. Most turn into brass by emotionally challenged up-bringing and other factors. The aim of mindfulness is to turn the brass into gold. What mindfulness does is put a gold plating on the brass, where the gold plating gradually seeps in and slowly turns the brass partly into gold. What we need is to heal the brass into gold by directly addressing the emotional baggage in the brain.

When the brain and mind are not perfectly aligned the brain has its own negative agenda resulting in tiredness, sleeplessness, not being present in the moment, unhappiness etc. Mindfulness keeps trying to educate the mind to get rid of these issues. But these are diseases of the brain and the brain has to be addressed directly rather than being addressed through the mind. What we need to do is invent #BRAINFULNESS!

Mindfulness is the means where mindlessness is the goal. Unfortunately mindlessness is missing from mindfulness. Mindfulness has not improved much since its invention by the Buddha. The future of Mindfulness must include #Brainfulness.

I hope I can wake up our experts to the fact that as long as the brain and mind are lumped together as just the mind and the brain is ignored, the mindfulness process will take almost forever.

In fact mindful practitioners practice mindfulness till the every end of their lives, in my book mindfulness should be a tool to remove the sickness directly from the brain. Once the sickness is healed mindfulness becomes efforless. But because the emotional baggage from the brain is not directly addressed mindfulness is unable to remove the emotional baggage completely.

Mindfulness is described as observing the water fall of thoughts from a distance. So instead of being in the now of the water fall, current mindfulness makes you partly step away from the living in the now. Mindfulness splits the focus of the mind between living in the now and observing living in the now. This is good when one is trying to overcome physical pain but when one is trying to overcome emotional pain then the source of the pain, the emotional baggage in the brain has to be addressed directly.

Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation
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The philosophy of living is now a science. Life can be lived by numbers.

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How to Start Your Own Online Coaching Business with Carolin Soldo

Carolin Soldo

In such a booming industry, many people are trying to get a foot in the door of the coaching business. Carolin Soldo shares the best practices to get started.

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2018 / — Business coaching is an extremely rewarding pursuit which will see you helping countless people find their way in life, and with the internet present, getting in touch with clients is easier than ever. There are no necessary qualifications, however there are some courses you can attend which will go a long way to helping you establish yourself, build relationships with clients, and ultimately bring home a bigger paycheck. With the help of Carolin Soldo, a life coach with many years of experience in the field, we’ll take a look at the steps you can take to build you own online coaching business.

Discover your niche

The first, and perhaps most crucial step to coaching is discovering what kind of coach you want to be. “There are a number of different niches within the coaching world.” Carolin Soldo says. “General life coaches are the most common, and can help you perceive your current situation in a number of different ways to break static-mold thinking.” But then there are more specific type of coaches for very definite fields – health coaches, business coaches, social media coaching. Decide where your expertise lies and in what field you would like to help your clients, and let that be your starting point.

Define your brand

Once you’ve decided on the type of niche you’d like to coach, you have to go about building your brand. Your brand is essentially an extension of yourself, and if the personality and style of your business. A winning and attractive brand is key to drawing in new clients and should be consistent throughout your business plan to demonstrate professionalism. This includes things such as your name, slogan, color palette, and should be geared towards the type of client you’d like to attract.

Build your website

According to Carolin Soldo, your website is one of your most important tools for attracting your clients. It ties in with both your brand and your niche, and is essentially the first calling card which clients will see when they try to contact you. It should include a no-nonsense description of who you are and what you offer, contact details, as well as a comprehensive blog with useful content. This will give customers a reason to keep visiting your site, and increase the likelihood of turning those clicks into paying customers.

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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Diana Mittler Battipaglia to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2018 / — We all possess some natural talent and skills that distinguishes us from other people in the world. But there are some amazing people who are so extremely talented they entertain, mesmerize, and touch our very hearts and souls.

Diana Mittler Battipaglia is an accomplished Professor of Music at Lehman College who has taught for more than 55 years, and a talented pianist and conductor.

“I’m extremely fortunate to have come from gifted musical family and to have had parents who supported my musical and academic education,” says Diana.

Diana began studying the piano at the age of 6 with her mother, Regina, a graduate of the Vienna Conservatory. Diana’s father, Franz Mittler, was a renowned composer and pianist. At age 10, Diana won a scholarship to the Juilliard Preparatory Division and soon after began studying flute. At age 14 she performed as a piano concerto soloist with the New York Philharmonic in Carnegie Hall. In college, while continuing as a piano major at the Juilliard School, she also played principal flute with the Columbia University Orchestra and the City Symphony.

“The most significant thing I did during my musical teaching career was to bring out the best in my students,” says Diana. “A supportive teacher can always inspire their students to achieve greatness. It’s not for ego. It’s for the love of music and to allow people to appreciate how it can enrich our lives.”

After graduating with Bachelor and Masters Degrees from the Juilliard School in 1963, Diana held teaching positions at Flushing and Bayside High School until she was offered a position as Professor of Music and Choral Director at Lehman College in 1986. She had maintained her performing career throughout, earning her doctorate from the Eastman School of Music in 1974 and becoming the director and pianist of the Con Brio Ensemble in 1978.

“Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the death of my father and I would like to honor him through a series of concerts,” says Diana. “He has been associated with the music of Brahms and this made me aware my Austrian roots even though I had a career in America. So many people didn’t want to speak about their harrowing experiences of escaping from the Holocaust and for me it was very eye opening. It’s certainly an experience that made me sensitive to human rights, prosecution, and discrimination.”

In July 1995, she appeared as a featured soloist in a concert of works by her father at the International Summer Academy of the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. In April 1998, she performed in a concert of her father's music at the Herbert von Karajan Centrum in Vienna under the auspices of the Orpheus Trust.

“I was very fortunate in my life with mentors that helped me,” says Diana. “I am grateful to continue to perform and share my love and gift of music with the world.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Diana Mittler Battipaglia in an interview with Jim Masters Thursdayday October 25th at 4 p.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest please call (347) 996-3389

Author: Beatrice Maria Centeno

Lou Ceparano
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Pulse of Homecoming 2018

Consumer Online Homecoming Purchase Trends Match 2018 Fashion Industry Predictions

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2018 / — As the online homecoming dress buying season concludes, Occasion Brands, LLC, releases Pulse of Homecoming to analyze the relationship between the fashion industry’s expectations for 2018 homecoming dress trends and actual consumer purchasing patterns. Pre-season, it was predicted that there would be a decline in 2018 sales of homecoming dresses in previously popular designs – two-piece cuts, prints, and off-the-shoulder necklines. Instead, an increase was anticipated in sleeveless a-line styles with v-necklines and unique back designs. Analyzing actual online consumer purchasing patterns postseason, it’s clear that these pre-season predictions were accurate. Navy, mauve, and burgundy were predicted to be the top-selling colors, and the majority of homecoming dress styles were expected to be affordably priced under $150. Consumer purchasing for 2018 homecoming dresses closely followed these business expectations set by designers. All of the top ten styles sold nationally were short a-line dresses priced under $150. The majority of the top styles sold had v-necklines, and the most popular colors were navy, mauve, or burgundy.

Consumer Online Purchase Patterns Match Designer Expectations for Dress Style
As predicted by designers pre-season, short a-line dresses were the top sellers for homecoming 2018. The top ten homecoming dresses sold nationwide were all short a-line styles. Sleeveless bodices and v-necklines were also anticipated to be big trends for homecoming 2018, as were open-back designs or unique back details (such as crossing straps or sheer lace). Sales trends closely followed these predictions. The top ten dress styles sold nationwide were shoulder-baring (sleeveless or spaghetti straps), and eight out of the ten top styles featured v-necklines (the remaining two had high necklines). All of the top ten styles featured a statement back. While there were some minor variations, consumer buying patterns and fashion industry expectations for 2018 homecoming dress sales were closely aligned.

Consumer Preferences Parallel 2018 Homecoming Season Dress Color Expectations
Burgundy red, navy blue, and mauve pink, the predicted top-selling colors of the homecoming 2018 season, accounted for 65% of all online homecoming dress sales. Burgundy red represented 24%, with navy blue closely following at 22% and mauve pink not far behind with 19%. At 16% of total dress sales, black surprisingly took fourth place among the top selling homecoming dress colors, making it an additional top color that had not been anticipated for the 2018 hoco season. These four colors (burgundy, navy, mauve, and black) represented 81% of all homecoming dress sales.

Affordability: Predicted for Homecoming 2018 and Substantiated by Consumer Online Purchases
With 80% of the total online homecoming dress sales under $150, it’s clear that the business expectation was accurate that consumers would prefer affordable homecoming dresses this season. Additionally, 56% of total sales were under $100, and 47% of the total homecoming sales fell between $50 and $99. Homecoming dress buyers showed a clear preference for affordable styles throughout the 2018 homecoming season.

The Data
The data for these homecoming sales trends represents online orders placed in 2018 between August 15th and October 15th, across the United States at Occasion Brands, LLC, a leading national online dress retailer. Customers self report their online purchases as homecoming dresses upon placing their orders.

For more information about Pulse of Homecoming, please contact: Ashley Binda at Occasion Brands, LLC,, 917-746-8323.

About Occasion Brands, LLC
PromGirl, founded in 1998, has sold over 2 million dresses online and is the largest online retailer of prom, homecoming, and other special-occasion dresses. It offers an unparalleled selection of high-quality, in-stock dresses at all price points. Through the website, mobile and social platforms, PromGirl’s reach is global, delivering “dream dresses” to more than 140 international destinations. As part of the Occasion Brands portfolio, PromGirl supports the Occasion Brands mission to be the premier retailer in the special-occasion dress market by providing a world-class shopping experience and maintaining customer trust through an understanding of their needs as they experience some of the most important moments in their lives. Occasion Brands’ staff is based in New York City and Middletown, Delaware, and its state-of-the-art facility in New Jersey houses hundreds of thousands of dresses for PromGirl and its sister brands, Simply Dresses and Kleinfeld Bridal Party. In 2018, Occasion Brands expanded its reach by opening a PromGirl pop-up store in New Jersey, a Simply Dresses pop-up store in New York City, and a Kleinfeld Bridal Party Showroom located on the upper level of the Kleinfeld Bridal store.

Robyn Stevens
PR Media
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Women on the Block Goes to Singapore FinTech Week

WOTB’s inaugural conference in Brooklyn, NY

WOTB is the world’s premier gathering for Women in Blockchain

Building on the most buzzed about diversity event of the year, Women on the Block expands globally with a powerful presence at Singapore FinTech Week.

Women on the Block is the most powerful conference I've attended in the tech space. Instead of talking about being women in blockchain, we were just women talking about blockchain.”

— Kelsey Cole, WOTB delegate

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 23, 2018 / — NEW YORK, NY: Women on the Block is pleased to announce the “Women on the Block Asia” Blockchain Conference taking place at 80RR in Singapore on 14 November,

Women on the Block presents a day of learning and thought leadership around blockchain technology. The full day conference will begin at 9:00 am with speakers on topics including Blockchain 101, how to launch a blockchain startup or to be an investor in one, blockchain and law, coding and smart contracts, financial inclusion and economic development and other use cases of blockchain. The conference will also feature keynote speakers unique to the blockchain, cryptography, and digital assets space.

The conference will begin with opening keynote speaker Lesly Goh, CTO of the World Bank and board member of the Singapore Government Technology Agency. Confirmed speakers also include encryption specialist Lin Hsin Hsin, CTO of SpaceGraph™.app, founder of the first virtual museum in the world in 1994, and the first person in the world that authored the phenomenon of cryptocurrency in 1996. Over 30 speakers are expected to be featured during the full-day event.

Women on the Block is also pleased to announce a community partnership with the Singapore FinTech Festival, taking place from 12-16 November 2018. In the spirit of empowering women in the fintech and blockchain industries, Women on the Block strives to keep the price of admission tickets reasonable and the conference accessible to all. All genders are welcome. A portion of the net proceeds will be donated to educational programs and to provide future scholarships to Women on the Block events to support girls and women in technology.

Further information on the event to follow at

For press or media, please contact

For general questions and inquiries, please


Women on the Block was created by blockchain enthusiasts to promote diversity, inclusion, and empowerment of women in technology. Our goal is to educate and empower women to become involved in the emerging and disruptive blockchain industry. The event features women thought leaders in the blockchain community. The concept of having all women speakers was designed to highlight and recognize the contributions and innovations of women across the blockchain industry globally. Portions of net proceeds will be donated to support women and girls in technology.

For more information, please visit the website or email questions to

Women on the Block
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Women on the Block in Brooklyn, NY

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ChiXi Consultants – Shanghai Composite – Possible Govt. Stimulus Drives Shares Higher

Shanghai Composite Surges on Possible Government Stimulus

The Shanghai Composite closed up 4.1%, its biggest one-day rise since March 2016.

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2018 / — As concerns over a trade war continue to draw investor concern, markets in China had a bumper day as one of China's leading stock indexes saw its highest daily spike in more than two years following signs that the government will step in to support battered equity markets.

The moves extend a rally that began on Friday and after investor confidence surged on assurances from Beijing.

Stocks had been falling as China's economic growth continued to stutter.

On Friday, top Chinese financial officials – including economic adviser Liu He and the heads of the securities and insurance commissions – issued a statement to buoy investor sentiment in bruised markets.

"The barrage of headlines from key Chinese officials on Friday was deafening and extremely co-ordinated, which has been to great effect," ChiXi analyst Ami Weinstein said in a research note to clients.

Over the weekend, the government published a draft of new rules for personal tax deductions, according to Reuters.

The moves come as the world's second largest economy faces challenges such as high debt levels and an intensifying trade war with the US.

Data out Friday showed that in the third quarter of the year, the Chinese economy grew at the slowest rate rate since the global financial crisis, expanding by 6.5% from a year earlier.

The rate was a drop from the 6.7% pace in the prior quarter, but remains in line with the government's full-year target of about 6.5%.

For years China has pushed to wean its economy off exports and rely more on domestic consumption for growth.

At the same time, the government has been fighting to contain ballooning debt driven by a wave of infrastructure development and a housing bubble without hurting growth.

In recent months Beijing has taken steps to support its economy, including cutting capital requirements to boost liquidity and ease the slowdown.

About ChiXi Consultants:

ChiXi Consultants is a Financial Planning and Investment Advisory firm that is geared toward individuals and institutions who are looking to achieve extraordinary levels of success. Our clients range from entrepreneurs, executives, board members and institutions who demand the same excellence in their advisors that they have demonstrated in their own lives. They require an intensely personal approach that relies upon years of experience, attention to detail, and above all else, objectivity and this is what ChiXi Consultants prides itself on providing.

To find out more about ChiXi Consultants, contact us at for further information or visit our website at

Jonathan Worthing
ChiXi Consultants
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