Is John Griswald's Epic War Novel GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE This Generation's ROMEO AND JULIET?



Both John Griswald's GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE and William Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET share things in common.Both have star-crossed lovers as main characters.

At the end of Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET, it is announced to the audience that "For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo."”

— Stan Zipperman

HOLLYOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2019 / — The Prince at the grand finale of Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET tells the audience the final words of the romantic tragedy: "For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo." These words are like a hymn to millions of people around the world that are alive in Shakespeare's eternity. In case you didn't know it, Shakespeare is the world's best selling fiction writer. While his ROMEO AND JULIET may be his most performed, his other renowned works include HAMLET, MACBETH, KING LEAR, JULIUS CAESAR and OTHELLO to mention a few others.

Whether intended or not, John Griswald has written a hard-hitting romantic yet epic and erotic classical novel GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE, a story of two star-crossed lovers who are fated to fall in love in Paris during the Allied Liberation from the Nazi Occupation in World War II in the year of 1944.

Not only does the two works of literature have similar lover situations, but somehow they both also have a male religious figure as a main character who plays an important role in the overall plots and tragic endings of the two literary pieces. In ROMEO AND JULIET it is Friar Lawrence who plays the major role who plots the lovers tragic actions in the story. In the epic war novel GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE it is Father Cariot who ruins the idyllic love between Aimee and Christian as they discover the lure of Paris.

Then there are the differences — to be sure. In Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET the story takes place in Verona, Italy centuries earlier than Griswald's GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE, which happens in Paris, France last century in 1944. It is assumed that Shakespeare felt he was presenting a true tale which he came across in translation from the Italian sources whereas the Griswald story is told to have been created by writing and editing over approximately forty years, mainly in Hollywood, California, Honolulu, Hawaii and Paris, France.

ROMEO AND JULIET has been updated over and over again, usually with what turns out to be world-wide events. This past century American composer Leonard Bernstein re-wrote ROMEO AND JULIET to music, calling it WEST SIDE STORY, placing the scene in New York City, making it a gang-related story between Puerto Rican transplants and native-born inhabitants of New York. It became a Broadway musical success and an Academy Award winning movie in 1962.

One of the most recent updates occurs in a movie called ROMEO + JULIET produced by Baz Luhrmann which stars Leonardo DiCaprio in a contemporary motion picture which takes place in modern-day Verona Beach in 1996.

One must realize that there are difference between modernizing Shakespeare's play than writing a completely
different story. In order to become "this generation's" ROMEO AND JULIET, there should be some guidelines
that should be reached to challenge the concept. We believe one guideline should be "how tragic" should the story be to quality. Possibly one aspect should be that both lovers die somehow or in some way by the end.

For now, we assume that GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE appears to have most if not all the necessary elements
to compete to be "this generation's ROMEO AND JULIET."

To purchase a copy of GIRL FROM RUE SRPENTE, it is suggested to go to Amazon, Booksamillion, Barnes and Noble or Walmart

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Girl From Rue Serpente Trailer

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Valerie Romanoff’s Healing Music Volume 2 Wins Gold and Silver COVR Awards for Meditation Music and World Fusion Music

Valerie Romanoff creates music of many kinds: new age, jazz, rock, blues and her favorite: funky world groove.

Valerie Romanoff creates music of many kinds: new age, jazz, rock, blues and her favorite: funky world groove.

Winner of Gold and Silver COVR awards: Healing Music Volume 2 by Valerie Romanoff.

Healing Music Volume 2 album cover

The album cover for Healing Music Volume 2; cover art by Sherab “Shey” Khandro.

Multi-talented musician, composer & producer Valerie Romanoff won multiple awards from COVR, which recognizes the best in Mind, Body, Spirit products and music.

Music has the power to heal, transform, evoke emotion, underscore and enhance our lives. By consciously aligning with elements of music, we can affect deep changes in our world.”

— Valerie Romanoff

SEDONA, AZ, USA, July 19, 2019 / — A first-time entrant to the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) awards, Valerie Romanoff’s double album Healing Music Volume 2 won two of the top retail-based honors. Valrock Music announced the wins — GOLD for Best Meditation Music and SILVER for Best World Fusion Album — just a month after the album was awarded Best World Album at the broadcaster-chosen Zone Music Awards in New Orleans.

“I am just beyond humbled and thrilled about winning two COVR awards from the Coalition of Visionary Resources,” Romanoff shared. “It has been my life’s work to use music along with uplifting tools and spiritual practices to share positive vibrations, peace and love. My full-spectrum catalogue STILL, CHILL, THRILL pairs music with our different states being. STILL: music for meditation and inner peace, CHILL- music to activate prayers and intentions, THRILL: uptempo music for celebrating life."

The COVR awards are the only awards of their kind in the industry. The Coalition of Visionary Resources is a not-for-profit trade organization dedicated to supporting independent retailers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and publishers of visionary books, music, and merchandise, supporting and embracing a spiritual world view characterized by global concern, social conscience, peaceful coexistence, and ecological sustainability. This world view includes the various forms of personal freedoms and human rights, including civil rights, peace, social justice, and equal rights for women. At a more personal level, COVR supports companies that emphasize creativity and personal growth, and generally hold in high regard the concepts of integrity, altruism, self-actualization, optimism, spirituality, authenticity, holism, and direct personal experience.

COVR president Karen Stuth noted, “This year’s awards program also included new opportunities for entries in a number of emerging categories. The entries considered this year well represent the growth and maturing of the mind body spirit industry.” Stuth also observed that distributors and retailers both inside of and outside of this niche industry should take note of the wonderful selection of entries and winners with an eye toward including these books in their own store inventories or catalogues.

Fans say that more than a performance, Romanoff’s music can be a tool for personal exploration on a path to higher wisdom. The artist is hopeful that the awards’ recognition will encourage more people to seek out her original “Healing Music” series to use for meditation and relaxation at home, the workplace or in their yoga studios, and to inquire about the high-vibe, custom musical experiences she produces for private events, concerts, festivals and conferences.

The recent bevvy of awards and nominations for Healing Music Volume 2 are an ideal way to announce the debut of Romanoff’s new band, SpiritJamFest, and her concert series, Groove Into Bliss. Romanoff is an electric guitar player, composer, writer and life-long entertainer who splits her time between New York and Sedona, AZ. She founded the renowned high-end (and high-energy) event band called The Starlight Orchestra. By contrast, her Groove Into Bliss concerts share Romanoff’s more eclectic, new age world fusion music as a focal point to connect with the present moment, varying the vibes to inspire different states of being. Based on the belief that listening to music changes our mood as our energy naturally calibrates to our environment, Romanoff performs musical compositions with positive vibrations.

“Music has the power to heal, transform, evoke emotion, underscore and enhance our lives. By consciously aligning with elements of music, we can affect deep changes in our world,” she says.

Romanoff is also an eloquent writer and speaker on music, mindfulness and spirituality. Her latest album, The Best of Healing Music, has just been released and is available from CD Baby and Bandcamp, as listed below.

Retail distribution of Romanoff’s Healing Music series is handled by Clay Pasternak Distribution ( and New Leaf Distributing (

Valerie’s live “Groove into Bliss” performances can be booked by emailing:

Artist Links:

About Valerie Romanoff: While most musical artists fit into one genre, Valerie creates music of many kinds: spanning new age, jazz, rock, blues and her most favorite; funky world groove. Through her record company Valrock Music, her celebrated CDs have been geared to date toward the meditation, yoga and spa communities, and carries within it the message of peace and love. Visit

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HEALING MUSIC VOLUME 2 by Valerie Romanoff music video with reviews

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Dr. Srini Pillay, Best-Selling Author, Explains How People Can Overcome “Founder’s Blues”

“One key reason people do not talk about their mental health is the stigma associated with it” – Dr. Srini Pillay

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2019 / — Mental health is one of the leading causes of disability in the workplace, yet 71% of U.S. adults refuse to contact a mental health professional. In fact, people loathe talking about mental health in the workplace, and the C-suite in businesses of all sizes is no exception.

“One key reason people do not talk about their mental health is the stigma associated with it,” explains Dr. Srini Pillay, a best-selling author and neuroscientist, “they likely fear that they will be judged and socially discriminated against. In fact, the pressure for them to succeed is huge, and the stakes are often so high that 72% of entrepreneurs report mental health challenges, commonly referred to as ‘founder’s blues.’”

Srini Pillay M.D. is an acclaimed psychiatrist, brain researcher, certified master executive coach, technology entrepreneur and musician. He is regarded as a pioneer in the field of transformational neurocoaching and has been extensively featured in the media including CNN, Fox, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Forbes and Fortune. He is an award-winning author of multiple books and an in-demand keynote speaker. His most recent book is “Tinker Dabble Doodle Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind”.

Pillay believes that people with ‘founder’s blues’ are afraid of being judged in the workplace. For example, CEOs may feel ashamed they have mental health challenges or feel like they are out of place. However, the World Health Organization predicts that depression will be ranked as the second largest cause of burden of disease by 2020. One in six people will have depression at some point in their lifetimes, and anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses.

“When depression and anxiety start to disrupt your social and work lives, it’s time to start paying attention,” continues Dr. Pillay, “depression is accompanied by trouble sleeping, poor diet, and lower energy, and you may also find you no longer can concentrate on your work and the work itself feels far less interesting than it used to. Often, entrepreneurs feel guilty about this.”

Anxiety can also present itself in a variety of forms. People might notice panic attacks that appear out of the blue, feel excessively worried, or feel anxious in social situations. Each of these types of anxiety connotes a specific type of anxiety disorder and should be attended to. These symptoms are often accompanied by a fear of being able to escape when in crowds, anger, body tension, or a fear of being embarrassed in front of a group.

“If you are wondering when you should take action, you should do so the first time you register that something out of the ordinary is happening,” Dr. Pillay states, “you may be so consumed by work that you think that poor sleep or trouble concentrating is par for the course. But if you seek help early, you may be able to prevent severe depression or anxiety. The first person to talk to is your primary care physician. Depression and anxiety could signify a medical illness.”

Once medical issues have been ruled out, people may want to consider medication or psychotherapy as a treatment. There are many effective medications and psychotherapies for depression and anxiety. A psychiatrist or registered nurse practitioner can prescribe medication, and psychologists and social workers can provide psychotherapy, too.

Apart from formal mental health treatment, people can also make lifestyle changes to help their anxiety and depression. For instance, physical exercise can be helpful, as well as building breaks into days to manage energy more effectively and to strategically unfocus. Contrary to what some may think, it is better not to isolate and jump into pajamas as soon as work is done. Natural light can be helpful for dealing with depression, and at work, moving a desk toward light might help, too.

Pillay is the founder and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group, voted one of the Top 20 movers and shakers in leadership development in the world by Training Industry. He has worked with leaders internationally in many Fortune 500 companies, and is currently an invited member of The Consortium for Advanced Adult Learning and Development (CAALD) at McKinsey &Co. and The Tranformational Leadership Council (TLC). Recently, Pillay created a series of videos on “Managing Depression in the Workplace” for LinkedIn Learning.

“If you think you need to communicate you condition to other members of your team, you don’t need to describe your exact condition, but you can say you have been diagnosed with a condition that might affect your working patterns and the duration is not known, concludes Dr. Pillay, “when a leader takes care of his or her own depression and anxiety, he or she is also taking care of the mental health of the company as a whole.”

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Kent Moyer, Acclaimed Executive Protection Expert, is First Security Firm to Receive FAA Drone Waiver to Fly Over People

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2019 / — Kent Moyer, CEO and President of the World Protection Group & 001, was informed by the FAA they have received a waiver to fly over Non-Participants waiver. They also have a night waiver to fly operations at night.

Kent Moyer received his drone training from Dart Drones and has completed their Professional Pilot, Wings Program, TOP Operator program level one. He is an instrument-rated single-engine pilot and commercial remote pilot with the FAA. Dart drones assisted Moyer in getting the waiver.

Moyer also states that we are using a fantastic technology company called Parazero. They helped with their technology to receive this FAA wavier. We purchased the ASTM professional kit and the safe air Phantom system. It is a unique parachute system that attaches to our DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone. It adds safety to the drone in case of loss of connection to the remote control or loss of connection and enables safe and legal flights over people. SafeAir Phantom ASTM Compliance and Testing Documentation is the primary document that includes the declaration of compliance as well as a 3rd party report from over 60 aerial deployment tests. We used in our waiver to request their safety explanation template that is a document including the main arguments regarding the safety of the system and the operation to be able to receive this waiver.

The World Protection Group (WPG) has some security trained pilots and an extensive fleet of DJI Drones.
Moyer is the head of the only executive protection firm currently using drones and supporting law enforcement, fire, and emergency services in the use of drones. In this day and age, the usage of drones for public safety has been on a massive increase over the last couple of years. Last year, the drone market’s growth saw an increase of 36%, and Goldman Sachs estimates that between 2016 and 2020, the market will be about 100 billion. They are commonly used to save the lives of law enforcement, private security officers, and civilians.

“There are many alerts from various intelligence sources about active shooters and terrorism, and these attacks are not going to stop,” says Kent Moyer.

In Los Angeles, we recently had the Malibu fires as well as several earthquakes. Our company is prepared and has done FEMA disaster relief training to deploy our pilots and drones to any town, city in the Los Angeles area as emergency support.

When deployed, drones can potentially scope out threats and their whereabouts, as well as sizing up their surroundings to assist law enforcement in providing a proper defense. They are being used in all disaster response areas. WPG delivers its private high-net-worth clients with drone-protection options at their events, estates, and in their investigations. He sees this trend rapidly expanding even more in the future.

“The first step in responding to a sniper attack is locating the source of the attack,” states the World Protection Group. “An unmanned aerial system would have been beneficial in locating the attacker. Especially when this attack was performed from a higher altitude.”

“The World Protection Group has been at the forefront of innovation in the executive protection industry for the past twenty years,” concludes Moyer. “We have never had a security attack or a client injured with any of our clients throughout the world in 20 years.” We use the latest technology in all our protection work & we are excited to use our drones to support clients, police, fire, and emergency services to protect and save lives.


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EMPRESS Dances Through the Doubt in “Lovely I Am” Music Video

Stardust World Productions introduces EMPRESS in her debut video for her hit song "Lovely I Am."

The dark politics of being a dancer in a ballet company can have the same detrimental effects that Photoshop has on our young girls… That’s why this song, and the video, are both so special to me.”


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2019 / — Stardust World Productions is thrilled to introduce EMPRESS in her debut music video for her original song – “Lovely I Am.” The song, which was well-received when it dropped in April, embraces the dichotomy of the professional dance world – which places judgment on the outward appearance of the dancer, while dance itself makes the dancer whole. The complementary video shares this messaging.

The video begins with a solo shot of EMPRESS, who unfolds into the arms of another dancer (Steven Morse). Carefully placed light shines upon EMPRESS as the duo dances on an otherwise darkened stage, enhancing emotions evoked from the mixture of lyrics and movement that seem to merge until EMPRESS takes center stage. Ultimately, EMPRESS is supported by a group of female ballerinas and enshrined in bright colors that accentuate the playfulness of their movements as the song comes to a crescendo. The video ends as it began, with EMPRESS alone, but now standing tall.

EMPRESS, who is a former member of the San Francisco Ballet, shared her experience that led her to write the song, “The dark politics of being a dancer in a ballet company can have the same detrimental effects that Photoshop has on our young girls. Ballet is a visual art form, and as a dancer, I was routinely judged by the way I look. This was especially hard when I hit puberty, and my body changed in ways I couldn’t control. I felt so defeated – but the act of dancing still made me whole. That’s why this song, and the video, are both so special to me.”

The video for “Lovely I Am,” which was shot at Little Boxes Theater, features professional ballerinas from the San Francisco Ballet dancing to choreography by Benjamin Freemantle, including the aforementioned Steven Morse, and Elizabeth Powell, Kimberly Marie Olivier, Thamires Chuvas, and Leili Rakow. It was directed by Luke Willis and came to fruition with the help of Executive Producer, Robert Rugani, and Producer, Julia Epstein-Norris.

“I feel so lucky and grateful to have worked with such a tremendously talented team on this video. My fellow dancers, Benjamin, and Luke all came together to create a piece of art that heightens the message – we are all lovely when we live in the moment and just dance,” EMPRESS noted.

Visit to get the latest updates from EMPRESS, and watch the video for “Lovely I Am” on YouTube.


At just four-years-old, EMPRESS’s life was changed when her hands touched the black and white keys on a keyboard for the first time. Her love for music evolved into a career as a professional dancer, and she was one of the youngest members of the San Francisco Ballet. As her talents developed, EMPRESS moved to New York City where she performed on Broadway as the lead in the Tony Award-winning production of An American in Paris. Today, her career comes full-circle, as she creates music as a singer/songwriter – but she’ll never stop dancing. Find the beat at

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Official Music Video for “Lovely I Am”

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Quality Reviews and NarrativeDx Partner to Deliver Actionable Insights from Real-time Patient and Employee Feedback

Partnership creates industry leading patient and provider feedback tool: built by healthcare experts for healthcare experts

NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 19, 2019 / — Quality Reviews, Inc. the leading provider of real-time patient and provider feedback solutions, and NarrativeDx, the leader in natural language processing for healthcare, today announced a partnership that combines the power of real-time feedback with patented healthcare-specific text analytics. Together, the partnership allows Quality Reviews to deliver the first healthcare-specific experience improvement platform. The partnership gives health systems cutting edge tools to deliver better care and improve the experience for patients, providers, and families.

Founded and led by physicians, Quality Reviews helps healthcare providers capture real-time patient and provider feedback to facilitate service recovery and improve the patient experience. With their flagship product Q-Reviews, Quality Reviews has led the industry towards faster, actionable, and meaningful patient feedback, with 10 of the top 35 hospitals in the country deploying this platform across their systems.

“By combining real-time feedback with patented text analytics, healthcare providers finally have the right tools in place to measure, manage, and improve the patient experience in real-time” said Edward Shin, MD, CEO and Co-founder of Quality Reviews. “We’re excited to partner with the best natural language processing company in healthcare to help patients get the best quality care and experience that they deserve.”

Through this partnership, NarrativeDx helps healthcare leaders identify the root causes behind surveys scores in real-time with insights from patient and provider comments. NarrativeDx’s artificial intelligence identifies actionable insights that significantly improve the patient and employee experience, which has spurred the company’s incredible growth. “Our experience in identifying the most important issues for patients and providers is transforming the way healthcare leaders understand experiences,” said Kyle Robertson, CEO and Co-founder of NarrativeDx. “We are equally excited to partner with Quality Reviews to help nation-leading health systems hear and respond to the voice of their patients in real-time.”

# # #

About Quality Reviews, Inc.
Founded by physicians, Quality Reviews helps healthcare provider organizations capture and analyze real-time patient and provider feedback to facilitate service recovery and performance improvement. Deployed in over 700 care locations, Quality Reviews helps improve patient experience in top-ranked academic medical centers, rural and community hospitals, as well as outpatient clinics throughout the U.S. For more information, visit

About NarrativeDx
NarrativeDx uses patented AI to identify actionable insights from patient and provider feedback to improve patient satisfaction scores, increase operational efficiency and decrease employee turnover.  NarrativeDx helps healthcare leaders go beyond survey scores by analyzing comments from satisfaction surveys, grievances, online reviews and employee engagement surveys to provide excellent experiences that drive significant improvement in financial performance. More information is available at

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Mutlu’s “Lifeline” Music Video, From Upcoming ‘Good Trouble’ Album – Out Today

‘Good Trouble’ EP Release Date August 9th Showcases Mutlu’s Philly Soul Music Style

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2019 / — After touring across the nation as a support act with legendary duo Daryl Hall & John Oates, and with acclaimed singer/songwriter Amos Lee, Mutlu unveils his brand new music video “Lifeline” from his forthcoming album Good Trouble. This is his full-length album and it will hit all digital streaming services August 9th. In support of the new release, Mutlu will embark on his solo tour that will also begin on 8/9/19.

“Truth and love is well worth the struggle, It won’t come easy but it’s worth some good trouble” – “Lifeline,” Mutlu

Mutlu coins the title for his Good Trouble LP, from the album’s debut single “Lifeline”. The lead soul-folk track hones in on the importance of standing up for justice even if it’s faced with hardships. Today, Mutlu reveals the follow-up music video to his latest track. Directed by Joseph Grasso, the “Lifeline” video showcases Mutlu walking through different parts of Philadelphia. His heartwarming lyrics are supported by the beautiful sites from the City of Brotherly Love.


Mutlu is ready to showcase to the world his natural storytelling and silk-like vocals with his new record. Good Trouble hits on thought-provoking topics like societal change, inequality, depression, and hardship. However, the album still features two soul-styled songs that emphasize love and connection. Mutlu’s songwriting and vocals will not be the only thing that moves listeners. His rhythmic compositions showcase a rare and retro sound that can be attractive to fans of any genre.

Mutlu has no boundaries when it comes to music styles. Songs like “95 to 5” and his lead single “Lifeline” deliver different variations of soul-rock. “Not Escapable” embraces a bluesy and relaxed reggae vibe while describing the inevitable feelings of anger and exhaustion caused by the ongoing political climate. Good Trouble also includes “Nothing In This Whole Wide World” featuring John Oates, a song that admirably channels that classic 1970’s Philly-soul sound. Together the album offers a cohesive and contemporary blend of music that is entirely timeless.

“Good Trouble is what we need right now. It’s about standing up for what you believe in and fighting for it, be it political change or love.” – Mutlu

Mutlu co-produced Good Trouble with songwriter/producer Darius Amendolia. Darius also co-wrote a few songs including “Not Escapable,” “95 to 5”, and “Work For It”. Additionally, the record was mixed and mastered by Grammy winning producer/engineer Phil Nicolo who has also worked with renowned artists like Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill, Aerosmith, and others.

In addition to the album release, Mutlu will begin his solo tour on August 9th in Knoxville, TN. The tour will include stops in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Durham, Western Mass, and at Daryl Hall’s venue in upstate New York. On September 29th Mutlu will carry the tour overseas to the famous Amsterdam music venue, Paradiso. Stay tuned for more tour announcements in the near future.

7/12/19 7:30PM Paramount Theatre (Opening for Amos Lee) Cedar Rapids IA
7/13/19 8:00PM Door Community Auditorium (Opening for Amos Lee) Fish Creek WI
7/15/19 5:45PM Meijer Gardens (Opening for Amos Lee) Grand Rapids MI
8/9/19 8:00PM Open Chord Knoxville TN
8/14/19 7:00PM The Pinhook Durham NC
8/18/19 6:00PM Eddie’s Attic Decatur GA
8/22/19 8:15PM Rockwood Music Hall – Stage 3 New York, NY
8/27/19 7:00PM Iron Horse Music Hall Northampton MA
8/29/19 8:00PM Club Passim Cambridge MA
9/8/19 5:00PM Daryl’s House Pawling NY
9/13/19 8:00PM World Café Live Philadelphia PA
9/29/19 8:00PM Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands

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Eberhard & Co. fine watches on view at Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival 28th Edition – August 14, Monterey Jet Center

A selection of watches from the Eberhard & Co. creations will be spotlighted for the joy of micro-mechanics lovers, as a symbol of Swiss-watchmaking excellence.

When I see an Alfa Romeo go by, I tip my Hat”

— Henry Ford

NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 18, 2019 / — Eberhard & Co. will be the protagonist in one of the most exclusive events of the glamorous Californian Summer, the Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival. This unparalleled summer party, organized every year by Gordon and Molly McCall for over 3’000 aficionados, is The Occasion for top brands from the watches, cars and aircrafts universes to display the best of their collections and novelties, within the fantastic context of the Monterey Jet Center.

A selection of watches from the Eberhard & Co. creations will be spotlighted for the joy of micro-mechanics lovers, as a symbol of the high Swiss-watchmaking excellence.

Guests will be welcomed by Beaugeste Luxury – the Brand’s representative in the United States – at the Eberhard & Co. booth, where the brands' significant icons will be on display, including the Chrono 4, the world's only patented chronograph with four counters in line, the 8 Jours, the stylish hand-wound classic with an 8-days patented power reserve and the Tazio Nuvolari collection. But what’s extraordinary about this occasion is that visitors will have the possibility to admire for the first time the new Eberhard “Quadrifoglio Verde," a chronograph dedicated by the Swiss Brand to the Alfa Romeo most performing models. This limited edition of 250 pieces was presented in Europe last June and is almost completely sold out, months before it will be ready to appear in the points of sale next September. Gordon McCalls VIP guests will, therefore, have a unique opportunity for securing one of the last available pieces.

The Eberhard “Quadrifoglio Verde” chronograph is a tribute to the sporting spirit that has inspired so many Eberhard creations: a unique timepiece conceived to convey all the Brand’s technical prowess and style. It boasts a generous 43mm diameter steel case housing the automatic movement, which animates three counters. Of these, the small seconds' catches the eye first: the hand is shaped like the triangular clover emblem, modern construction that gives this model its enticing look. The tachymeter scale surrounding the deep black dial, inspired by the readability of Alfa Romeo’s dashboard instruments, neatly combines all the tradition of the Eberhard & Co.’s chronographs with an automotive imprint. The satin-finished bezel and buttons contribute to the stylish balance of the case, which appears sporting and elegant in equal measure.

Just weeks after the official opening of its Museum in the historical La Chaux-de-Fonds building, Eberhard & Co. does not miss an occasion to highlight its ability to balance between its glorious past and its grand ambitions for the future.

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Wartburg Receives Green Business Partnership Award

Greg Poole-Dayan and Paul Lippolis

County Executive George Latimer and David J. Gentner

MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK, USA, July 18, 2019 / — Wartburg Awarded Green Business Partnership Award
First Long Term Care Facility in Westchester County with Distinction

Wartburg was recently awarded the Green Business Partnership Award through the Green Business Partnership (GBP) and Westchester Business Council making Wartburg the first long term care facility to receive this certification in Westchester County. GBP recognized Wartburg for demonstrating “extensive accomplishments across all program areas: organization commitment, energy, waste management, transportation, land use and water” and for “going above and beyond in their commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate citizenship.”

This isn’t the only first for Wartburg, a premiere senior residential and healthcare facility in Mt. Vernon, NY, with a long-standing commitment to protecting the environment. In 2014, the facility’s Rehabilitation and Adult Day Care Center become the first health care facility in Mount Vernon to gain Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification, immediately followed by the same certification for their Friedrich Affordable Housing. Friedrichs was the first new construction building in Mount Vernon to become LEED certified. This certification signifies that a building is exemplary in conserving energy, lowering
operating costs and being healthy for occupants.

Wartburg has also created a “Green Committee” as part of its campus-wide Green Initiative. This group, made up of staff, board, residents and volunteers, helps ensure all members of their community are educated about the company’s efforts to promote environmental sustainability and be involved in supporting their environmental goals.

As part of this initiative, Wartburg upgraded approximately 5,000 fixtures across its 34-acre campus to include 11,000 new LED lamps, earning them an inaugural Eco Award from County Executive George Latimer and the Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities. The awards recognize outstanding contributions to the County’s local environment and sustainability made by residents, students and schools, municipalities, businesses and other organizations. Benefits from this project include outdoor lighting that is 40 percent brighter than previous lighting, helping to improve visibility and safety for its residents, clients and staff. This change will save 736,004 kWh a year, which is the equivalent of 548 metric tons of greenhouse gas, by replacing fluorescent and incandescent bulbs with LEDs. These savings are also equivalent to 599,285 pounds of coal burned and 61,635 gallons of gasoline consumed. In addition, the savings also translate monetarily, and the project, assisted by Con Edison rebates and incentives, will pay for itself in decreased energy costs after 18 months.

Wartburg has also conducted a campus-wide energy assessment to further determine ways to reduce their environmental footprint as well as save energy costs including analyzing heating and cooling, appliances and renewable.

“We, at Wartburg, are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting environmental stewardship at all levels of our organization. Our goal is to minimize our organization’s impact on the environment and maximize our future generations’ ability to live, work and play in our shared natural environment, with equal access to clean air, clean water and natural resources,” said Dr. David J. Gentner, Wartburg President & CEO. “We will strive to minimize pollution and waste, conserve energy and water, protect habitat and support renewable energy resources, purchase environmentally friendly products and ensure environmentally preferable transportation by contracting with vendors and supplies to meet our standards and environmental commitment.”

Wartburg, located in Westchester County, NY, offers integrated, comprehensive senior residential and healthcare services. Unlike conventional retirement communities, Wartburg provides a wide range of services to both residents living on its beautiful 34-acre campus and people in their own homes. From independent, assisted living and award-winning nursing home care to inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation, home care and adult day care services, its continuing care approach has earned Wartburg a trusted reputation in Westchester. Wartburg also provides caregiver support at every stage with an array of options to find the level of care that considers the whole family. Wartburg was named one of the "Best Nursing Homes in New York State" by U.S. News & World Report for the eighth consecutive year in 2018.
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UN Special Rapporteur Clément Nyaletsossi Voule Urged to Visit Kanniya & Neeraviyadi during his visit to Sri Lanka: TGTE

The landowner of the Kanniya Hindu Temple Ms. Kokilaramani and one leader Mr. Akarthiyar were assaulted by Sinhalese traders who splashed them with hot tea.

By visiting these two places you can get first-hand information on restriction on the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association in Sri Lanka”

— Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE)


Today the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) urged visiting UN Special Rapporteur, Clément Nyaletsossi Voule, to visit Kanniya in the Trincomale District where peaceful protests against the destruction of an ancient Hindu Temple is being blocked by Sri Lankan Security Forces.

He was also urged to visit Neeraviyadi in the Mullaitivu district, where the peaceful assembly of Hindus in a Temple is being harassed by the Security forces.

“By visiting these two places, you can get first-hand information on the restriction on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association in Sri Lanka” said TGTE.

Hundreds of Tamils from across the North-East travelled to Kanniya in the Trincomalee area to protest the destruction of a Hindu temple to make way for a Buddhist Temple. Several protesters were obstructed and blocked en route by the Sri Lankan army and police, while some were assaulted by the Sinhalese as security forces watched on.

The Tamil crowds pleaded with police to allow them to enter the Hindu Temple to worship, however, since they were still being blocked, protesters carried out their prayers on the main road where they were stationed.

Protesters who travelled to the area from Jaffna and Mullaitivu had their vehicles and bodies subjected to intense searches by the army and police. One group accused Sri Lankan army personnel of deliberately puncturing the tire on their bus while they had been stopped for checking.

The landowner of the Kanniya Hindu Temple Ms. Kokilaramani and one leader Mr. Akarthiyar were assaulted by Sinhalese traders who splashed them with hot tea.

Mr. Voule will be visiting from July 18th to 26th and will be traveling to various parts of the island.
The Special Rapporteur is to hold a press conference on the 26th of July, upon the conclusion of his visit. He will present a comprehensive report on his visit to the 44th session of the Human Rights Council in June 2020.

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